Fetch Rewards Shopping App – Maureen’s Review


I started using Fetch Rewards about 10 days ago.  This is never going to be in my top three cashback apps (ibotta, SavingStar, and Checkout51 are my current favorites), but the pros are strong enough for me to use it for extra earnings.

If you want to try it out with me, you can read more on the Fetch Rewards page before downloading the app from the iTunes or Google Play store on your mobile device.  If you want to use my referral code [ KR2KA ], we will each each 2,000 points when you upload your first receipt.  I uploaded a random receipt the first time and earned points even though the receipt didn’t have a single qualifying product on it.

Easy to upload receipts.  You may be asked to verify an item, but no UPC scanning is required.
Points add up quickly.  I am barely using it, and I already have almost 6,000 points in my first 10 days.
Lots of popular products are included.
Lots of retailer gift card options are available for point redemption in varying denominations.
Points never expire.

Points.  I’m not a fan of point-based promotions, but it’s easy to remember that 1,000 points = $1.00.
No PayPal option.
There are almost too many products to remember.  I typed up the list of qualifying brands for your benefit and for mine.  It’s easier to read through the list instead of scroll through brand icons (many of which I had never heard of).

How does it work?  You upload a receipt and earn points that are redeemable for e-gift cards.  1,000 points = $1.00.  As soon as you have at least 3,000 points, you can cash out; however, there are only three reward options for 3,000 points ($3 Amazon, $3 Target, and $3 CVS).  Once you have 5,000 points, there are many more retailer e-gift card options in various denominations.

How do you earn points?  Three ways: Special Offers, Base Points, and Receipt-Upload Bonuses.

1) Special Offers are time-limited opportunities to earn points for specific products.  There are roughly 8-12 Special Offers available at any given time (each is available for about a two-week period) htat may only be redeemed once per account.  For example, I just redeemed a Special Offer to earn 1,000 points ($1.00) for buying one pint of Talenti gelato or sorbetto.  I might redeem a Special Offer to earn 1,000 points ($1.00) for one Suave Professionals Gold or Silver Hair Care Product (expires January 30).  Or I might redeem a Special Offer to earn 20% back for Oscar Mayer lunch meat products (expires January 31), so if I buy $10 of Oscar Mayer sliced ham, I will earn 2,000 points ($2.00).

2) Base points are points earned for purchasing specific products from the Fetch Rewards list.  These points are lower in value than points earned for Special Offers, but they will add up.  Base points, as far as I can tell, are calculated at a rate of 1% of the purchase price of the product, in points.  My Talenti pint was priced $3.34, and in addition to the 1,000 Special Offer points, I earned 33 base points.

3) Receipt-Upload Bonuses are additional points earned just for uploading a receipt.  It may be as little as 25 points or as much as 300.  I have not discovered a pattern that would let me predict how many receipt-upload bonus points I will earn, so I assume I will get 25.  My Talenti receipt earned 300 receipt-upload bonus points.  A Cool Whip receipt I uploaded last week only earned 25 receipt-upload bonus points.

So my pint of Talenti earned 1,000 special offer points, 33 base points, and 300 receipt-upload points for a total of 1,333 points (= $1.33).  The Talenti was on sale for $3.34 (reg. $4.99).  I used a $1/1 Publix coupon from the green grocery flyer, making the cost $2.34 at the register.  The Fetch Rewards points took the net price down to $1.01.  I’ll take it!

There are many products that earn base points.  Skim the list, and if you see products that you purchase regularly (say you buy a lot of Gatorade or Miller Coors beer products or Frito-Lay snack products or Unilever personal care products), you’ll want to sign up for this app because points do add up quickly, and even if you don’t plan to let your points reach 50,000 to redeem a $50 gift card, you’ll be able to earn $3 Amazon, CVS, or Target gift card now and then for products you were going to buy anyway.  I’ve only been using this app for about 10 days (and not working very hard at it), and I already have almost 6,000 points.  I am going to wait until I have 10,000 to get a bigger e-gift card, but I will probably get CVS, Target, or Walmart because those will give me the most flexibility.

Brands that earn Base Points:

