RUN! ONLY $1.15 for Cooks Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set & Peeler at JCPenney!


Holy smokes! I have a super hot deal for you at JCPenney. Make sure you sign up or log in at Ebates or Topcashback to get the best deal. Today they are paying 6% back on JCPenney purchases. If you already have an account with one, sign up at the other one so you can take advantage of their signup bonus.

Here’s the step-by-step deal. Note that you can substitute in a different inexpensive item for the peeler, but you need something to get the 50% off a purchase of $40 or more coupon code to work.

1. Sign up or log in at Ebates or Topcashback. Use their site to navigate to JCPenney and earn 6% cashback on your purchases. (If you have an account at only one of these sites, sign up at the other one so you can earn an extra signup bonus.)
2. Add the Cooks 12-Piece Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set to your cart. It is on sale for $39.
3. Add an extra item to get over $40 so you can use the coupon code for 50% off. One option for the purpose of this scenario is Chef’n Zeel Peel Orange Peeler for $6.
4. Use the promo/coupon code SHOP63 to save 50% off your order. New total is $22.50.
5. Choose free in-store pickup if available in your area to avoid shipping charges.
6. You will earn $1.35 of cashback from Topcashback or Ebates.
7. Submit for the $20 Prepaid Visa Gift Card Rebate on the Cooks Cookware Set (available through 3/11/18; submit by 4/10/18; PRINT THE FORM NOW)
8. Net price is $1.15 (not including any sales tax in your area.)

Thanks Hip2Save.

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  1. Correct link for rebate form….

    • Thanks. Fixed. I can’t test JCPenney links where I’m located right now (Costa Rica.) I had no idea the link was bad.

  2. 20 dollar rebate is a BS link. Doesnt work. If you go tthat far and didnt try it beforehand, you got SCREWED!

    • It’s fixed now. JCPenney has Costa Rica blocked from their site, so I can’t test links. I had no idea the link was bad until I saw comments. Sorry about that.

    • Please be nice. Steve is a human being too. Now, reading his explanation would make you look like a jerk. I don’t want to make a war, but really, please be thankful for tips you got for free here. If the link doesn’t work, Google it. A little research would help others too. I was able to get the form from another website. No need to be nasty with caps and bad language.

      • Hahaha thanks for having my back. I wasn’t that bothered by it, although about once a year someone gets under my skin.

      • Steve is making bank off of these affiliate links. He isn’t doing it out of the goodness of his heart. if he wasn’t scoring huge cash off of you idiots, he wouldn’t do this. Bank on THAT.

        • Hahhahaa “making bank”…not so much. Revenue down about 80% on the site since the peak of the coupon craze. I also work longer hours for less money because I can afford less help these days. However, yes, I do make money when people use the links. Also, I think my visitors are quite smart for using sites like mine to find deals, not “idiots” as you suggest.

          • Of course he has to make money to survive, just like you and me. I know that! Everybody knows that. You said he is “making bank”… so what? He has to make a living too.

            However, do we pay him a dime or penny to get the deal? NO! So that’s why I said, please be appreciated for what you receive for free. If you search for this deal on Google, you will see the BEST scenario from Steve comparing to other websites. Don’t believe me? Do research yourself.

            And please, be thankful. Have a nice day, everybody!

          • Thanks for the kind words. Have a nice day too!

  3. I tried this deal. It doesn’t work. The SHOP63 code ONLY works on SELECT REGULARLY PRICED items.

  4. Rhonda G says:

    Shop63 does not work on cooks items 🙁

    • Rhonda G says:

      it does work just only on certain ones…you just have to play with it UGH@ lol

  5. Send your original cash register receipt, dated on or
    between the offer’s valid dates. If the item is purchased
    online, please submit a copy of your emailed receipt.
    Note: purchase date must be visible on the submitted receipt

    If you buy it now, you don’t get the 20 dollars back. You people need better reading comprehension.

    • Why don’t they get it if they buy it now? Offer is valid through 3/11/18 and they have about a month to submit it after that date.

  6. Ann Gehin says:

    Is there a rebate form to fill out, or just the rebate summary that they ask us to print out. Confused! But, I got the 50% off and the link to work…ha! Thank you!

  7. Ann Gehin says:

    Oh, I I bought a hand towel for $3.00. Cheaper than the zester 🙂

  8. Jen Adolph says:

    DONE! Now, the only thing I’m worried about is this small print on the rebate form:
    “Offer valid at only. Offer not valid with any other rebate or coupon.”
    Hopefully that doesn’t mean coupon CODE?
    If I get rejected for the rebate.. BACK TO THE STORE IT GOES! 😀
    No Zeel Peel, but I needed a new measuring cup and they had a 2 cup Pyrex one for $12.

  9. Wow, what is going on? Is it a full moon or something?? Thanks for all the tips and tricks, y’all. I have a fully stocked kitchen for cheap from following this site, and kill it at CVS and Rite Aid every week with the matchups. Thanks for all the hard work, and ignore the trolls (especially since they called themself an idiot, too. Why are you even here if people who follow the site are idiots?? Hmmmmmmm?????).