Changes Coming Soon – Give Us Your Feedback!


We’re going to be making some changes to the web site over the coming days, but I want to give you a chance to give us your two cents before we finalize anything. I started this site back in 2011 and through the years things have changed quite a bit. In some respects, we haven’t always kept up with the times. The site started during the heyday of the coupon craze and both printable coupons and hot deals using them were plentiful. Over time that has changed as couponing has become more digital with coupons you can clip to your store loyalty cards and the growth of rebate apps like Ibotta and Checkout51.

Unfortunately, the digital coupons pay us nothing and the apps just give us a small bounty when we refer someone new to sign up. Printable coupon revenue has declined over the past few years as manufacturer’s have shifted towards the digital coupons and rebate apps. Those industry changes have necessitated a transition for us…one which we had been dragging our feet to make.

And then about five weeks ago, things got a bit scary for us. One of the companies that pays us a large share of our revenue became insolvent. Unfortunately, because of industry standards on payment times, we didn’t know they couldn’t pay until they owed us nearly three months of revenue (and this company accounted for 30% of our monthly earnings.) We were blindsided by this.

And that’s why you saw a TON of Amazon deals during this year’s holiday season. We were literally up against the wall and had to close the gap in revenue…quickly. However, during that forced change, we found out that many of you actually dig the retail deals. I’m sure that’s not true for all of you, but the Amazon stuff we posted was actually more popular and generated more revenue than the coupons we posted over the past 30 days. We still have a cash-flow issue, but it looks like we’re going to be okay.

So…with that in mind…I have a few things that are on our to-do list for changes to the web site, but I’m looking to gather a little more feedback and continue to weigh pros/cons before implementing them. Here’s some of what I have been thinking…

  1. Make the online shopping deals a permanent, ongoing part of the site’s programming. This is a no-brainer. It’s what saved us when we were blindsided by the non-paying company and it highlighted the fact that we need to diversify our earnings more. In fact, I think we need to post even more NON-Amazon deals so that the mix of online shopping stuff is diversified too.
  2. Create a link on the page to something like a “Classic Couponaholic” category of posts that excludes the online shopping. That way those of you that don’t do much online shopping will have a link you can add to your favorites/bookmark and just get the freebies, new coupon links and in-store deals like we’ve always posted.
  3. Start adding new content about other ways to save. Whether it’s how to get cheaper airline tickets (and I’m a pro at that), how to beat Spirit and Frontier Airlines at their BS baggage fees (and I’m a pro at that too), personal finance and more, I think we can do research and save you money at places other than the checkout line at the grocery or drugstore.
  4. Bring back contests with prizes. We used to give out a lot of gift cards, but somewhere along the line the contests were cut out due to administrative headache or cost. I don’t even remember why we did it.
  5. Probably kill off some of the posts of the smaller store chains. Those were always revenue losers for us, but as the printable coupon revenue has declined, they have become even bigger losers. My thought is that we will still keep the coverage of national stores, plus Publix and Kroger…maybe more. I know that’s going to irritate some of you, but we’re not running a charity here even though the site is free 😉
  6. Look for a new template for the web site which is more mobile friendly (while still desktop-friendly too.) We’ve had the same layout for the site for about five years, which means we are about three years overdue for an upgrade. I think it’s time for us to move out of 2012/2013 and into 2017/2018.

So…with that…the floor is open. Feel free to tell us what you think and what type of content you would like to see going forward. I look forward to reading your comments.

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  1. sam gornowicz says

    please dont cut out shoprite

    • It’s up on the air right now, but I know a few good ShopRite bloggers that are worth watching. For any stores we do cut, I’m going to recommend sites that are worth following too so you can still get all your deals for those stores. ShopRite is probably one of the borderline stores that might stay or might go, so thanks for your feedback 🙂

  2. I read other sites that stated the same problem with Amazon. I personally do not like Amazon ads, but you have to do what you have to do. Now all they post is Amazon products I do not patronize those sites anymore.

    I like the CVS, and Walgreens for beginners and the what’s free section. I hate digital coupons. CVS digitals say it loads, but not on my card.

    My favorite coupon is Gain $2.00. P & G in my area ask that you print Gain coupons online my computer does not like that site and won’t print them. I wrote P&G and they just said. ” this is the way it is going to be.”

    I like the newspaper coupon and printables, I print most of my coupons from your site.

    Overall I like alot of your info on your site. Your site is the first site I look at when I start preparing for a coupon run.

    I watched a video of you Steve awhile back and thought you were such a patient, kind person. The video was the one were your cat broke a nail polish bottle.

    I am not a Facebook fan. It seems most people just go on Facebook to brag and make remarks that they would not normally say to you face.



