Walgreens 2/8 (Steve) – PROFIT $0.33 on $81.45 of Merchandise (100.4% Saved)


walgreens-020814I had a great trip to Walgreens today! I normally don’t include the newspapers in my total, but the one newspaper I bought to test out some Nivea deals was also used in my last transaction so I could use an extra Register Reward to lower my out-of-pocket.

A few notes about this trip:
1) The second Dove hair care coupon beeped. I have no idea why that happened, but my cashier entered it manually.
2) The 0.17 oz Nivea Lip coupon beeped. Also, the item was not marked BOGO 50% OFF, nor was it marked for the points deal. However, it rang up BOGO 50% OFF and produced the points.
3) The Nivea Lotion 2.5 oz was found in travel section. I think I got overexcited, because after re-reading the fine print a few minutes ago it looks like I may have misused the coupon. I must’ve quit reading the coupon when I read Nivea or Nivea for Men Lotion 2.5-21 oz. Why would they put that in bold at the top and then exclude 2.5 oz bottles in the fine print? Odd…and technically a mistake by me.
4) Normally I calculate the points earned based on the highest redemption rate ($1.25 per 1000 points when you redeem 40K for $50), however I redeemed 5000 points for $5 in each of the first four transactions. Because of this, I calculated the points earned in the last transaction at the lower rate ($1 per thousand) to make it more accurate.

ONE MTN DEW KICKSTART ENERGY DRINK, on sale $1 (re19gular price $1.79)
TWO COLGATE OPTIC WHITE MOUTHWASH 8 OZ, on sale 2/$6 (regular price $3.99)
Get $1 Register Reward for buying Mtn Dew Kickstart
Get $4 Register Reward for buying two select Colgate Toothpastes/Rinses
Used two $1/1 Colgate Mouthwash coupons, 2/1 newspaper single page flyer (regional)
Price at Register: $5, but received $5 total Register Rewards

ONE MTN DEW KICKSTART ENERGY DRINK, on sale $1 (regular price $1.79)
TWO COLGATE TOTAL MOUTHWASH 8.45 OZ (250ML), on sale 2/$6 (regular price $3.79)
Get $1 Register Reward for buying Mtn Dew Kickstart
Get $4 Register Reward for buying two select Colgate Toothpastes/Rinses
Used two $1/1 Colgate Mouthwash coupons, 2/1 newspaper single page flyer (regional)
Price at Register: $5, but received $5 total Register Rewards

ONE MTN DEW KICKSTART ENERGY DRINK, on sale $1 (regular price $1.79)
TWO COLGATE TOTAL TOOTHPASTE 4 OZ, on sale 2/$6 (regular price $3.49)
Get $1 Register Reward for buying Mtn Dew Kickstart
Get $4 Register Reward for buying two select Colgate Toothpastes/Rinses
Used two $1/1 Colgate Total Toothpaste coupons, 2/1 newspaper single page flyer (regional)
Price at Register: $5, but received $5 total Register Rewards

