STILL WORKING: Easiest $5-$15 MONEYMAKER (or more) EVER! Sign up with the Dosh App ASAP!


Update: This is still working. Remember, you must link a card to earn anything AND there seems to be a 1-3 lag for referrals to show up. All over Instagram I see folks cashing out lots of real money. My biz partner, Fred, has already cashed some out too.

OK, here’s a hot deal for you. I haven’t found this advertised officially, so I do not know how long it will last. Your mileage may vary if you wait too long. Right now when you sign up through a friend’s link on the Dosh App, both you and the friend are getting $5-$15. It seems to vary by user, and I don’t know why some have gotten $5 and others have gotten $15. (Fred, my business partner, just signed up to get a link for us to use for referrals and he only got $5.) It’s easy to cash out via PayPal too once you hit $15. So…if you get the $15 bonus, you’re already set and can cash out. If you only are given $5, you can either earn $10 more to cash out through using the app or by referring a few friends (which should be a piece of cake since these guys are offering free money!)

Dosh is an online shopping cashback app and it gives you cashback for buying something with a linked credit card. Their app includes thousands of stores, so it’s potentially a very useful app too. To be eligible for the bonus money, you must link a credit card in the account you create. Go here to download the app, create an account and link a card to get the bonus.

Again, I am not sure what the terms are, so this could be their regular signup promotion or it could be a glitch. It is better to sign up sooner rather than later. Also, when you sign up through our link, you’re supporting the site. It’s like you’re giving us a little Christmas present (belatedly) at no cost to you…plus you are getting rewarded at the same time!

So, go here and sign up and get both of us rewarded!

-RARE New $0.75/1 Simply Light Lemonade or Simply Light Orange 52 oz printable coupon!
-RARE NEW Quaker Printable Coupons – $1/2 Oats & $1/2 Granola Bars!
-NEW High-Value $4/1 Schwarzkopf or Got2B Hair Color printable coupon!
-Macy’s: $18.39 Farberware 15-Piece Cutlery Set (reg. $69.99; SAVE 74%)
-Amazon: $17.56 SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker (reg. $49.99; SAVE 65%)
-Amazon: $99.99 Fire HD10 32GB Tablet (reg. $149.99; SAVE $50!)
-Walmart: $9.99 Exploding Kittens, $15 Cards Against Humanity + MORE after gift card promo!
-FREE Essie Nail Polish mailed to your home!
-FREE Olay Sample 3-Pack (Whips, Eye Gel AND Cleansing Cloths!)
-FREE Sample of Tory Burch Signature Fragrance!
-BOGO Fire TV Sticks w/Alexa Voice Remotes = $19.99 each (reg. $39.99!)
-$19.99 Echo Dot 2nd Gen (or $25 Echo Dot 3rd Gen!)
-$33.32 Echo Dot Kids Edition when you buy three (reg. $69.99; SAVE $110!)
-70% off Furniture/Decor at Wayfair + EXTRA 10% Off Coupon!
-High-Value $1/1 Silk Half Gallon printable coupon!

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  1. I’d never heard of this app, but it has 4.6/5.0 stars on iTunes with 5,958 ratings, so it’s not a fly-by-night. Signed up with Steve’s link and got $5 for entering a credit card. This looks a lot like ebates.

  2. Lifeisgood says:

    Please see the information from Dosh’s help desk….looks like you get the $15 only if linking a credit card:

    • The post says to put in the credit card to get a signup bonus from them. Fred put in a credit card and only got $5 for signing up. Some folks on IG are saying they have gotten $15 when signing up in the past 24 hours. We don’t know if it is random or if the signup offer has changed to $5. We don’t know about referrals yet, because they take time to show up payable.

  3. I referred some of my friends but for some I didn’t get any notifications Am I still OK ??

    • There seems to be a delay. Fred (my business partner) has some from our link, but they started a long time after his first referrals.

    • Make sure your friends link a major credit card to their accounts or they won’t get the sign-up bonus and you won’t get a referral bonus. And it has to be a major credit card in the account-holder’s name, not a prepaid card or a store card.