    • Thank you for the kind words and great feedback. I assure you that the “What’s FREE (or almost free)” lists and drugstore “Scenario for Beginners” posts will definitely still be on the site after we make changes. In fact, since Monica has decided to retire, Wayland has stepped up and offered to do them most of the time. I’m pretty grateful for that, because that means that I will have an (almost) free day on most Saturdays 🙂

  3. Love the, what’s free or almost free and other CVS deals. Love Publix deals. What I miss the most is seeing everyone’s shopping trip posts. Merry Christmas! Love you guys!

    • Glad you like the “FREE (or almost free)” posts. Those are definitely staying. Publix deals are here to stay too. I wish we had more shopping trip posts too. Obviously, living abroad I can’t do them. However, I think one day I will take some pics or a video from the grocery store here. The “international” foods from the USA are expensive. I brought a few jars of peanut butter with me when I came here in October, but they are gone now. Just last week I paid like $6 or $7 for a 15 oz jar of Jif. I almost cried, but I wanted a PB&J sandwich so bad and the local peanut butters aren’t that good.

  4. Hi Steve, I agree with what Florinda said, I have stopped following one site that mostly do Amazon deals. But i did buy cuisinart griddler after you mentioned the deal in couponholic. I really appreciate your hardwork and agree with all the points you mentioned in the post.
    In the end, you have to do what is best for you and the site and i really liked your idea for classic couponaholic site with no online deals. I wish you and your team Merry Christmas and a very happy new year and i cant wait to see the updated couponaholic site.

    • Thanks for the comments. I will definitely have a link you can add to your favorites/bookmarks that will allow you to exclude the online shopping. That Cuisinart Griddler deal was kind of crazy. I hope you enjoy the product. Trust me, I wish it was economical to do a site solely about coupons, but the dollars just aren’t there, plus as we learned last month it is very dangerous to have too many eggs in the same basket. Without the Amazon stuff the past month, that company failing to make their payments could’ve been a knockout blow for us. I don’t want to ever be so close to the abyss again 😉

  5. I love your site and I understand that changes have to come. I do some of each, in store shopping and online so I’m looking forward to your changes. I especially love the Beginner CVS/Walgreens matchups along with the regular Free/Cheap matchups. My grand daughters love the things that I get for them for cheap/free. Both are young adults with a child and making ends meet is tough these day. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you guys do for us every single week! Merry Christmas and my God bless you all!

    • Merry Christmas and thanks for the the feedback! We’ll definitely be keeping those Saturday night drugstore posts 🙂

  6. Barbara Saltzman says

    I like your match up posts for CVS and Walgreens, and Target. I also like your other tidbits along the way. I like your current site.

  7. Hi, Steve! I would LOVE the airline deals and tips…ever since my baby granddaughter was born, I’ve been flying a lot more. My New Year’s resolution is to learn how to maximize my credit card rewards points for travel.

    • Great! I have lots of great tips if you live near an airport where Spirit airlines flies. Flying Spirit is like playing the “coupon game.” There are ways to fly really cheap if you plan well using their frequent flier program and know how to navigate their baggage policy.

  8. I appreciate the printable coupons because Price Chopper will not double the value of a coupon that is downloaded on my rewards card. I also love the Amazon deals that you’ve posted. Other retailers would be a plus. Thank you for all of your efforts!

  9. I am a senior lady with heart problems. I like to order on line from Dollar General when I need dog food, toilet paper, etc.

    Would it be possible to have coupons for stores like this to use online?

    Thank you so much for your work; it has helped me to live fairly well on a fixed income.

    • Sometimes they run deals. In fact, if you see this before the end of the day on Christmas, head to Dollar General’s web site and use the code CHRISTMAS2017 to save 20% off your order (12/25/17 until 11:59 pm Pacific time only) if you need anything right now.

  10. Christopher says

    I loved the Amazon deals and I bought a couple items because of your posts. Its a great resource.
    Your posts and the information you provide for stores like CVS have become so valuable to my coupon pursuit.

    I look forward to seeing the changes and would like to say thank you for all the hard work you and your staff provide.

  11. Ms Penny Pincher says

    Hi Steve,

    First of all, sorry to hear about the financial hit you had to take. Nobody likes doing all the work and ending up with a big ol’ goose egg.

    As far as suggestions for the site, I want to cast my vote for keeping the site desktop friendly. I realize most folks are mobile-only these days but some of us can’t afford a smartphone, which is why we subscribe to couponaholic! I am always interested in great grocery deals but appreciate insight into other deals as well. Clothing and household items can wreck a budget if you don’t know where to find the best deals. Personally, I am doing more and more online shopping these days so would love to see more of these deals. I agree with Florinda that sending digital coupons to a loyalty card (especially at CVS) can be very hit or miss. Not sure what to do about that one.

