Lithium-Ion Battery Class Action Settlement – Dig out those receipts for electronics!


Here’s a pretty interesting class action settlement. If you bought at least one laptop, mobile phone, tablet, camera, cordless power tool or camcorder between 1/1/00 and 3/31/11, you may be entitled to a cash settlement. You have until 11/29/17 to make your claim.

Lithium-Ion Battery Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – After clicking our link, click the orange “Get This Free Sample” link on the next page. You may or may not get a popup window. If you get the popup, just exit out of it and you should be forwarded to the Lithium-Ion Battery Class Action Settlement offer.

A note about class action lawsuit settlements: Keep in mind that these often take months or years to pay out; however, they are worth the time. You will probably even forget that you requested your check by the time it arrives, so it may end up being a very pleasant surprise some day in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Steve,
    Can I ask what benefit you obtain from posting the class action lawsuits?
    I’m just curious, because I keep seeing them being re-posted all the time.

    • Steve Pinski says

      a few reasons… 1) they help fill in the space when I need to leave for a while and don’t have enough stuff pre-written, and 2) five cents per click if they link out to mysavings. If it’s a class action link that doesn’t go there, then it’s just me filling space with something that I hope is useful while I go do something more fun than sitting at the computer ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I have a rotation of about 100-150 posts that I use at least once per month while an offer is valid. Class actions, free samples, freebies from restaurants, etc. It allows me to finish scheduling the whole day around 3-4 pm most days and then I just keep an eye out for new coupons and return if I must…like last night for the new BOGO Breyers coupon.

      • Thanks Steve…..that is wonderful information to know. I knew that you make some of your income from the link outs for the ‘mysavings’, but didn’t think the Class action stuff would provide you any monetary benefit. Other than maybe draw more folks to YOUR AWESOME site ๐Ÿ™‚

        I don’t blame you, for not wanting to sit around the computer all day. Sometimes, there’s more to life than money, right !!!

        Now I can feel good, knowing that I have made you **RICH**, $.05 cents at a time (LOL) with all my clicking for coupons.

        Have a FANTABULOUS DAY !!!

        • Steve Pinski says

          Hahhaah it all adds up. The $0.05 ones don’t contribute much to our bottom line. It’s the really good ones that do. Too bad we don’t get many coupons like that Breyers one these days ๐Ÿ™