$100 Amazon Gift Card/BitCoin Giveaway (plus EARN FREE Crypto Currency with CoinClaim!)


If you have ever been intrigued by this Bitcoin/Crypto Currency phenomenon, I have a sweet way for you to get into the game without putting any money at risk. Or…if you really don’t care, but you like free money, this giveaway should still interest you because you can make some easy money with minimal effort and be entered for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card or BitCoin.

EVERYONE that opens an account through our referral link and completes at least one activity at CoinClaim will be automatically entered for a chance to win one of three prizes:
FIRST PRIZE – Winner’s Choice of $50 Amazon Gift Card or $50 of BitCoin
SECOND/THIRD PRIZES – Winner’s Choice of $25 Amazon Gift Card or $25 of BitCoin
***This giveaway will be open through 11/21/18, after which CoinClaim will randomly choose our three winners. Winners will be informed through the email account they have registered at CoinClaim so they can claim their prize. (If you win and choose an Amazon Gift Card, you will have it in time to shop the hot Black Friday deals!)

We have teamed up with a relatively new start-up called CoinClaim to bring you this opportunity to earn free Crypto Currency tokens. CoinClaim is a reward site that will give you free Crypto Currency for completing some very basic tasks (follows and shares on social media, retweeting stuff, etc.)

I am going to show you how you can earn about $12 worth of free cryptocurrency in about ten minutes of work. You can then earn 5 free CLM cryptocurrency tokens (currently worth about $0.13) for logging in daily, plus each friend you refer can earn you 50 free CLM cryptocurrency tokens (currently worth about $1.35.) FYI – To refer friends, click the “AFFILIATE” link at the top of your dashboard page. Keep in mind that the token being offered right now, CLM, is very new; it is possible that it could shoot up in value like previous tokens; if that happens those small efforts to log in daily could pay off in a HUGE way.

Here are the step-by-step instructions of what you will need to do to get started:
1) Register an account at CoinClaim.
2) Log in to your account at CoinClaim. This will take you to your account dashboard where you can see the balances in your account and opportunities to earn tokens. Their system currently supports giveaways in four different Crypto Currencies: BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) and two new currencies, CLM and XGMG. A screenshot of my account is below, however on your first log in, you might only see BTC and ETH. Don’t worry, the others will show up once you earn tokens.

3) Now click on “BROWSE COIN CLAIMS” You should see two different ways to earn free Crypto Currency, “Featured Campaigns” that are opportunities to earn free cryptocurrency tokens for doing an activity (like tweet, share, follow, etc.)

4) Starting with your second login, you should also see “Daily Tasks”, including one called “DAILY SIGNIN.” To the right of that, you should see a clickable link that says “CLAIM.” Click on that every time you log in (once per day) and you will get some Crypto Currency (currently 5 CLM tokens as of the time I am writing this post, which is worth about $0.13…but could rise.)
5) Under Featured Campaigns, you should see opportunities to earn even more cryptocurrency. I followed a few accounts on Facebook and Twitter and shared/retweeted a few things and earned a total of 450 CLM tokens on my first day (worth about $12…but again, this could increase.)
6) Choose one of the token earning opportunities by clicking “CLAIM” at the right of the campaign’s name. Then follow the instructions listed. (You should see “STEPS” to follow.)
7) Once you have completed the last step (the “VERIFY” step), you should be taken to another page where you see a blue “CLAIM” button. Click that button and you’re done! You’ve earned your free tokens.
8) Now go back to your “Dashboard” (the link should be in the menu at the top of the page.)
9) Choose another earning opportunity from “Featured Campaigns” to earn more tokens and follow the steps you did previously (refer to #6 and #7 above if necessary.)
10) Eventually, you should have lots of tokens (at least 450 CLM…or more.)

Now…how do we turn these CLM tokens into cash?

One option is to keep them and use the CoinClaim site to accumulate even more tokens as they get new clients to participate in the system and hold giveaways. I am going to also complete my daily logins for free tokens and refer friends to earn even more crypto currency. My hope is that I won’t just earn more tokens, but that they will appreciate in value. (FYI – There was a time when Bitcoin traded for pennies, but now one Bitcoin token is worth thousands of dollars.) Although I don’t think this will be the next Bitcoin, even if the value increases 10x or 20x, those CLM tokens are going to be worth some serious cash.

So…you probably have 450 or more CLM tokens at this point. In order to move them out of the CoinClaim system, you need to have at least 1000 tokens. You get 50 tokens every time you refer a friend through your link that earns their first 600 tokens. (Get your refer-a-friend link by clicking “AFFILIATE” at the top of the page after you log into your CoinClaim account.) That means that eleven friend referrals can get you to the cashout minimum of 1000 tokens (worth about $25.) However, keep in mind that you won’t really need to refer that many friends, because there are two more ways you will be earning CLM tokens in the meantime; you can complete your daily login and claim 5 tokens each day, plus this site is a relatively new start-up; as their user base grows, more companies will want to participate in the system. That means there will be more opportunities added to earn tokens by tweeting/retweeting/sharing/following/etc.

As mentioned before, you will need 1000 CLM tokens accumulated to withdraw your tokens. There is also one other term you should know about. Once you have achieved your 1000 tokens, there is a “holding” period of 30 days. That means that you can’t just earn the tokens and “scalp” them immediately for cash. This is done to protect the market value of the coins. CoinClaim is counting on the fact that all these new users in the system will attract new coin buyers that want to hold giveaways (and that will help you sell your tokens at a healthy price.) As CoinClaim grows, more companies will want to run giveaways of the CLM tokens. Where do they get them? Buying them from YOU and ME, the folks that have been earning tokens and want to convert them to cash. However, to make it all work, they can’t have all of us selling the coins quicker than they can capitalize on our new memberships at their site with the advertisers 😉

In summary…the 450 CLM tokens you earn are worth about $12 at current market prices, but this site is very aggressive with its marketing, so there should be opportunities to earn even more free tokens. And…if the token catches fire with traders, they may even bid up the price to much higher levels, making all of our tokens worth even more money. And it is ok if that takes a little bit of time, because we all need a little time to hit our 1000 coin cashout threshold.

This is your chance to get into the Crypto Currency game without risking your own money…OR…if you just want to use them to siphon out some cash by telling your buddies about their site, you can do that too. Heck, if you just want to enter the Amazon Gift Card/BitCoin giveaway by joining and completing at least one activity, that’s cool too.

Definitely make sure you get a “Refer A Friend” link (by clicking the link that says “AFFILIATE” at the top of your dashboard page after you log into CoinClaim), because if your friends earn 600 tokens or more through the system, you will earn 50 CLM tokens for each one (currently worth about $1.35.) EASY MONEY!


And…don’t forget to watch your inbox on 11/22/18 to see if you won your choice of an Amazon Gift Card or BitCoin in their giveaway for folks who signed up through our link! (We will also announce winners here on our site.)

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