    Well that’s my two cents. Thanks for asking and keep up the good work. You and your staff are greatly appreciated. I can’t imagine how we would get by without you.

  12. With the online deals you are filling the gap after fatwallet closed down.

    With airline deals, be careful. That clientele more seen as on is very advanced in terms of how those deals work. Based on the comments I see here over a $2.00 coupon, you may not want the headache of folks complaining f a $500 error fare that gets cancelled after the family books prepaid hotels.

    As for personal finance, im intrigued. Will you get into manufactured spend, or credit card bonus offers?

    • As for airline deals…I’m not really looking for things like “hacked fares” that are mistakes, but rather posting the silly sales that are advertised, making a video about the special bag I use for my personal item on Spirit and Frontier so I don’t have to pay for a checked bag or carry-on most of the time, and how to game the frequent flyer programs (especially Spirit.) I just booked a round-trip ticket to the USA from Bogota, Colombia for 10,000 miles + about $100 in taxes/fees.

      Personal finance could be a little bit about credit card bonus offers, but I will also have some articles about how to fix your credit the right way and without paying an outside lawyer or service (which I did so I could buy my house a few years ago.) I might have some other stuff too related to 401(k) plans, etc. I haven’t really thought it all the way through yet.

  13. You are still the first I go to…love the deals, the scenarios, the info. you provide on printed coupons (so that I can go to my file and find one, since I don’t cut all of them anymore). I find that my computer will not print a bunch of digital coupons…like Red Plum and so that really wastes my time.
    I don’t think that free gift cards is worth the time…that is not what we are all looking for…we are looking for the best price on items we need/like to purchase. I find that I would more go to Amazon than some of the other sites that compile discount information….some of those items are of poor quality, and it is really a hassle to return items.
    I seem to have slowed down on couponing recently…maybe because of travel and health issues, and I am actually liking the fact that I am less stressed. I don’t need to get all the deals! That said, I lose out on a lot because i don’t purchase extra newspapers or coupons…I can never use your use 3/4 coupons scenarios.
    Best to you as you continue to change with the times, and hope you are able to keep doing what you do so well.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Dee. Glad you like the site. FYI – I could not get SmartSource coupons to print right towards the end of my time in Florida. But I thought…as long as it isn’t, I’ll survive! 😉

  14. I don’t shop online. Noticed overflow with amazon posts and almost stopped looking for several days, too enjoying to scroll trying to find free/cheap posts. Definitely would love to use link for classic couponaholic site. Not interested in “other savings, tickets, finance,etc (sorry just trying to get some free cheap stuff for my family). Wal-Mart, target, CVS, Walgreen are only stores here.

    • Hi Natalia. Hang in there. We should see less of the Amazon deals now that the holidays are passed and I will get you a “classic Couponaholic” type link once we get some changes made over the next week or so. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  15. I stumbled on your site a year or so ago. I love the CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid free this week posts. I rarely go to Publix any more since they quit doubling here in upstate SC. I don’t do Amazon or other online shopping often. So would love to have a “classic” link. My long time deals site, Refund Cents, shut down about a month or two ago also due to costs of the website going sky high though she did charge $12 per year. Although you don’t do some smaller stores, it would be cool if a “customer” could post such as in my area, we have BiLo that often has good deals. I do the digital coupons at CVS and Walgreens. CVS–it’s a wild card as to whether the digital coupon will work or not, Wag–usually the digital coupon does work. I also do Ibotta but working full time, don ‘t have time to do any of the other sites like Checkout 51 or others.

    • Getting lots of feedback supporting the “Classic” link. We’ll definitely do that. I will try to think of a way for users to share deals. As for the apps…Ibotta is the big one. There are good deals with Checkout51 and SavingStar sometimes, but Ibotta is definitely the must-have one.

  16. I was wondering why there were so many post about Amazon! Not gonna lie I was slightly annoyed since I hardly buy anything on Amazon. Now I know why, I feel bad….sorry. I love your site and hope what ever is to come will work for both you and all the people who also love your site. I love the shopping trips and getting the deals early so I can print out the coupons before they are gone. I wish you the best going forward………

    • We’ll do our best to strike a balance and also help you weed out the online shopping stuff. Don’t feel bad; sometimes life (and business) throws a curveball. Luckily, we’re going to make it through it…barely.

  17. I think it’s a great idea to add other ways to save to your site. If you’re not interested in that particular info, you can just skip over it.