A1 Steak Sauce
AMP Energy (beverages)
Aquafina Water
Arnold Palmer Spiked (alcohol)
Athenos Feta Cheese
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup
Axe (personal care)
Back to Nature (foods)
Badedas (personal care)
Bagel Bites (snack foods)
Baked! (snack foods)
Baken-ets (snack foods)
Baker’s Chocolate
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
BiAglut (Italian brand of gluten-free foods)
Blue Moon (alcohol)
Boca Burger (vegetarian meat substitute)
Breakstone’s Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese
Breyer’s Ice Cream
Brisk Iced Tea
Brooke Bond (personal care)
Brummel & Brown Margarine
Bulls-Eye Barbecue Sauce
Caleb’s Kola (fair trade cane sugar soft drink)
Calumet Baking Powder
Cap’n Crunch Cereal
Capri Sun (beverages)
Caress (personal care)
Cerveza Aguila (alcohol)
Cheetos (snack foods)
Cheez Whiz (processed cheesy food)
Chester’s (snack foods)
Classico Pasta Sauces
Claussen Pickles
Clear (personal care)
Colman’s Mustards
Colorado Native (alcohol)
Continental (line of prepared foods and mixes)
Cool Whip (non-dairy whipped cream)
Coors (alcohol)
Corn Nuts (snack food)
Country Time (powdered drink mix)
Cracker Barrel Cheese
Cracker Barrel Macaroni & Cheese Dinners
Cracker Jack (snack foods)
Cripsin Cider (alcohol)
Crystal (alcohol)
Crystal Light (powdered drink mix)
Cusquena (alcohol)
Degree (personal care)
Delimex (Mexican Frozen Food Snacks)
Devour (Frozen Food Meals)
Digiorno Cheese
Dole Chilled Juices
Doritos (snack foods)
Dove (personal care)
Dove Men + Care (personal care)
Dream Whip (whipped topping mix)
El Isleno (snack foods)
Extra Cold Lager (alcohol)
Coors Light (alcohol)
FDS (personal care)
Foster’s Beer (alcohol)
Frito-Lay Snacks
Fritos (snack foods)
Fruitare (frozen ice treats)
Funyuns (snack foods)
Gatorade (sport beverages)
Gevalia Coffee
Gevalia Iced Coffee with Almondmilk
Gevalia Tassimo
Godiva Chocolate Pudding
Good Humor Ice Cream
Good Seasons Salad Dressing Mix
Grandma’s snacks
Grey Poupon (mustard)
Grolsch Lager (alcohol)
Hamm’s (alcohol)
Heinz Ketchup
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise
Henry’s (alcohol)
Herman Joseph’s (alcohol)
Hershey’s Refrigerated Pudding
Hidden Barrel (alcohol)
Hoffmann’s Deli Style Cheese Slices
Hop Valley Brewing(alcohol)
HP Sauce (condiment)
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Margarine
Icehouse (alcohol)
Imperial Margarine
Izze (beverages)
Jack Daniel’s Barbeque Sauces
Jell-O (gelatin dessert)
Jet-Puffed Marshmallows
Keystone and Keystone Light (alcohol)
Killian’s (alcohol)
Klondike ice cream
Knorr (side dishes and mixes)
Knox (gelatin)
Knudsen Dairy Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese
Kool-Aid (flavored drink mix)
Kraft BBQ Sauce
Kraft Caramels
Kraft Cheese
Kraft Dressing
Kraft Foods
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
Kraft Mayo
Kraft Singles (pasteurized prepared cheese product)
Lay’s Kettle Chips
Lay’s Potato Chips
Lea & Perrins (condiments)
Lech (alcohol)
Leinenkugel (alcohol)
Lever 2000 (personal care)
Lipton Iced Tea Bottled Beverages
Lipton Pure Leaf Bottled Tea
Lipton Pure Leaf Tea Leaves
Lipton Soup
Lipton Tea Leaves
Lunchables (refrigerated snacks and lunches)
Magnum (alcohol)
Magnum Ice Cream
Matador Jerky (snack foods)
Maui Style Potato Chips
Maxwell House Coffee
May Bud Gouda Cheese
McCafe Coffee
Mickey’s (alcohol)
Miller Brewing (Multiple Beers)
MiO (water flavoring)
Miracle Whip (salad dressing)
Miss Vickie’s (snack foods)
Mist Twist (beverages)
Molson Canadian (alcohol)
Mountain Dew (beverages)
Mr. Yoshida’s (Asian cooking sauces)
Mug Root Beer (beverages)
Munchies (snack foods)
Munchos (snack foods)
Naked Juice (beverages)
Nancy’s (frozen foods)
Near East (side dish dry mixes)
Nexxus (personal care)
Nut Harvest (snack foods)
Off the Beaten Path (snack foods)
Oh, That’s Good (refrigerated soups and side dishes)
Ore-Ida (frozen potatoes)
Oscar Mayer Bacon
Oscar Mayer Carving Board Lunch Meats
Oven Fry Meat Coating Mixes
P3 Portable Protein Pack (snack foods)
Pasta Roni (side dish dry mixes)
Pepsi Cola Max
Pepsi Cola, Diet
Peroni Italy (alcohol)
PG Tips (English tea)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Pilsner Urquell (alcohol)
Planters Nuts
Polly-O (cheese)
Pond’s (personal care)
Popsicle (frozen snack)
Promise Margarine
Propel (sport drinks)
Q-Tips (personal care)
Quaker Chewy Snack Bars
Quaker Granola
Quaker Life Cereal
Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal
Quaker Oats
Quaker Popped Rice Snacks
Quaker Puffed Rice
Quaker Real Medleys Cereal Cups
Quaker Rice Cakes
Red Dog (alcohol)
Redd’s Apple (alcohol)
Redd’s Wicked (alcohol)
Revolver (alcohol)
Rice a Roni (side dish dry mixes)
Rold Gold Pretzels
Ruffles Potato Chips
Sabritas (snack foods)
Sabritones (snack foods)
Saint Archer (alcohol)
Salon Selectives (personal care)
Santitas (snack foods)
Sedal (personal care)
Shake ‘n Bake (seasoned coating mix for meat)
Sharp’s (alcohol)
Sheaf Stout (alcohol)
Simple (personal care)
Smart Ones (Weight Watchers frozen meals)
SmartFood Popcorn
SmartFood Selects (snack foods)
Smartmade by Smart Ones (Weight Watchers frozen meals)
Smith Forge (alcohol)
SoBe (beverages)
Sol (alcohol)
Spark’s (alcohol)
Spitz (snack foods)
St. Ives (personal care)
St. Stefanus (alcohol)
Stacy’s (snack foods)
Starbucks Ready-to-Drink Beverages
Steele Reserve (alcohol)
Stove Top Stuffing Mix
Stubbord (alcohol)
Suave (personal care)
Sun Chips (snack foods)
Sun Silk (personal care)
Sure-Jell (pectin)
Taco Bell Dinner Kits
Talenti Gelato and Sorbetto
Tang (dry beverage mix)
Terrapin (alcohol)
TGIF Frozen Snacks
Third Shift Brewing (alcohol)
TIGI (personal care)
Toni & Guy (personal care)
Tostitos (snack foods)
Tresemme (personal care)
Tropicana Pure Juices
Tropicana Trop 50 Juice Beverage
Tusk & Grain (alcohol)
Two Hats (alcohol)
Tyskie (alcohol)
Vaseline (personal care)
Velveeta Processed Cheese Food
Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner Kit
Wyler’s Bouillon Cubes
Yuban Coffee
Zima (alcohol)
Zumbida (alcohol)

