Publix Shoppers: 2018 Stocking Spree Rewards Program is Active


If you shop at Publix, be sure to sign up for the 2018 Publix Stocking Spree Rewards program, which runs from January 1 through December 31, 2018.  I have been waiting for information about the 2018 program and just received an email about it a few days ago or I would have posted about this year’s program sooner.

Information about the program is HERE, but in a nutshell, you upload receipts containing qualifying purchases, and when your purchases reach $50, you will be able to cash out for a $10 Publix gift card that will be mailed to you.  Limit one (1) account per household.  Limit twelve (12) gift cards per account for purchases made from January 1 to December 31, 2018.

This is a great program.  I sign up every year.  If you purchased any of the qualifying products listed below since January 1 and still have the receipts, you can upload them now.  I purchased 10 cans of clearanced Maxwell House Max Boost coffee a few weeks ago and just uploaded the receipts and received credit for the purchases.

A few things to remember:

–Receipts must be submitted within 60 days of purchase date.

–You will need to capture the entire receipt (not folded) in a maximum of five images, so if you know you will be buying qualifying items, make sure they are on a receipt short enough to make the upload limit.  This is a new requirement because in prior years, we were instructed to fold long receipts.  I mention this because occasionally I have a receipt for a huge trip that is three feet long (and those random survey invitations add about 12 inches to the receipt above the date/time stamp).

Manufacturer Participating Brands/Items
Kraft A.1. Steak Sauce
Kraft Bagel Bites
Kraft Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce
Kraft Capri Sun
Kraft Classico Sauces
Kraft Cracker Barrel Mac & Cheese
Kraft Crystal Light
Kraft Gevalia Coffee K Cups
Kraft Heinz BBQ Sauce
Kraft Heinz Ketchup
Kraft Heinz Mustard
Kraft Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce
Kraft Kool-Aid
Kraft Kraft BBQ Sauce
Kraft Kraft Mac & Cheese
Kraft Kraft Mayo
Kraft Kraft Miracle Whip
Kraft Kraft Salad Dressing
Kraft Maxwell House Coffee
Kraft McCafe Coffee
Kraft Mio Liquid Concentrate
Kraft Ore-Ida Potatoes
Kraft Planters Nuts
Kraft Riserva Sauces
Kraft TGIF Frozen Entrees
Kraft Velveeta Mac & Cheese
Mondelez belVita
Mondelez Chips Ahoy! Cookies
Mondelez Nabisco Multipack Crackers & Cookies 12oz & 20oz
Mondelez Oreo Cookies
Mondelez Ritz Crackers
Mondelez Triscuit Crackers
Mondelez Wheat Thins
P&G Always
P&G Aussie
P&G Bounty
P&G Cascade
P&G Charmin
P&G Crest Toothpaste
P&G Downy
P&G Head & Shoulders
P&G Herbal Essences
P&G Mr. Clean
P&G Olay
P&G Old Spice
P&G Pampers
P&G Pantene
P&G Prilosec
P&G Tampax
P&G Tide (Liquid Detergent Only)
Pepsi Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
Pepsi Aunt Jemima Syrup
Pepsi Frito-Lay Variety Packs or Sacks
Pepsi Gatorade
Pepsi Lipton Ready-to-Drink products (Excluding Brisk)
Pepsi Propel
Pepsi Pure Leaf Ready-to-Drink products
Pepsi Quaker Breakfast Flats
Pepsi Quaker Breakfast Squares
Pepsi Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Pepsi Quaker Old Fashioned or Quick 1 Minute Oatmeal



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-FREE Johnson’s Baby Product Sample mailed to your home!
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-Amazon: $6.61 Lip Smacker Coffee/Tea Lip Balm 8-pack (82 cents each!)
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