    One thing I would like you to be sure to do is when there is a post about a certain deal, please note the store that it applies to in the initial comment line.
    There are times when I click on the deal to learn more about it, only to find that it’s at a store that is not in my area. If I see “Crest Toothpaste 50 cents at CVS, or $1.00 Tide at Walgreens” then I know up front what store has this deal available.

    Thank you for all you do. I love your website.

    • Maybe there’s a rare mistake, but I think we (at least almost) always include the store that has the deal in the “title” of the post. Usually (but not always) they are the first words in the title, like “Target: Great Deals on Finish Dishwasher Detergent and Kleenex Tissues (starting 12/26!)” There are some exceptions. For example, if it is an Amazon deal and the title is already very long, we might leave out “Amazon” since they’re available everywhere in the USA. Occasionally the store name may come a little later in the title like this one from 12/25: “WOW! MONEYMAKER Purex Laundry Detergent at CVS starting 12/31!” However, I will keep your suggestion in mind. I agree with you that the “where” in the title is very important, especially when we’re posting about regional grocery stores.

  18. I would first like to preface this with saying, I have followed your site for quite a few years but have never posted any comments. After reading the above post, I just had to comment on one of your statements.
    This is my feedback:
    I am not sure if you realized the way the statement under #5 is phrased, or maybe you do and do not care.
    This is the statement I am referencing: ” I know that’s going to irritate some of you, but we’re not running a charity here even though the site is free.”

    I find it extremely rude to make such a statement to the people who access your site, and the people who have loyally followed your site and generated the income that you have made !!!
    It makes it sound like you are so ungrateful for the folks who have created revenue for you over the years, with printing coupons from you links and it’s “Too bad, so sad” if you don’t like the changes that we are making. Granted, that income is not a given but you should be more appreciative to those who have followed you and made you money.
    I’m sure the folks who run, KCL, IheartWags, TotallyTarget, etc. are grateful to the folks who follow them and have no problem generating income from just posting deals and printable coupons.
    To make a blanket statement like “we’re not running a charity” makes it sound like you expect people to do whatever is necessary to generate your income. Well here’s an idea – get a regular job like most of the folks who follow this site and supplement your income that way.
    I’m sure you will lose a lot of followers, with not only the changes you are planning but with the sarcasm that shows towards the loyal people that follow the site.
    As I said, this is just my feedback.

    • I can see why you took issue with Steve’s phrasing, but if he didn’t care about the opinions of people who frequent the site, he wouldn’t have written a post asking for feedback on proposed changes. It’s so time-consuming to cover deals from multiple retailers that he wouldn’t be able to get a “regular job” and also maintain this site.

    • I think you’re the one who is ungrateful to Steve and his staff, they have been a great help to all of us..their followers and I am certain that he won’t loose any of them, including me..I am and will be loyal to them.

    • Thanks for posting your feedback. I’m sorry you didn’t like my joke…and it was definitely a joke, as evidenced by the winky emoticon at the end. Sorry if I offended you.

      Likewise, I found this statement of yours to be quite insensitive since you lack the knowledge of how this site/business works: “Well here’s an idea – get a regular job like most of the folks who follow this site and supplement your income that way.”

      Since Monica left working for our site full-time a few years ago, I had to migrate to a schedule of ONE DAY OFF per month. The ONLY exception to this in all of 2017 was this month, when I took both the 23rd and 24th off. Other days start at 6-8 am and end when the last post is scheduled or newsletter is written, which is sometime between 5-10 pm daily. There is no time for another job. In fact, I considered shutting down the site completely at a few points because I could work less elsewhere and make more money, but I decided to rough it because we have a team that depends on this site for all or part of their livelihoods.

      I’m committed to making this thing work. That’s why we’re making changes and that’s why I sought the input of our readers. As I stated before, if that statement in #5 offended you, I am sorry.

  19. Love your site. You show us so many ways to save money. Not a big online buyer, but would be game. Pls keep your basic site, rite aid cvs, Walgreens and grocery stores. I feel most people use these stores the most. I print most of my coupons, normally from your site. Not a big fan of digital. Out of site, out of mind. Thanks for everything you do.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Definitely seeing a pattern in the comments and we will definitely be keeping those features you like 🙂

  20. Steve, I’ve slowed way down with couponing this past year. I didn’t know you were living over seas but it all makes sense now because I loved your Publix, CVS and Walgreens shopping trip posts and I hadn’t been seeing them. ? I understand the need for change and I look forward to the future of Couponaholic. Take care. Andrea

    • Thanks Andrea! Hopefully you come back for a couponing binge when your stash starts to dwindle. When that happens, we’ll be here! Thanks for the comment!

