BACK AGAIN! High-Value $3/1 Aveeno Positively Radiant Body Lotion or Wash printable coupon!


This coupon is back! I am not sure if it reset in the round of resets a week ago, but I know that you can definitely print it if you haven’t previously.

You should definitely grab some prints of this coupon immediately. We see great Aveeno drugstore deals and $3/1 coupons often get us dirt cheap products (and occasional freebies/moneymakers.) Here’s the link for the new coupon:

$3/1 Aveeno Positively Radiant Body Lotion or Wash printable coupon (preclipped)

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  1. I really need hints on how to not allow the brands to automatically clip their coupons right after I print one of your links. I printed the Aveeno and then they gave me about ten other clipped coupons that I needed to unclip in order to print my one Aveeno.
    Maybe without going through your link would work, even though that is a negative for you. I imagine that you do get something for every coupon printed via your link.
    Waste of ink, paper and time if I catch the clipped coupons in time since I am not expecting them

    • I don’t have any control over what they clip. Unfortunately, this is something does to us that use this affiliate program 🙁 I used to get very pissed off by this too. The only thing I’ve found that makes it easier to avoid this is to always pay attention to the page that happens AFTER you print a coupon. That’s where they put advertising and clip a bunch of coupons. If you see that page and unclip the coupons at that time, it’s much easier to do and you won’t have to hunt for them the next time you go to

      I really wish there was something I could do. Stupid stuff like this causes people to quit using our links. Their greed ends up punishing us…and business is already really bad with the decline of printable coupons.

    • Here is an article from the website about those annoying pre-clipped coupons:

      Why are there pre-clipped coupons when I visit

  2. thanks, Steve and Maureen. Now I know there is an “unclip all” box at the bottom…that you alleviate the time needed to unclip one by one.
    Appreciate your help and the link, and continue to find you the very best of services! Thanks

  3. So glad to read these comments. I was unclipping each one-will look for the unclip all from now on!
    Thanks so much for sharing!