CVS 4/1 (Maureen) – $21.13 PROFIT on $148.09 in Merchandise (114.3% Saved)


Who shops on a major holiday?  A couponaholic does, in between church and starting dinner.  I have it easy today (no company, a relatively easy Easter dinner, and we’re eating around 4:30 pm), so I had an hour to spare for CVS.  I was motivated by reset printable coupons, expiring coupons, and great CVS coupons (some from last week and some new in my account today).

I was going to get the Playtex tampon deal because I still have four $2/1 printable coupons (no longer available) for the Playtex Compact Sport and also a $2/2 any tampon CVS coupon, but when I price-checked the small $6.19 size box, it was was not included in the BOGO 50% sale.  The cashier double-checked.  No sale price.  Not wanting to argue over an item I was only going to give away, I put them back.

I’ve been finding various clearance on hair color at CVS and Publix for the past few weeks.  These Clairol coupons (printable and insert) are fabulous coupons, but they don’t always want to scan on low-price product (honestly, it depends on the register because sometimes they go through just fine and other times, they beep).  I love finding clearance hair color at CVS because even though the boxes are clearanced, they count toward the promotion to get a free hair color (up to $9.99 value) when you buy seven.  I should be getting a coupon for a free box any day now.  That would be enough reason to search out clearanced hair color, but the ibotta rebates for Clairol are terrific.

As always, cashback offers vary (in value and kind) by account, and some of the coupons I used may no longer be available to print when you read this.  If you are interested in trying out Fetch Rewards, please use my referral code if you sign up [ KR2KA ], and we will each earn 2,000 points (value $2).  I wrote a post about Fetch Rewards here.

Get $5.00 Extrabucks for spending $12 on CoverGirl products (Limit 1)
Used one $3/1 any Covergirl CVS coupon from Red Coupon Machine (printing for everyone this week)
Used one $6/2 CoverGirl Products printable coupon
Price at register $3.58 but received $5 Extrabucks
NET PRICE: FREE + $1.42 Moneymaker!

Get $4 cashback from ibotta for buying one Neutrogena Face Cosmetic
Get $5 Extrabucks when you spend $15 on Neutrogena (Limit 1)
Used one $3/$12 any cosmetics CVS coupon from Red Coupon Machine
Used one $3/1 Neutrogena Face Make-up CVS coupon from Red Coupon Machine
No manufacturer coupons used
Price at register $8.99 but received $5 Extrabucks and $4 from ibotta
NET PRICE: FREE + $0.01 Moneymaker!

Get $5 Extrabucks for buying two Garnier facial care (Limit 1)
Used one $3/2 Garnier facial product CVS coupon from Red Coupon Machine
No manufacturer coupons used
Price at Register $2.78 but received $5 Extrabucks
NET PRICE: FREE + $2.22 Moneymaker!

Get $10 Extrabucks for spending $30 on ANY L’Oreal Facial Care (limit 1)
Used four $2/1 L’Oreal Paris Skin Care printable coupons
Used one $6/$24 Facial Care CVS coupon from Red Coupon Machine *Also for Garnier
Used one $10/$35 L’Oreal Facial Product CVS coupon from Red Coupon Machine
Price at register $13.15 but received $10 Extrabucks
NET PRICE: $3.15 (63 cents each)!
Note: The printable coupon reset today, but it expires 4/3.

TWO CANADA DRY LEMONADE GINGER ALE, on sale $2/2 (reg. $2.09)
Get $0.50 cashback from ibotta for buying one 2L Canada Dry Lemonade Gingerale (limit 5)
Get $1 Extrabuck for buying two 7UP or A&W, Canada Dry, or Hawaiian Punch 2L (Limit 1)
No manufacturer coupons used
Price at register $2.00 but received $1 Extrabuck and $1 from ibotta

TWO CLAIROL NICE N EASY PERMANENT ROOT TOUCH UP, Clearance price $2.07 (reg. $8.29)
Get $2.50 cashback from ibotta for any Nice N Easy Hair Color
Get $2.50 cashback from ibotta for any Nice N Easy Permanent Root Touch Up
Used one $3/1 Clairol Hair Color printable coupon (no longer available)
Used one $2/2 any hair color CVS coupon from Red Coupon Machine
Price at register $0.86 profit but received $5 from ibotta
NET PRICE: FREE + $5.86 Moneymaker!
Note: I tried using a $6/2 Clairol Nice N Easy printable coupon, but it beeped. The $3/1 did go through.