  21. I love the new amazon deals & would love to see more of them for target/ Walmart. I’m a huge online shopper and honestly use very few coupons in stores for grocery items since we only eat organic, unprocessed foods. Airline savings ?

    • Cool…glad you like some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about adding. And good for you about staying away from eating all the garbage. Hopefully you’ve found a good strategy to save on them. (Obviously, even the healthy stuff goes on sale although things start out at higher prices.)

  22. Thank you for explaining all the Amazon promos. I do not shop on Amazon & therefore found it extremely annoying having to go thru ALL the Amazon choices-it was disproportionate. I go on your site to seed the sales & the coupons that match them-which up till the last number of weeks was great. I guess, us your readers will have to weigh if what your site becames, is what we need.If you can manage to mantain the old way & the Amazon where we can bypass the Amazon that would be acceptable.

    • Hey Burt. I agree that it was pretty disproportionate and I expect that there will be a little less Amazon now that the holidays have passed. Even so, I’ll make sure you guys get that option to bypass the online shopping stuff soon.

  23. Jean Gardner says

    I have been using this site almost exclusively for several years now…….I often don’t have a lot of time to play around and just want the bottom line so for me;…. I go to the Free and Cheap for CVS and Walgreens every Sat night…………don’t have to look all over ….. there it is…… I really like it.

    I cannot afford a smartphone and so I cannot do the ibotta and other rebates…… wish I could…..

    I sent Steve a question that I was having about printing coupons and he never answered ….. I was very disappointed. I consider you folks “the experts” and was hoping for some help. So, I went to the coupon beginners and the page no longer exists……..I would appreciate articles on “how to”……can you do Ibotta on a tablet ?

    Love you site…….. Amazon … not so much…..

    • Hey Jean. Sorry for not responding to your message. I didn’t see it and it may have gotten filed junk/spam accidentally without me seeing it. I’ll look for it and get back to you in the next day or two. In the future, the best way to get feedback from us is to comment on a post. There are a few of us that look at comments and we definitely see them all because someone has to make a decision to accept/reject the comment.

      I am not sure what happened to the beginners post. I’ll take a look at that. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

    • I don’t know what your original questions were.

      You never needed a smartphone to get Checkout51 and SavingStar rebates, but you do need a way to take a picture of the receipt and upload it to your computer for your SavingStar and Checkout51 account submissions, and if a Checkout51 rebate requires barcode verification, you need a mobile device that can read barcodes (not all of them can). Moreover, if you are shopping at CVS, you can link your Extracare card number to your SavingStar and Checkout51 account and won’t even need to upload receipts. If you buy an item at CVS for an offer you’ve activated, you will get the rebate automatically.

      I bought an an iPad Mini in June 2013 for $199 so I could get ibotta rebates. Since I have made almost $2,100 in ibotta rebates (many were huge moneymakers only possible with ibotta), I consider it a good investment, especially since I use it for more than cashback apps. I was still using the iPad Mini for ibotta until October of this year when changes to ibotta to accommodate the new iPhone 8 and X caused the iPad Mini to glitch and no longer be able to take photos using the in-app camera. From comments I read online, some ibotta users are no longer able to use the app if they have iPhones older than iPhone 5 or have other i-devices that are too old to be updated with a minimum iOS 9.0 operating system.

      I only had a flip phone until last year when I bought a cheap Android smartphone. However, my Android smartphone was never compatible with ibotta because it didn’t have an auto-focus camera. I finally bit the bullet this year and bought an iPhone SE for $159 (the iPhone SE is a hybrid of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6). I got a Tracfone prepaid version of so I can run it for $125 per year ($10 per month) with an annual card. This works for me because I mainly make personal and work calls using my landline. If I used a cell phone to make most of my calls, I would switch to the best contract phone deal I could find that offered unlimited calling. Since I only need a cell phone for emergency calls or for quick calls when I am on the road, the 25 hours calling time per year with the annual card is more than enough for me. Since I have a WiFi home network with U-Verse, I could actually use the iPhone for cashback apps without even buying an annual calling plan. I could also use the iPhone SE to upload receipts anywhere I could get free WiFi (Publix, Walmart, Target, etc.) even if I didn’t buy a calling plan.

      That is a roundabout way of noting that you have to check each app for system requirements to see if a specific device is compatible with that app. ibotta absolutely requires a mobile device with minimal system requirements. Some tablets and smartphones will be compatible while others will not. The requirements for SavingStar and Checkout51 are less stringent, but you need to be able to take photos of the receipt unless you are purchasing items from a retailer with a linked loyalty card (like CVS). You can check SavingStar and Checkout51 to see which retailers you can link for automatic rebates.