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  1. I’ve been using FETCH for a little longer (it actually replaced MOBISAVE). I believe you covered most everything Maureen but in case something was missed, here is an excerpt from an email they sent me explaining their points system:

    ^ To see a point breakdown for each finished receipt, click on a completed digital receipt in the Fetch Rewards app under the “Scan” button.

    ^ Participating brands earn points in two ways. They are called Base Points and Bonus Points.

    ^ Every participating brand listed on a receipt will earn (x) number of Base Points determined by the dollar amount of the item. You will also receive individual item Bonus Points as well if the price for that item exceeds the target price (this is based on an algorithm that is constantly changing). The total number of points for each item will be listed next to that item on each receipt (Base and Bonus Points).

    ^ Receipt Scan Bonuses are random and not on every receipt (such as the 25, 100 and 500 points you may have seen) both these and Special Offer Bonuses will display at the top of the digital receipt. These are separate from the individual item Base and Bonus Points.

    ^ The Special Offer points are awarded for completing the listed offers within the app. For percentage back offers, points are awarded based off the price paid on the item. For an offer that states earn 20% back, if the price is $20, that equals 20,000 points (multiple price paid by 1,000). Then, 20% of 20,000 is 4,000 points (20,000 * 0.2) meaning that’s how many points you can expect to receive.

    ^ You should receive a 25 point reward for every eligible receipt you scan even if it does not have eligible points on it.

    To simplify:
    You should receive a minimum 25 points for each eligible receipt scanned, even if it does not have partner products on it. For receipts that have at least 25 points of partner products on it you may or may not receive an additional scan bonus, these are random.

    • Thank you, Kathy!

      How do you like the app overall?

      • I’m with you. It’s not going to be one of the top ones I use. But I do try and scan receipts to it, at the same time I do my ReceiptHog receipts.
        You have up to 14 days to submit your receipt, and I think there is a limit of receipts you can submit but for the life of me……..I can’t remember how many. (It may be around 14?)

        I just figured it’s another way to at least get something, just for scanning my receipts. Eventually the points will add up and then I can cash out for a gift card.

        Their Customer Service is AWESOME !!! (they are the old MobiSave group). And they are really fast at responding.
        If I ever had an issue, if was handled ‘lickety split’ !!!

        So far, I can’t complain. Hope you enjoy it !! 🙂

  2. I’ve used Fetch also. It’s ok, but they hardly ever actually “catch” products that should earn points. :/ If you want to get the points they advertise you should get, most of the time you’ll have to review each receipt and remind them you purchased something that should’ve earned points.

    • I totally agree with Mari. I do like using the app, but I do have to watch every single receipt. However, it is very easy to resend the receipt showing items that you purchased and I have always received my points after making a correction. I have a lot of points but have yet to go through the redemption process.

  3. Another way you can earn points is when you verify items on a receipt. When you have to verify a product, they give you a 25 point bonus.

    I like the app so far, they have sent me two emails saying they added extra points (2000 both times) to my account. This was probably an incentive to keep using their app. I have accumulated points quickly, even with only remembering to scan receipts in once in a while. Customer service is also very good with this app.

    My only problem with the app is that it takes my receipts FOREVER to upload. I have an Android, so I don’t know if it is just the Android version or maybe just my bad internet ?, but it takes much longer than any other app to submit my receipt.

    • I am using an iPhone SE, and my receipts upload quickly. I was worried because the SE is borderline obsolete at this point.

      Good to know about the verification.