ONE VIDAL SASSON HAIR COLOR, Clearance price $2.57 (reg. $10.29)
Used one $3/1 Clairol Age Defy Hair Color, Vidal Sassoon Hair Color, or Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color – 3-25-18 RP; Excludes Trial and Travel Size; Limit of 2 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day (exp 04/07/18)
NET PRICE: FREE + $0.43 Moneymaker!
Note: No beep!

Get $2 cashback from ibotta for buying Secret Active Invisible Spray (limit 3)
Get $2 Extrabucks for buying two (Limit 1)
Used two $1/1 Secret, Old Spice or Gillette Antiperspirant coupon 4/1 P&G
Used one $1/$5 any deodorant CVS store coupon from Red Coupon Machine
Used one $1 off any deodorant CVS store coupon from Red Coupon Machine
Price at Register is $6, but received $2 Extrabucks and $4 from ibotta

Get $10 Extrabucks for spending $20 on Nexxus (Limit 1)
Used one $5/1 Nexxus Shampoo or Conditioner coupon 3/18 RP (EXPIRES APRIL 1)
Used one $4/$18 any hair care CVS coupon from Red Coupon Machine
Price at register $10.99 but received $10 Extrabucks
NET PRICE: $0.99!
Note: Earned Fetch Rewards Points (See below).  Please use my referral code if you sign up [ KR2KA ], and we will each earn 2,000 points (value $2).

Get $1 cashback from ibotta for one Suave Shampoo or Conditioner (limit 5)
Get $3 Extrabucks when you buy three Suave (Limit 1)
Used two $1/1 Suave Shampoo or Conditioner printable coupon (No Longer Available – EXPIRES APRIL 1)
Used one $1/1 Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 3/18 RP (EXPIRES APRIL 1)
Other option: $1.00/1 Suave Professionals Styling Product printable coupon
Price at Register $6.00 but received $3 Extrabucks and $3 from ibotta
Note: Earned Fetch Rewards Points (See below).  Please use my referral code if you sign up [ KR2KA ], and we will each earn 2,000 points (value $2).  Also, I used my ibotta rebate, so I don’t know if it included the styling products, but those are included in the sale.

Other Discounts (It all adds up, friends):

Fetch Rewards: please use my referral code if you sign up [ KR2KA ], and we will each earn 2,000 points (value $2)
90 Suave base points (1% of price in points where $1 = 1,000 points)
199 Nexxus base points (1% of price in points where $1 = 1,000 points)
500 point receipt-scan bonus
674 Nexxus bonus points based on purchase price
Total additional cashback from Fetch Rewards = 1,464 points = $1.46

March Mania ibotta bonus of $3 for redeeming six (6) offers plus $0.25 cashback for any receipt.
Total additional cashback from ibotta = $3.25

I had $106.20 in qualifying Beauty Club purchases, so I will receive $10.62 (pro-rated) in Beauty Club Extrabucks (rewarded in increments of $3 Extrabucks for every $30 spent).
Total additional CVS Extrabucks (anticipated) = $10.62

Retail value: $148.09
Net price paid (not including tax): $21.13 Profit
Savings rate: 114.3%

-UP TO $358 FREE MONEY! Yahoo! Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
-Amazon: $12.99 Ultimate Snack Care Package 40 ct w/coupon (reg. $19.99; SAVE $7!)
-NEW $0.50/1 Starbucks Coffee Creamer printable coupon!
-HOT! $0.14/reg. roll equivalent Cottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper at Amazon!
-HOT! Amazon: Up to 69% OFF Nylabone Dog Treats & Toys (starting UNDER $2!)
-Amazon: $21.99 Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor Blade Refills 15 ct (reg. $37.49; SAVE OVER 40%)
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  1. And I went to Walmart and bought cat litter……….and a bunch of other stuff and spent $103. 🙁

    Bah…hum bug !!!

