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walmart-logoWho hasn’t been to a Walmart? They must be in a lot of people’s “neck of the woods,” boasting their store is visited by 245 million customers … per week! How many of them are couponing, we wonder? Well, for those of us who are, their couponing guidelines should help us in our quest for shopping success! Here is a breakdown for some major points on their current coupon policy:
-Our Walmart Weekly Ad Matchups!-

1.) Coupons:

a.) Manufacturer Coupon (MC) (clipped, printed, peeled, etc.)

  • Only one Manufacturer’s Coupon is accepted per item
  • There’s no limit on total number of coupons used in one transaction BUT once you hit any of the following conditions, a Supervisor will be called over so be prepared or split your trip into multiple transactions as to avoid this:

a.) 40 coupons

b.) $50 in coupons

c.) A coupon worth $20 or more

  • Competitor’s coupons are accepted if the exact price of the item is on there (example: X is $1.99 or BOGO (Buy one, Get One) where item’s price is specified)
  • You CANNOT stack a competitor’s coupon and manufacturer coupon “One coupon per item” is stated in their policy
  • Winning soft drink container caps
  • Competitor’s “Catalinas” (given at the end of checkout from the register) which must have a specified dollars/cents amount off of an item
  •  NOTE: If a coupon does not scan on their registers without beeping, they will not accept it at most stores – even if the coupon is a match for the product purchased. Some stores do enter such coupons manually, however, this is not the norm.


2.) Ordering ahead of time (Site to Store):

  • Shop online and have items shipped to store for free (pickup within 14 days of it being ready)
  • Can use online coupon codes and/or gift cards
  • Not all items online are eligible; “site to store” logo will be on those that are
  • Pickup at services areas with valid ID
  • Not available for those in Hawaii or Alaska, sadly
  • If you have coupons for an item you ordered for Site to Store, you are able to then pick the item up and bring it to the service desk to have the new price changed on whatever credit or debit you used to make the purchase online (may vary by store, please call yours to check)


3.) Ad Match Guarantee: 

  • Walmart will match a price for an item if there is a lower price for the identical item found in a competitor’s ad (ad does not have to be present with you BUT it is strongly suggested that you do bring it with you – better safe than sorry on this one)
  • BOGO can be matched if the item’s specific price is listed
  • Prices from competitor’s preferred shopping cards which are in a printed ad
  • Present match to cashier before you start your transaction
  • Going out of business sales, closeout sales, and percentage off advertisements of competitor’s cannot be matched
  • When matching competitor ads, the retail price must be shown in their advertisement and still be valid (not expired)
  • Internet pricing cannot be matched
  • NOTE: The Ad Match Guarantee rules are slightly different in some parts of Florida. Some Walmarts will price match to a competing store’s BOGO sale (usually just Publix or Winn-Dixie) if they are in a highly competitive environment. In these areas, the grocery store’s ad doesn’t have to specify a price. Walmart will match the BOGO sale at the Walmart price. When in doubt, ask your local store!


4.) Overage: 

  • Yes! Walmart will either give you cash back or apply any balances earned from overage towards the rest of your order
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) benefits are not eligible for overage
  • Overage is any cash back awarded to the purchaser when a coupon’s value exceeds the price of the item
  • Happens when: item = $0.99, MC = $1.00, overage = $0.01 ($0.99 – $1.00 = (-$0.01))


Our suggestions for your next trip to “Wally World”:

1.) At Home:

  • Start off on the right “organized” foot. However you do this, begin by browsing through the most current Walmart weekly ad (online or paper)
  • Take note of sale prices and any other deal that strikes your fancy
  • Use our “Search All Coupons” tab for match up opportunities
  • Since Walmart has their Ad Match Guarantee, take a look at competitor’s paper ads
  • Print, clip, sort, and make lists of what you need

2.) At Walmart:

  • Tackle your shopping in whatever manner you dig (possibly begin grabbing any non-grocery items first)
  • Keep your eyes open for rollback and clearance prices
  • Double check that you’re using the coupons correctly (ex: minimum number of items, bottle sizes, etc.) before reaching the finish line
  • Give your cashier a friendly and sincere “Hello” – they are very important to you for the next several minutes
  • Offer up any Ad Matches you found first
  • Watch as your items are rung up to make sure that the initial price is correct
  • Hand over your coupons!
  • Trust – but verify – that all of your coupons went through correctly, don’t be afraid to do this right then and there, it’s your money, not the person who might be waiting behind you
  • Keep your receipt and smile out for the likely brief receipt check on your way out – try not to brag too much about how much you just saved!


NOTE: MANY Walmart cashiers are thoroughly unknowledgeable about the Walmart Corporate Coupon Policy. It is advisable that you learn it well and take it with you when you shop. You can view and/or print it here.


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-Walmart’s current coupon policy-


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