      I signed up yesterday morning using Steve’s link and got my $5 as soon as I linked a valid credit card. Then my mother signed up using my link yesterday morning. She got $5 as soon as she linked a credit card to her account, and I got a notification on my own account that my mother signed up, and I will get a referral bonus as soon as she links a credit card to her account (which she had already done or she wouldn’t have received a $5 sign-up bonus).

      On the DOSH Facebook page, the DOSH people said yesterday that they have been overwhelmed by the response and are a few days behind in processing referral bonuses. As of 23 hours ago, they had processed referrals through 12/25. I am sure they have to verify the validity of each account and credit card to keep people from gaming the bonus program, so the process is not 100% automated. There is still some level of human review involved.

      As of four hours ago, the DOSH Facebook page people said they are temporarily limiting new accounts to approximately 50,000 per day, so people can start the sign-up process but if the daily limit has been reached, they won’t be able to link a credit card until the clock resets at midnight Pacific (3:00 am Eastern), and they have to link a credit card to get the bonus ($5 sign-up bonus and $15 referral bonus through 12/31).

      This is the Dosh Facebook page message as of 2:00 pm EST on 12/28:

      Our Dosh community is growing significantly every day. In order to maintain the highest level of quality, we are going to temporarily cap the number of new sign-ups per day at ~50,000 new card linked accounts. The cap will automatically reset at 12:01am PST. To ensure your referrals get in, please encourage them them to use your share link to download the app and sign up early. If they are unable to join, have them go through the sign-up process and link a card after 12:01am the following day. Our engineers and customer support are working to increase capacity. Our focus here is to make sure we can process payments quickly, provide a quality app experience, and get you cash back for living your life. Thank you!

      • Adona W. Campbell says:

        Hello Maureen. I just signed up using the Couponaholic link and linked 2 major cc and still did not get the $5 or $15 ?. They are major cc and my name is on them.

        • I don’t work for Dosh or have any commercial connection to that company. All I did was sign up the same way everyone else signs up.

          Can you see on your Dosh account that you have linked credit cards? Did you click the “verify” button on the email Dosh sent you?

          On the Dosh Facebook page, they said they are behind by a couple of days because of overwhelming response and notifications will be delayed as they process new accounts, so even if you have done everything correctly (and verified the account through the email Dosh sent you), there may be a delay in notifications of your account status.

          For opening one account and linking a credit card, you will get a $5 bonus. For linking a second credit card to that same account, you will get an additional $1 bonus. If that is all you do, you will not get a $15 referral bonus.

          You need to have another person sign up using YOUR referral link (found in the “Social” tab of your Dosh account) and have that person link his or her own credit card to that account by 12/31 in order for YOU to get a $15 referral bonus. If you do not get another person to sign up through your referral link and complete the process by tomorrow, you will not get a $15 referral bonus.

          After 12/31, you will get a $5 referral bonus for signing up a new person using your referral link. The $15 referral bonus is only a holiday special that ends on 12/31. $5 is the normal referral bonus.

          As I said in my post, when I signed up on 12/27 in the morning using Steve’s link and linked a major credit card, I got $5 in my account very quickly. Then I had my mother sign up using MY referral link (also on the morning of 12/27), and she got $5 as soon as she linked a credit card to her account. As of this morning (12/30), I have $20 in my account because they processed my referral bonus for signing up my mother using my personal link. So I got $5 for signing up for my account and $15 for getting my mother to sign up. She still has $5, and that is all she is going to get unless SHE signs up a new person using her OWN referral link (and everything has to be completed by 12/31 for the holiday referral bonus).

  4. I have tried for a week and the texted code will never arrive!


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    • Somewhat scary and somewhat not IMO, but I understand your reservations. The plain words are scary, but pretty much all these app and web companies are in the business of data collection and manipulating us. I see Google ads all the time as I surf the web for stuff I’ve viewed previously online. The actual Airbnb apartment I am currently renting in Bogota, Colombia is one of the most common ads I see. That freaks me out on an almost daily basis.

  6. I will try again when Dosh isn’t so overwhelmed…. I’ve actually LOST a ton of money using them. I’ve clicked through on twice, placed huge orders, and no credit at all. I’m not used to waiting **6 weeks** for online purchases for cash back, with the exception of hotels for travel. Compared to Ebates, I would have received $10 back (at least) for the amount I spent. Not cool.