TRANSACTION #4 was an exact copy of Transaction #3

FOUR DOVE SHAMPOOS/CONDITIONERS, on sale BOGO 50% OFF $4.79 ($14.36 for all four after sale)
THREE ECOTRIN ASPIRIN 45 CT, on sale $3 (regular price $3.79)
ONE NIVEA LOTION 2.5 OZ, on sale $2 (unadvertised; regular price $2.69)
TWO NIVEA LIP CARE 0.17 OZ, on sale BOGO 50% OFF $3.29 (these were not marked on sale, but were included – $4.93 for both with sale)
ONE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER, regular price $1
TWO CHICKEN OF THE SEA CHUNK LIGHT TUNA 5 OZ, on sale $0.69 with in-ad store coupon (regular price $1.09)
ONE MTN DEW KICKSTART ENERGY DRINK, on sale $1 (regular price $1.79)
Get 5000 bonus Balance Rewards points (value $5) when you buy $30+ in a single transaction after all sales and store coupons with in-ad Points Booster coupon (valid 2/8-2/10)
Get 2000 Balance Rewards points (value $2) for every two Dove Hair Care purchased (earned 4000 total for my four items)
Get 2000 Balance Rewards points (value $2) for every Ecotrin 45 ct purchased (earned 6000 total for my three items)
Get 2000 Balance Rewards points (value $2) for every two Nivea Lip purchased (earned 2000 total for my two items)
Get $1 Register Reward for buying Mtn Dew Kickstart
Used the in-ad Points Booster coupon to earn 5000 bonus points
and used the in-ad coupon to adjust the price of the Chicken of the Sea Tuna
and used two $4/2 Dove Hair Care coupons, 1/11 RP newspaper insert (exp 2/8!)
and used one $1/1 Ecotrin 45 ct coupon, 2/8 SS newspaper insert
and used two $1/1 Ecotrin 45 ct printable coupons
and used one $2/1 Nivea Lotion 2.5-21 oz coupon, 2/8 SS newspaper insert
and used one $3/2 Nivea Lip (including 0.17 oz) coupon, 2/8 SS newspaper insert (beeped but was entered manually)
Price at Register: $17.67, but earned 17,000 Balance Rewards points ($17 value) and $1 Register Reward

For those wondering about my out-of-pocket…I used 5000 points on each of the first four transactions and only paid the sales tax. On the last transaction I used my four $4 Register Rewards earned in the first four transactions and paid $1.67 plus tax out-of-pocket.

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $81.45
Net Price Paid for Everything: $0.33 PROFIT!
Savings Rate (excluding sales tax): 100.4%

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  1. My Dove also beeped and my cashier thankfully entered it as well.

  2. I also had my coupons beep. The cashiers always reject my plea that I bought the right items and followed all coupon rules. A manager came over and was equally perplexed. After first trying to separate some items from the order, he ended up giving in and just let me order in one transaction and just took off the coupons manually. The only other problem was that I didn’t get my points booster 5000 points. I didn’t realize this until after I left, so I stopped at another Walgreens closer to my house for a correction. Long story short, the manager there said that the $25 total should be AFTER all coupons used, but that she would give me the points this time only. Everything I’ve ever read about said it should be after a store coupons but Before manufacture coupons. Who is correct?

    • Monica Bragg says:

      You are correct. It is after Store and before Manufacturer Coupons.

    • This kind of hassle is exactly why I seldom shop at Walgreens anymore! It is just not worth the aggravation you get over coupons.

      • Thankfully I’ve only been experiencing good things and catching up on all the deals I miss out on! I didn’t know about not using Rewards when trying to gain rewards til recently so i am def feeling more on the ball now.

  3. Linda Neagle says:

    I also was not allowed to use my points booster. I was told, by a manager, that the total had to be $30 after all coupons and I didn’t get the 5000 points. I had trouble with a couple other coupons but since I have disputed the same argument before and had gone to corporate to get clarification, I could argue with confidence. I also told them, truthfully that I had an email defining certain terms for coupon use. Anyway, what can I do now? I would have broken the transactions down into several transactions except for the points booster. I could take the stuff back but would I get the full cost back or just the actual money I paid? I could try with another manager at the same store, I guess. What do you think?

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I would contact corporate and tell them that you were denied using your points booster coupon because the store is uninformed. They can credit your account the 5000 points there. In the future, have them ring the points booster coupon after all store coupons are scanned and then hand them your manufacturer coupons. If they say that it won’t work then tell them that is fine. If it is not legitimate then the register will deduct the points booster coupon automatically (and this is the truth).