    • Well, I hope you got some good stuff! And it should be a comfort that you’ll have a happy kitty.

      • *3* happy kitties……and yes, I did get some items that I will redeem on Ibotta (later this week) along with much needed ‘garden’ items.
        It’s all good 🙂

  2. Why are you talking about items with coupons that have already expired? If we can’t use them then parts of your post mean nothing … very misleading when you talk about great deals … except the coupon already expired.

    Also, even if the coupon “beeps,” at the register, the cashier can still put it through if it hasn’t expired and the coupon is for the item you are buying. Sometimes with those coupons the register will only accept one per order, (although some accept all), which might be a reason for it to beep. But you can still use it if it a legit coupon … some cashiers put it through, others get their boss and then they put it through etc. But most of the “beeps” do work.

    Keep in mind that IBOTTA can only be used IF you have a PC … NOT a MAC. I emailed them specifically about this because I have a MAC and couldn’t get it to work. I was told through email (in writing) by a customer service rep that IBOTTA does NOT WORK WITH MACS. So for all the people who want to try/use IBOTTA, you have to have a MAC or it won’t work.

    • First, the coupon was not expired when we posted this trip yesterday. Second, on many printable coupons expiration dates vary by user, so in some cases we will have a valid coupon while a reader’s coupon is expired, or vice versa. Third, some people don’t even care about copying our deals and they just want to see the loot and know how we did it.

      When we write these shopping trip posts our goal is to describe the in-store experience exactly as it happened.

      By the way…there’s a simple Ibotta fix. Buy an old used smartphone that is not a mac and use it on wifi to do your Ibotta stuff. The phone will pay for itself the first month with your Ibotta savings.

      • I didn’t mean anything other than just the idea how the coupons expired.

        I was thinking “no longer available” meant expired. I got this email at 9:42 PM on April 1st (yesterday), and 3 of the coupons were expiring that day. Not many stores are open that time of night, by the time you get to the store. Just saying, but not in a mean way.

        I know expiration dates vary on coupons … I’m not sure what I wrote in my post to make you to say that?

        I also realize some people just like looking at the experience the shopper had in the store, exactly as it happened. My point with the coupons not going through and “beeping” (the register not taking them), was that they could have been used if the person had asked the cashier to manually put them in because the item and expiration date were ok … because that would have ADDED to their savings on the trip they made to CVS. Just thought that was something worth mentioning. Didn’t mean anything by that either.

        About Ibotta, when you live on disability checks month to month, and can barely make ends meet every month, there isn’t any left to spare to buy a smartphone (that is not mac phone) in the first place.

        • No worries. The articles went up earlier in the day, but the emails tend to go out once we finish writing for the day and even if a deal or two are dead, we hope that there are other deals that were in the trip that still have some value to our readers.

    • Ibotta only works with mobile devices (iOS or Android). It does not work with any laptop or desktop computers (Apple or Windows PC) and never has. It’s been a mobile-only app since it started.

      I joined ibotta almost five years ago, and for the first four years, I used an iPad Mini (Apple iOS). Last fall, I bought a cheap iPhone SE (Apple iOS) that has a Tracfone calling subscription and have been using that ever since. My mother uses an iPhone 6 (Apple iOS) that doesn’t even have a calling plan. She uses it for all the cashback apps, including ibotta, by linking to WiFi, either at home or in a store with free WiFi (Walmart, Publix, Target, Winn Dixie, etc.).

      When I am writing my trips, I always check to make sure a coupon is still available by checking the links. If the coupon is no longer available, I say so. If the coupon is expiring on the day I used it (as was the case with the Suave and Nexxus coupons), I say so. Most coupon match-up sites will note that an upcoming deal will only be available for one or two days because the coupon that makes the deal a good one is going to expire on the first or second day of the sale. The Couponaholic match-ups for CVS (like the FREE OR ALMOST FREE post which was posted before my trip) made it clear that some of the best deals for the new sale week were going to be SUNDAY ONLY deals because of expiring coupons. Steve posted about the CVS Suave deal on March 29 and made it clear that it was going to be a SUNDAY ONLY deal on April 1.

