LAST CHANCE (ENDS 1/31): FREE Maple Holistics Item (and you have 15 from which to choose!)


Here’s a hot freebie. Through 1/31/18, you can request a FREE Maple Holistics item. They have 15 different options for you too. Use the link below to snag yours.

FREE Maple Holistics Item (and you have 15 from which to choose!)

Offer expires 1/31/18, so don’t forget to do this now.

-INSANE New $4/1 Alka-Seltzer Plus printable coupon!
-Publix: FREE + $1.50 MONEYMAKER Equal Sweetener Tablets!
-Walmart: FREE + $0.60 MONEYMAKER Equal Sweetener Tablets!
-REGIONAL $1.50/1 Happy Baby Yogurt printable coupon = Walmart MONEYMAKER!
-New $1.50/2 Prego Pasta Sauce & Pepperidge Farm Bread printable coupon!

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  1. Hello, Steve.I know, this may be a wrong place to ask my question…
    We have 3 computers ,1 smart phone,1 i-pod and until last fall, we could print 2 coupons from each device using 1 printer.
    Now, we can only print 2 coupons total from the first computer .When I will try to print from next device, I will get a message-“Limit reached”.
    I don’t know , does everyone have this problem?
    Thank you

    • Yes, everyone has that problem. now requires people to verify each printing device with a separate phone number that can accept text messages for a unique verification code. You can also verify a landline, but you have to call them and wait for them to call the landline within 48 hours to give the verification code. They will not leave the code in a voice mail message. Someone has to be ready to answer the landline.

      So you can verify as many devices as you have phone numbers. Two phone numbers = two devices verified (still two coupon prints per verified device).

      You must have verified all your devices with the same phone number if you are printing from one and getting a “limit reached” message on all the others.

      To verify a second device with a second phone number, you will need to clear the browser cache and all cookies on the second device, then when you try to print on that device from, you will once again be asked to provide a phone number for a verification code. That’s when you use the second phone number.

    • We had this problem with two of the computers in my house in the states being “linked” to the same print limit for a coupon. I don’t know the work-around for this and if it is as extreme as reinstalling windows and re-registering with using a different phone number for each device. There’s more info here if you want to read up before you try to figure out a way to work around it: