CVS 4/1 (Wayland) – Paid $10.68 on $111.14 Worth of Merchandise (90.4% Saved)


I had a great trip to CVS this week.  I would have had a moneymaker trip without the paper towels, but it was just too good a deal to pass up.  So here’s what I got:

THREE SUAVE SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER, on sale 3/$9, regular price $4.49
Get $3 in Extra Bucks when you buy three select Suave, limit 1
Get $1.00/1 Suave Professionals Shampoo and Conditioner – Ibotta Rebate; May Redeem 5x
Used two $1.00/1 Suave Professionals Styling Product; Excludes Trial and Travel Size and Twin Packs 
Used one $1.00/1 Suave Professionals Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment Product – 3-18-18 RP; Excludes 2 oz and Twin Packs; Excludes Trial and Travel Size; Maximum of 2 Identical Coupons Per Household Per Day (exp 04/01/18)
Price at Register: $6, but got $3 in Extra Bucks and $3 from Ibotta
Net Price: FREE!

SIX PANTENE SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER, on sale 3/$12, regular price $4.99
Get $5 in Extra Bucks when you spend $20 on select P&G products, limit 1
Used two $5.00/3 Pantene Products – 4-1-18 PG; Excludes Shampoo and Conditioner, 6.7 and 7.9 oz; Excludes Trial and Travel Size; Limit of 2 Like Coupons In Same Shopping Trip (exp 04/14/18)
Used one $4/$18 Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Styling or Hair Spray CVS Coupon from the Red Coupon Machine
Price at Register: $10, but got $5 in Extra Bucks
Net Price: $5 or $0.83 each!

THREE TIDE PODS, on sale $4.94, regular price $7.79
Used one $3.00/1 Tide Pods or Gain Flings Detergent; Excludes Detergent, Simply, Simply PODS, Gain Detergent, and Gain Flings, 14, 12, or 5 ct; Excludes Trial and Travel Size; Limit of 1 Like Coupon In Same Shopping Trip
Used two $3.00/1 Tide Pods or Gain Flings Detergent – 4-1-18 PG; Excludes Detergent, Simply, Simply PODS, Gain Detergent, and Gain Flings, 14, 12, or 5 ct; Excludes Trial and Travel Size; Limit of 2 Like Coupons In Same Shopping Trip (exp 04/28/18)
Net Price: $5.82 or $1.94 each!

TWO SCOTT PAPER TOWELS 12PK, on sale $9.99, regular price $15.49
Get $5 in Extra Bucks when you buy two select Scott Products, limit 1
Used two $0.75/1 Scott Paper Towels; Includes 6 ct or More Only; DND
Price at Register: $18.48, but got $5 in Extra Bucks
Net Price: $13.48 or $6.74 each!

TWO COVERGIRL MASCARA, regular price $6.69
Get $5 when you spend $12 on Covergirl, limit 1
Used one $6.00/2 CoverGirl Products; Excludes Trial and Travel Size, 1 Kit Shadows, Cheekers, and Accessories; Limit of 1 Like Coupon Per Household Per Day
Used one $3.00/1 CoverGirl Cosmetics CVS Coupon from the Red Coupon Machine (Printing for Everyone)
Used one $3/$12 Cosmetics CVS Coupon from the Red Coupon Machine
Price at Register: $1.38, but got $5 in Extra Bucks
Net Price $3.62 MONEYMAKER!!!

Used (1) $10/$50 CVS CRT Coupon
Net Price: $10 MONEYMAKER!!!

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $111.14
Net Price Paid for Everything: $10.68
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 90.4%

-TODAY 12/11 ONLY! Amazon: 50% off Instant Pot 10-in-1 3 Qt Pressure Cooker = ONLY $59.95 (reg. $119.95!)
-Amazon (TODAY 12/11 ONLY) – Up to 54% Keurig K-Cup Brewers (starting at $59.99!)
-New High-Value $2/1 Clorox Free & Clear Product printable coupon!
-BLACK FRIDAY PRICES ARE BACK! $19.99 Echo Dot 2nd Gen (or $25 Echo Dot 3rd Gen!)
-BLACK FRIDAY PRICE IS BACK! $33.32 Echo Dot Kids Edition when you buy three (reg. $69.99; SAVE $110!)
-INSANE! $59.99 Amazon Echos when you buy TWO (reg. $99.99; SAVE 40%)
-12/11 ONLY! Amazon: $56.95 BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop/Floor Steamer/Tile & Hard Wood Floor Cleaner (reg. $99.99; SAVE 43%)
-Amazon: $11.12 Dial Bar Soap 30-pack (just 37 cents/bar!)
-Target: MONEYMAKER Barilla Pasta Sauce and $0.75 Barilla Blue Box Pasta!
-$4.68 Farting Animals Coloring Book (with GREAT Reviews!)
-70% off Furniture/Decor at Wayfair + EXTRA 10% Off Coupon!
-High-Value $1/1 Silk Half Gallon printable coupon!