      If you already have a tablet and WiFi, try to download the apps you want to the tablet. If you can’t download the apps but are able to take pictures of a receipt and send the pictures to your email account, then you can get the rebates for SavingStar and most of the rebates for Checkout51 (the ones that do not require barcode verification). Take the pictures of the receipt, email them to yourself, download and save them to your computer, then upload the receipt photos in sections in your Checkout51 or SavingStar online account to redeem a rebate. For SavingStar, you will also need to manually enter the product UPC codes.

      If you have WiFi in your house or place or business or can get to a free WiFi establishment (Publix, Walmart, Target, Wendy’s, Starbucks, etc.) conveniently, then you could look into getting a used or refurbished mobile device that will run on WiFi alone and thereby get all the rebates. You just have to check each app first to make sure the device you are considering buying meets the minimal system requirements.

      • Jean Gardner says

        Wow……….Steve…… this is the kind of “how to” that is so great and important to some folks…..(like me)……. I am older …..actually very old…ha. ha….. and have so far had so much fun with coupons and deals provided by your site. I give away most of the items I buy…… I just like to get a deal….Kohls deals are awesome…… gave away many kitchen appliances. but I have always wanted to do Ibotta, Saving Star and Checkout51……. not sure I understand all of what Maureen has said but hope to get someone to help explain it to me. Thanks so much……and my question to you is……I could always print 2 coupons from each of my computers but now it says Limit Reached after I have printed 2 on one computer…. can’t do it on any other computers.
        ………bummer…wondering if I am doing something wrong…….

        • Within the last year, updated the way they control the number of prints you can receive. The old way, they only looked at the unique ID for the computer and the Internet IP, so you could get two prints from each computer. However, people figured out how to game the system to get more than two prints per computer by using a virtual machine software program that tricked’s software into thinking one computer was actually thousands of computers.

          To thwart those virtual machine software programs and the people using them, switched to a system where you have to verify each computer using a phone number, and the phone needs to be able to receive a verification code by text message.

          So if you only have one phone, you will only be able to verify one computer and therefore only be able to print from one computer. To print from a second or third computer, you need to verify it or them using a unique phone number for each computer. Each computer has to be verified separately using a different phone number. If you have a second computer and a second phone, use the second phone to verify the second computer, and only then will you be able to get two prints from the second computer.

          • Jean Gardner says

            thanks Maureen…… are “good”……….. have you put this information out on your website for all to see…. I can’t be the only one that is wondering what happened.

            I still think a “how to” section would be great……..

          • This is Steve’s website. I make the odd contribution with a shopping trip or deal post, and I take my turn approving and responding to comments. Since Steve is going to be overhauling the site, he’ll decide what to include. I believe he’s thinking of writing some how-to posts and coupon policy guides for whatever retailers he’ll focus on going forward.

  24. I agree with Sophie, the comment was unnecessary. Honestly all that was needed was a post requesting feedback on possible changes to site everything else was gratuitous. That being said I will be as blunt as you were. The day you stop posting Walgreens / CVS deals is the day I stop coming to your site. You’re not running a charity and no offense but I don’t come here to support one. I come here to save money on things I need; like those wonderful drugstore deals you post. I do miss the “Shop Your Way” deals but assumed you had your reasons for not posting any. Hope this feedback helped.

    • Sorry if you were offended. As for your comments, I love your bluntness. Trust me, the day we quit posting CVS and Walgreens is probably the day that the site shuts down (if ever.) There are a few reasons why you don’t see much Kmart stuff on the site now. Wayland is our Kmart expert and is the only one that lives near a Kmart. Despite being in his 30s, he had a series of health problems in the past year that required a surgery and a long recovery. And when you’re in pain (like Wayland was), Kmart cutting commission rates doesn’t motivate you to crawl out of bed and post deals.

      That said, Wayland has been doing great the past few months and has started shopping again too. Perhaps he’ll get back into Kmart (if they haven’t closed his store too!) Thanks for the feedback!

  25. Dana Gitzlaff says

    Let me start by saying that you should make whatever changes you feel are necessary. You have to do what you have to do to stay in the black. I appreciate any help I can get with preplanning and I will always check your site first for CVS/Target/Amazon deals. I love seeing the pics of your personal trips to CVS along with the breakdowns.

    Keep up the good work. Happy New Year to you all.

  26. I am a bit confused. Will you be keeping the printable coupons? I use this site primarily for your awesome deals with coupons. Thank you for doing all you do! 🙂

    • Hi Elaine! Most of the changes we are contemplating are additions with just a few subtractions. We’ll still be continuing to post almost all the same stuff. We may discontinue some coverage of some of the less popular grocery store chains on the web site, but everything else will still be here, including your printable coupons 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

  27. Hey Steve! I am glad to see that you are making changes to increase the online aspect of deals. Way to go. Just fair warning – after three years of working with Amazon, they’ve cut me three times. And threatened to hold pay for three months as well. I only tell you this because it happens often among the bloggers, but isn’t talked about. If you move forward with online deals – don’t put all your eggs in the Amazon basket – it will bite you!

    • Hi Danielle – I just sent you an email because there are some things I wanted to share that don’t belong in the blog comments. Thanks for your feedback.

  28. My favorites are the CVS and Walgreens”What is Free” and regularly the Publix. I never use the scenarios because they never match my area. I love to see what others bought. I need the coupon links. I use Ibotta and Checkout 51. Savingstar only loads to my phone sometimes. Thanks for saving me money.

  29. I am sorry you ran into trouble and I am glad you found a way to stay afloat.
    I understand changes have to be made.
    Like other commenters said, I too have stopped following other sites because the true couponing posts got taken over by deal posts.
    I already noticed it here, before you posted this and to be honest, it irritated me but I figured it was just for the holidays. I don’t mind seeing them (hey, might even see something I need/use) but do for airfare, financial, etc. it’ll just become too much.
    So yes, I think there should definitely be a “couponaholic classic” . Also please be careful with changing to more mobile friendly. I have also stopped following other sites that changed because it made their desktop/browser version horrible.
    Good luck with all the changes. Fingers crossed it will all work out well and we can continue to enjoy couponaholic like we used to

    • Thanks for the feedback. If/when we make a change to the web site template and you notice problems finding the information you need, do not hesitate to post a comment so we can try to address it. I hope you had a great Christmas and/or holidays.

  30. Love following this blog but would LOVE the idea of a “classic coupon” type of section – that’s a great move on your part if you implement it. Sometimes I’m looking for online shopping deals during birthdays, holidays, etc but not always – perfect compromise. Overall I love your site – thanks for putting in such hard work and good luck! Change is good 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback! We’re going to do our best to accommodate our hardcore couponers that aren’t looking for all that other stuff 🙂

  31. Michele McCullough says

    Sounds like you have it all figured out! I’m not a huge online shopper but I do some. I’m sad about not being able to stack a lot anymore, especially with Checkout 51 changing, bit I will certainly follow the classic, especially CVS. Wishing you all the luck! This is my favorite newsletter!

    • Yes, I’m bummed about not being able to use coupons with most of the Checkout51 offers now, but at least there are some. ibotta is still the best one for me with SavingStar coming in second.

  32. I just want to commend your honesty and straightforward approach to this change. I personally loved your site because of the lack of focus on online deals, that most of the other sites have gone to. Thanks for trusting us with your candid and informative post.

    • Thanks for the feedback Judy. The “Classic Couponaholic” category would probably be what I would want as a user too, because I’ve never been much of an online shopper. I’m kind of a minimalist, so it never really appealed to me. I hope that we can strike the right balance and preserve the Couponaholic many of you have followed for years through the “Classic” category. I need to create it and recategorize the most recent week’s posts so there’s something there to start, but I’ll try to have it done in the next few days. I really wish the “math” supported sticking with mainly coupon deals like we’ve done in the past, but I will try to avoid changing things in a way that will discourage/upset folks who have been with us through the years. If you don’t like a change we make or if you’re having trouble finding the info you need without looking at too much clutter, please comment and let us know.

  33. We have a family of 8. Anything dealing with personal hygiene, food and every day needs have to be a low low price for our budget.

    I love this site. It makes my shopping for deals so easy! I went through tons of couponing sites before I found this one and by far this one has been on top! There were a couple of other sites that were good but changed the way they did things and now are terrible and hard to find anything real in them.

    I hope you do not change the way you do things too much. Having amazon deals is great but I need day to day deals as well for my local stores. Our family uses mostly cash for everything that is bought.

    Thanks for the many years of your hard work. Our family definitely appreciates it.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Amanda. Watch for an announcement in the next few days about a new “Category” page that you can bookmark/add to your favorites so you can bypass the new programming if you don’t like/need it. I’m glad you like our site!

  34. Please dont get rid of your online kohl’s deals. I cant tell you how many free appliances I have gotten over the years by stacking ebates, Kohls cash, and rebates. It is worth the wait to get the rebates. I have given gifts of waffle makers, blenders, mixers, panini makers, egg cookers, and quesadilla makers for FREE after rebates. These are my favorite deals!