      Coupons sometimes print with a set expiration date no matter when you print them (like the L’Oreal face (4/3) and Clairol (4/14) coupons), but most of the coupons on print with an expiration date that is 30 days from the day you printed. That is called a rolling expiration date. For example, if you print a coupon on April 1, it will expire on May 1. If I print that same coupon on April 2, it will expire on May 2. And if a coupon with a rolling 30-day expiration resets halfway through the month so you can print a second set, the new ones will print 30 days from the day you printed the second set. So if you printed one set on March 1 and a second set on March 15, the first set will expire on April 1 and the second set will expire on April 15.

      Also, I always print good coupons as soon as Steve posts about them. I hold them for a sale even if I am not using them immediately. So my trips can include coupons that are no longer available to print by the time I post the trip. Those deals are only going to be available to people who printed the coupons when they were available to print and held onto the coupons as I did. Sometimes those coupons were printed weeks earlier and sometimes they were printed a few hours before I shopped.

      We have no control over how long a coupon will be available to print, which is why Steve urges people to print the hot coupons when they appear. I am not going to remove a deal from my trip just because the coupon is no longer available and not everyone who reads my trip post will be able to get the same deal. People who printed that coupon when it was available will be able to get the deal if they haven’t already used the coupon.

      For that matter, CVS Red Machine coupons also vary by user. Some of my deals are great because I got good Red Machine coupons. People who did not get those CVS coupons won’t get the same deal (they may get a better deal than I did if they got better CVS coupons).

      At CVS, the managers will sometimes manually input a “beeping” coupon, but cashiers will not, at least in my area. I can’t force anyone to accept a coupon that does not scan even if it’s clearly a valid coupon being used on the right product. If the manager does not want to manually enter a beeping coupon, I live with his or her decision because I know they have to answer for those coupons.

    • I use my Iboyta app on my iPhone which is a Macintosh/Apple products and it works just fine.

  3. Another great trip for us to learn from. Thank you Maureen!

  4. I’m just jealous, Steve and Maureen, when you get such good deals on items! Most of the time they are more expensive here in Loudoun County, Virginia – the richest county in the US. (Of course when we moved here in 1991, the taxes were just about the cheapest in the state!) For example, the Cover Girl 4 shadow kit that you paid $5.79 for is $6.29 here; the $2.89 Garnier masks are $3.59. Even a $0.50 difference per item adds up on a big trip like yours here.

    • Yes, it does make a big difference.

      I feel that way when I read coupon match-ups at I Heart Publix (which are based on Georgia and Tennessee prices). IHP price for Hellmann’s mayonnaise is $3.73 for a 30-ounce jar. My Florida price is $5.75. IHP Country Crock sticks price is $2.05. My Florida price is $2.65. IHP price for 16-oz Smithfield bacon is $4.47. My Florida price is $8.99.

      Even in my area, CVS prices can vary by as much as $0.75 or more for items I often buy. The CVS near the beach has the highest prices (wealthier area with lots of tourists). The CVS that is furthest from the coast has the lowest local prices. Example: Cheapest CVS near me CoverGirl brow pencils are $4.49 but $4.99 at the beach. Nexxus conditioner at cheapest CVS is $19.99 but $21.29 at the beach.

  5. mike kane says

    some martins (owned by giant foods) in the hagerstown md area honor coupons from competing stores including drug stores even if they are not in the area–also they double up to 4 of a like coupon-max is .99 on doubling–and no expiration dates on rainchecks–
    please note that the waynesboro, pa martins is different on doubling–but sales tax is added after coupons are deducted–no tax on food – clothes- shoes – otc-
    i hope this helps–remember if you call some companies, they will mail you coupons to use–
    —and a side note-I live-not far from delaware -no sales tax–think about a computer–order for store pick–office max and staples do this and so do other stores–hope everyone had a good Easter – or having a good Passover

  6. You guys are the “BEST”
    Thank you for your hard working.


  7. Love reading about your trips! I have learned so much from them! Are the cosmetic and Neutrogena coupons at the Red Coupon machine printing for everyone? Thanks again! I LOVE and recommend it to EVERYONE!

    • Thank you! I learned to coupon from reading other peoples’ shopping trips, too.

      The $3 off CoverGirl is printing for everyone. The rest are luck of the draw.