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  1. M. Noff says:

    Some people have an Ibotta rebate on COVER GIRL so that is a larger money maker for some.
    However, overall I feel your headlines are misleading when you don’t make a statement or general estimate of how much tax is on over $100 worth of items. That eats up approx. $7.00 “profit”.

    • We don’t include the tax because it varies by state. In my home state, Florida, it varies in every county. Some folks don’t even pay sales tax (like my friends in NH.) Obviously, you are now aware that sales tax isn’t included and can easily do an estimate of your own to see if the deals aren’t worth it to you.

    • Wayland P says:

      I got excited when I saw I had a CoverGirl rebate after you mentioned it. Unfortunately mine was Walmart only. 🙁

    • Tax varies so much that we don’t include it (we give the net price paid before tax).

      Some states have no sales tax. States that do have a sales tax can have additional county taxes. Florida has a state sales tax of 6% but some counties pay 7.5% because optional county taxes have been added to the base state tax rate. Some states have a state sales tax on all products with an additional municipal tax on certain product categories.

      Healthy food is not taxed in Florida but junk foods and convenience foods are. Vitamins are not taxed in Florida but they are taxed in Connecticut. In Florida, tax can only be applied after all store discounts have been applied. So if I have a $5 taxable item at CVS but I am using a $4 CVS coupon on it, I only pay tax on $1. If I did not have the $4 CVS coupon, I would pay tax on $5. Etc., etc.

      As Steve said, people should know the tax laws in their states and estimate what tax, if any, will be added to their purchases.

  2. What is a CVS/CRT coupon?

    • Maureen says:

      There is a stand-alone box in every CVS store called the ExtraCare Coupon Center (“ExtraCare Coupon Center” is printed in big letters on the machine, so you can’t miss it). It has a flashing light on the top. It’s red, so it’s often called the Red Coupon Machine. It’s also called the Magic Coupon Machine and the Coupon Kiosk and the Red Box.

      If you have a CVS Extracare card and have registered it with a telephone number, you scan your card every week at the ExtraCare Coupon Center or enter your phone number on the pin pad on the machine, and you will receive CVS store coupons in a long strip. These are somewhat personalized because different people get different coupons, but a new set of coupons for your ExtraCare card is available every week starting on Sunday with the new ad. They are CVS store coupons, so they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. They expire seven days from the day you print them, so if you print them on Sunday The first day they are available for the new sales week), they will expire the following Sunday. If you print them on Saturday (the last day they are available for the new sales week), they will expire on the following Saturday. You cannot pick and choose which ones to print. Sometimes, if you have a lot of new CVS coupons (I got 21 this week), you will need to scan your card multiple times to get them all. I’ve scanned my card at the machine as many as six times and received new coupons each time. You’ll get a message on the screen telling you you’re a “Super Scanner” when you have printed all available coupons for your card that week.

      CRT = Cash Register Tape. These are coupons that print at the end of a CVS receipt after you buy something.

      If you do not print your personal weekly coupons from the Coupon Center but you do buy something at CVS, many of the coupons that would have printed from the Coupon Center will print at the end of the receipt. But if you have a lot of new weekly coupons, not all of them will print at the end of the receipt. You will need to go to the Coupon Center and scan your card to get the rest. Also, sometimes a specific coupon, like a $10/$50 will ONLY print at the end of a register receipt. It will not print from the Coupon Center. Those $10/$50 CRT coupons are random surprises.

      CVS Instant Coupons (the ones printing for everyone that are listed in the weekly ad like this week’s $3 off CoverGirl coupon) will not print at the end of a register receipt or appear in your online account. You need to physically get to a CVS and print them from the Coupon Center.

      If you get a CVS ExtraCare card and register it online, you can log into on Sunday morning or check your account on the CVS mobile app and see what new coupons are available for your card from the Coupon Center. You have the option of sending them to your card (they turn into digital store coupons if you send to your card). You also have the option of printing them from your computer at home, but if you print from home, each coupon will use one sheet of paper because you have to print one at a time. I prefer to print mine from the Coupon Center.

      However, CVS has recently developed a bad habit of putting coupons on customer cards on Sunday but then removing them during the week if they haven’t been printed. It’s extremely annoying. If you already printed them, they will still work at the register. If you sent your coupons to your card, there is no guarantee certain ones won’t be removed during the week (you are out of luck unless you call Customer Service to complain). That is why I would rather print them from the machine at the store (saves my paper and toner, and no chance they’ll be removed if I send to card).

      The coupons that print from the Coupon Center or on the end of your register receipt are specifically for your ExtraCare card. They will not work for anyone else’s ExtraCare card.

      If anyone can think of anything else, please add it in a comment.