    I would like to see even more Kohl’s deals. Like many stores, it is often the most expensive stores that have great deals with sales/ coupon stacking. I look on your site daily for the Kohl’s deals. I would also like to see the Victoria Secret deals in the future. There is a huge following on facebook for deals and glitches, but some of the people are impossible to deal with- its the only site I have ever been banned from and I still dont have any answer as to why.

    The Amazon toothbrush deal was great. I got one and so did my daughter. Sorry about the financial strain you were under during the Christmas holiday–especially since you kept up with deals making sure we could all score awesome gifts. You have to do whatever you have to do to stay afloat. Just like any site, people can click the deals that want and skip the ones they dont. Its that simple. i think a lot of people are interested in the Amazon deals. Thanks for sticking in there. And thank you all for the countless hours and effort you spend to get us great deals!

    • Kohl’s deals are great. I definitely need to post more, but if they’re giving away free kitchen appliances after rebates I always post about it 😉 Thanks for the great feedback!

  35. I love this site! I’ve been following since the beginning. I wanted a site like this for many years i prayed long an hard for years about this. Finally i understood why i wanted it (because im secretively competitive thinking i found a better deal than that) but not wanting the headache an may i say headache of running a site causes. I’ve never done it but researched enuf to know not my thing and i started to love ya’ll even more. So please tell your payroll its time for a raise you truly deserve it in my opinion. I’ve been an Extreme Couponer most of my life grow up doing it. I am a debt financial counselor i have a non profit i help people get out of debt an give them items to get them through to help them get out of debt faster. So i own what i call a couple of grocery stores. I moved out of state an im starting it up here. But let me tell you how many people this site has blessed how many of thousands of people this site feed hungry, homeless, laidoff, lost job, single mom, single dad, seniors, vetrans, teen moms, runaways, aliens, widows, domestic violence victims, drug addicts, etc… The book i follow says feed the hungry cloth the naked shelter the homeless without judgement. I’ve tried my hardest to do this an have for years but i only got most of it because ya’ll do a great job at what you do, list already made for me what insert to find it in etc. I think of ya’ll as my personal assistants. If i guessed i would say half of what ive given is because of ya’ll because of time consuming this is. I try to stay incognito i don’t need praise but please know this site is seen from above and your hard work will not go unnoticed. Because i really dont think none of you thought this site was being used for what it is incognito. I felt a strong nudge to post this somewhere someone needed this. I am not a writer im an accountant sorry if it was a crazy read but it was from my heart. FYI the thing you encountered about keeping all your eggs in one basket it was not fluke think of it as appointed. You wont hurt my feelings if you dont post this its for the staff really and its not a comeback to hateful words its a post of encouragement. Keep on keeping on Couponaholic its all going to work out for good! I would like to maybe give a tip or 2 once a month once a week whenever something nudges me. But i dont want to post on here i would like you to look at it an re write an post yourself if you even want my tips. I love the new amazon i bought tons of them i also copy an paste the url to people with needs an they bought items too. The new added finance tips i will love an air fare Hallelujah i hate that job i spend to much time on that. Its going to be a great 2018 Couponaholic i know it! Keep on keeping on!!! God Bless ya’ll, Beth

    • What a wonderful set of comments, Beth. You really brightened my day. I do feel like this “warning shot” about having too many eggs in one basket will help us in the long run. I am glad you love the site and thank you for passing on our links when you want to share a great deal with a friend. Many blessings to you and yours in 2018 🙂

  36. Steve,

    I love all that you offer on your site. I know, that you do it mostly, because it generates income and revenve is everything to you. So, I trust that you know what you are doing and you will continue to do what you do best…for yourself and others. My favorites are CVS, WALGREENS and TARGET. I save a ton of money at these stores. I know some love Amazon, but I have heard a lot of bad things about them and their “third party” sellers. I am the type that loves the “brick and mortar” stores. I find things at “brick and mortar” stores that I wasn’t looking for, but items I could use and they were awesome money savers. I don’t have to drive far and can shop at any store including Walmart, which I spend less there nowadays. I did shop on-line last night at BED, BATH and BEYOND spending a gift card I got for Christmas and it was convenient. I didn’t have to get out in the cold and my order was free shipping. I think it’s really important for everyone to understand that on-line and brick and mortar have their place for shopping. I know you have taught me that free is better than spending even one cent. There are other sites like yours I follow and I like them, also and you give them credit, when they help you on awesome deals and I like that. Keep up the great advise and deals you give us.

    • Thanks for the great feedback Donna. We will continue to feature your favorite stores you listed as normal. Also, once we get this “Classic Couponaholic” site up that will help you avoid having to look at so much online shopping. I’m glad you like the site 🙂