      • Linda Neagle says:

        Thanks Monica. I will contact corporate, I’ve certainly done that before and it usually works out well. I get so aggravated with clerks who won’t even scan a coupon but just state it won’t work; I always ask them to scan and often they won’t. I had quit shopping Walgreens because of the inconsistencies of their coupon handling but I’ve moved to a new city and will look around for a different store or maybe I’ll just make it my mission to educate the clerks and managers at this one on their coupon policy, a copy of which I printed and have in my coupon notebook. Thanks again

        • Monica Bragg says:

          At my previous Walgreens I had to educate them and build a relationship with the managers before I started having any success among cashiers or managers. It took a little bit and a couple of heated arguments but in the end it was worth it. I got lucky that my favorite manager moved down here to the new store that I have to use because of moving so now we just have to get the cashiers on track at this store. Whew! They are something else at this store.

  4. I have only been viewing your site for a couple of month’s now, but noticed that the only Brag’s and hauls you list are those of the people that work for couponaholic.net and not anyone one else? I think you should post others brags and hauls and not just your own. I, on a daily basis view MANY different websites that gives the community, opportunities to post their BRAGS. As a matter of fact, I posted a comment on your site a few weeks ago, it said waiting moderation, then it was deleted. I was dumbfounded as I was sharing a deal I found, but was unaware that you had such strict filtering. I then chose the Contact us tab,saw :
    Got a tip? Have a press inquiry? Or do you have a question about couponing?
    So I sent an email but never heard back from you. If you please, can you help me to understand who this website was designed for, i,e, You or the community. I am sure that since this is a business site, you have tax write offs and I’ve notice the many advertisers. Again, please help me to understand. P.S. I am also a freelance journalist and have been published in many TOP NAME magazines. I have copied and pasted this comment to a file just in case your filtering system denied my comment.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Every shopping trip we write up meticulously lists every coupon used, details of the in-store promotion, regular price of items, sales price and statistics so other folks can replicate them. They also take a lot of time on our part to write up so that everything is adequately explained. On (rare) occasion we have posted trips from visitors, but ONLY when they provide us the pic of all their deals and when they have documented everything as thoroughly as we do.

      There just simply are not enough hours in the day to be writing up other people’s trips. There are only two of us that work full-time on this site, Monica and myself, although we have some part-time assistants. Either Monica or myself is on duty every hour between 8 am Eastern and 10:30 pm Eastern time each day, which is 101.5 hours per week – not including time where we are both working simultaneously.

      All of our content on this web site is free to you, the reader. In fact, it is painfully obvious by our statistics that most of our visitors never click on a single ad on the site, even though it costs us money every time a visitor comes to it.

      I realize we’re all couponers on here and we like things to be free (or better than free), but I really don’t understand complaints when we’re the ones working and the visitors don’t pay anything to be here; in fact, I’m guessing about 95% of people who come to this site are better off financially for finding it. (Don’t be mistaken; I’m glad you all come here.)

      We actually have a Facebook Group with over 40,000 members where people post their shopping trips all the time where the standards for publishing is not as high and doesn’t require extensive effort by us to publish them. You are welcome to join this group and post your trips if desired: https://www.facebook.com/groups/couponaholic/

      For the record, I don’t really consider our shopping trip posts as “brags.” They are intended to be a learning resource for those folks who learn more visually and/or prefer an actual (and tested) shopping scenario. That is why they are published on the site.

  5. So you can do more than one transaction per card? I read the booster and I thought it said One per the 3 day sale! Am I wrong?

  6. Thanks so much for replying so quickly! I thought I had done more in the past but was thrown this time when I read the fine print on the points booster coupon! Would to go back out this evening but too cold where I am ! Oh well! Sure do appreciate the response though ! 😉 Also, I read many a coupon blog; but wanted to let you all know that yours is the first one I scroll through each morning to read! I appreciate the deals you work out for all of us to follow and save a bundle! Just get disappointed when I’m not fortunate enough to follow exactly because someone beat me to it! I do love the hunt though! Kudos to all of you!

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Thank you so much Bev! We are glad to join you in the mornings while you are having your coffee!