CVS Shoppers: Check Your Email and a Call for Your Help 12/30!


Check your emails to see if you possibly got a 20% email or maybe something else.

Every Saturday morning, we will make a post matching up these coupons with the deals both in the current ad and the ad that starts on Sunday. Since I don’t get all of the coupons, and sometimes don’t even get one, I need your help to let me know what coupons are out there! So, if you want me to get those email coupon matchups, let me know what you’ve got in the comments and I’ll start working on them ASAP!

-AWESOME NEW $4/2 Colgate Toothpaste printable coupon!
-BIG New $4/2 Stack for Dial or Tone Body Washes or Bar Soaps!
-NEW High-Value $2/1 Nivea Men After Shave, Face Wash or Shave Gel printable coupon!
-RARE NEW High-Value $3/1 Nexxus Product printable coupon!
-Amazon: $0.26/k-cup Victor Allen Donut Shop Blend Coffee w/coupon!
-EARN UP TO $25/HOUR with Shipt (AWESOME Side Gig for Extra Cash!)
-Amazon: $0.76/bottle Boost High Protein Nutritional Drinks w/coupon!

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  1. Tom Collins says

    I got a 30% off Q, good through Sunday. I rarely use these as I have little understanding of how to apply them.

    • CVS has been making so many changes lately to the way coupons are deducted that I am not confident enough to provide you with firm rules.

      However, if you are shopping at CVS and buying anything, you can’t really lose by handing over a %-off coupon to see if you get extra savings if you were just going to throw it away anyway.

      You will pretty much always get SOME deduction for any items (even if part of an Extrabucks deal) that are purchased for regular price.

      Example: Dry Idea dry spray deodorant is regularly priced $6.99. You will get $6 Extrabucks for buying two. If you are paying $6.99 for each one (regular price), the %-off coupon will apply. If the deodorant is on sale 2/$10 or Buy One, Get One 50% off, the %-off coupon will NOT apply.

  2. I got 40% off.

  3. 30% off

  4. I used a 10 off 60 but the cashier said my mf coupon brought the total down so I can’t used it.
    So is it before or after mf coupon.

    • Cashier is 100% wrong. The $10/$60 is deducted from your total BEFORE any other coupons.
      Total: $60 (before any discount at all)
      Manufacturer Qs total: $30
      CVS Qs total: $10
      Email Q: $10/$60

      Even though you have $40 in other coupons/discounts which “lowers your total” to $20, the $10/$60 still applies to because “threshold” total discounts always apply/calculate BEFORE coupon discounts. Otherwise what’s the point b/c your Oop would be ridiculouy high.

      Next time ask cashier to “try it” and see if it works..(it will.) To let the computer have final say b/c if it’s not allowed computer will kick back coupon. No harm, no foul. Also i believe this is stated on cvs website in coupon policy, print out policy and show them or ask for manager. Hope this helps good luck

  5. Its before the coupon. I had the same bad experiance last week in one store which i rarely shopped but all my previous trips were great. They only wanted to put it after everyhing and point. I went to another store and it wasnt any problems. When you are sending to the card its get to be applied aftomatically not regarding on there wishes

  6. If you received the % one is better to use on the item without extra bucks. I got 40% and use it on the expensive blood pressure monitor which was 99.99. I also had $3/15. So the math is $99.99 minus $3.00 minus 40%$38.00 and you pa $59.00 and getting back $20.00 . $39.00 for omron series 10 wareless blood pressure monitor is awesome price. The extra bucks are this week too

  7. 30% off email

  8. 10 off 60

  9. 20% off


  10. I never get an email for percent off purchase.
    How do you get this?

    • Register your Extracare card at and opt into emails in your account preferences section.

  11. Jennifer H. says

    5 off 25

  12. $5 off $25