Ghosts of Coupon Deals Past: Almost FREE Turkeys at Publix ($1.44 each!) #TBT (NOV 2014!)



With things slowing down now that Christmas is nearly here, I decided to help fill the day with some posts to reminisce on coupon deals past. Isn’t that what the holidays are about…memories? Also, make sure you claim your FREE 3-pack of Olay Samples if you haven’t done so yet either. Finally, don’t forget about the FREE 8×10 Photo Enlargement ($3.99 value) at through 12/25! Merry Christmas!

This is a Publix trip from November 2014. Remember when they’d have great overlapping promotions and we could get whole turkeys for nearly free? In this trip, I paid $2.87 total for everything, which meant I picked up the two turkeys for $1.44 each and got the tea bags and V8 for free. Gosh I miss those days. The trip as originally written is listed below. Obviously, the links to coupons aren’t any good; these coupons are from years ago 😉

We had a great trip to Publix this morning! One nice thing about shopping early was having the choice of turkeys. We actually chose smaller ones so that we aren’t making a commitment to eating turkey all week when we make one, plus they fit nicely in the freezer 🙂

The Lipton bottled teas aren’t pictured, because we were thirsty! FYI – The coupon beeps on the bottled teas, but there are no issues on the boxes. We used a $5 off $30 Winn-Dixie competitor coupon on our order, so there’s an extra $5 of savings beyond what is listed with the items below. Here’s what we bought, along with the coupons used:

SIX V8 100% VEGETABLE JUICE 46 OZ, on sale BOGO $2.83
Used six $1.50/1 V8 100% Juice 46 oz Publix store coupons, Best Meals Happen at Home Newsletter (exp 11/13!)
and used three $1/2 V8 100% Juice 46 oz printable manufacturer’s coupons

Used four $0.75/1 Lipton Tea excluding Ready-to-Drink Publix store coupons, Best Meals Happen at Home Newsletter (exp 11/13!)
and used two $3/2 ANY Lipton Tea printable manufacturer’s coupons (preclipped)

Used one BOGO Lipton Tea Bottle 20 oz Publix store coupon, Grocery Advantage Flyer (deducts $1.29)
and used two $1/1 ANY Lipton Tea printable manufacturer’s coupons (preclipped) – beeped on this product

ONE PUBLIX YOUNG TURKEY (approx 10.3 lbs), on sale $6.10 (regular price $15.40)
ONE PUBLIX YOUNG TURKEY (approx 11.9 lbs), on sale $7.03 (regular price $17.75)
No coupons used
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $13.13 (or $6.56 each!)

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $60.67
Net Price Paid for Everything: $2.87
Savings Rate: 95.3%

FYI – None of these items are taxable here in Florida 🙂

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  1. Awesome shopping!

  2. Just wanted to thank you guys so much for pointing out the turkey deal! My boyfriend works at publix and all employees got a $5 off turkey coupon so I’m excited to get a turkey for around $1! And I have a quick question before I go try my big shopping trip. When I tried to get the campbells condensed soup deal, I was told I was only allowed to get 8 of a BOGO item per their new policy, however, I do not see this anywhere on their policy and I only see a limit of 8 like coupons. Just wondering if you guys had any more info on this. Thanks!

    • Monica Bragg says

      It is a limit of 8 like coupons but it seems as though some stores have been interpreting that as items in a BOGO deal. I would print the policy out and take it with me the next time that I went.

      • Yeah, that’s what I thought. Oh well, I had no issues today and did really great! Thanks for your help.

        • Monica Bragg says

          No problem! Hopefully it will get better as time goes by and they get adjusted to the new policy.

  3. Thank you!
    Good catch on the expiring Best Meals for today.

  4. Awesome Trip!!
    Quick question….I can only print out 2 of the Best Meals coupons.
    I see you used 4. Can they use the LU# 4 times or do they need to
    have 4 coupons to actually scan. thanks

    • Steve Pinski says

      My Best Meals at Home links printed from multiple computers up to two prints per computer.

    • Even thought if you have multiple computers you can print only 2 coupons by email. So if you print 2 Lipton coupons on 1 computer using your email, on another one you will be not printing it. You will see a message that you already viewed this coupon. You need everybody from your family to sing for Publix coupons, so you will be able to print them on few computers.

      • Steve Pinski says

        I used to get that error. I tried the same email on a second computer and was able to get prints on this batch.

        • I just checked the link for the Lipton $1 coupon — it has an exclusion for bottled product. How did you use it? Also, I think it’s funny that you call it an error when the Best Meals coupons reach the maximum print limit. It’s not an error. Each customer is entitled to two prints. That’s it. Finding a way around it is what’s causing all the changes to the coupon policies that impact all of us who don’t “break the rules”. Too bad some don’t see it that way.

          • Steve Pinski says

            There have been two Lipton coupons in the past week. The first one (now out of prints) was the version I used at Publix. It was posted here:

            The newer one has the bottles restriction. It was posted here.

            If you look at the dates of the post, I shopped before the latest version of the coupon was released. The earlier version had no size restrictions. Check all the other blogs from that date and you will have confirmation that is the case. Learn your facts before you point fingers.

            Also, please direct me to any agreement I may have agreed to that states that the limit for the Best Meals at Home printable coupons is two per human being and not two per computer. Good luck. Such agreement does not exist.

          • You are absolutely correct about the first lipton tea coupon. It’s just that the one in the link is the newer one, so that wouldn’t work. Sorry to get you all worked up about the Best Meals issue. I truly believe there is every indication that the intention is for each customer to receive two via email. You asked me to “direct” you to this information. It’s included in every Best Meals email — in the box above the coupons. This month it reads: “SAVE ON BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER WITH THIS MONTH’S EXCLUSIVE COUPONS
            These coupons are exclusively for you and cannot be forwarded. Limit TWO (2) prints per coupon.” What is ambiguous about “Limit TWO (2) prints per coupon”? We’re all trying to save as much as possible and what you do is terrific for the couponing community. But if we’re not careful about pushing the boundaries, all the “deals” that we all enjoy will slowly disappear.

  5. Oh got it. Thanks! I will learn the ins and outs of couponing one of these days 🙂

  6. Sir Saves a Lot says

    My math isn’t the best but how the heck did you get the price of the turkeys down. I don’t see an explanation.

    • Steve Pinski says

      1) The $0.59/lb sale made them very cheap to start.
      2) I used a $5 off $30 Winn-Dixie competitor coupon. Since everything else was better than free, the full $5 helped offset the turkey prices.
      3) The overage from my Lipton and V8 also lowered the price for my turkeys.

  7. Target website has a 1.50 off 7.00 or more Market Pantry printable coupon. So if your Publix takes Target coupons you can use this for the Publix brand turkeys. Bought 3 today!!!