Kohl’s: As low as $1.47 Pyrex 24-piece Storage and Corningware 11-piece Dinnerware (reg. $60-$70!)


Here’s another hot deal! Kohl’s has the 24-piece Pyrex Storage Sets and 11-piece Corningware Serveware Sets on sale for $29.99 (reg. $60-$70.) We have lots of great overlapping offers. In fact, I have a scenario that will get your final price down to as low as $6.47 each after sale, promo code, mail-in rebate, cashback from Ebates and Kohl’s Cash earned.

In fact, if you’re new to Ebates, you can earn a $10 bonus too and your final price will be as low as $1.47 each! If you want to skip the cashback altogether, you can go straight to Kohl’s web site and pick out your items with the links below.

Pyrex 24-piece Storage Set w/Lids – on sale $29.99 (reg. $60)
Corningware 11-Piece French White Serveware – on sale $29.99 (reg. $70)

Update: It looks like you need to buy BOTH items to be eligible for the $10 rebate per item. The wording is a little confusing on the rebate form, but it’s best to be safe. It is possible that the rebate might be only $10 total, or it may be $20. Again, the wording on the rebate is confusing.

Here’s the scenario to get the best deal:
1) Log in or sign up at Ebates. Use their site to navigate to Kohl’s and earn 6% on your Kohl’s purchases made through them. (If you’re new to Ebates, you can also earn a $10 new member bonus.)
2) Once at Kohl’s site, add one of each item to your cart.
3) Use the promo code SAVEBIG15 to save 15% through 11/24 (deducts $9 for this purchase.)
4) Pay $50.98 (FYI – since your order is over $50 it ships for free.)
5) You will earn $15 of Kohl’s Cash for spending $50 in a single transaction.
6) You will earn $3.05 from Ebates for the 6% cashback on this purchase.
7) If this is your first qualifying Ebates purchase, you will also earn a $10 bonus.
8) You can also submit for TWO of the $10 Pyrex/Corningware Rebate form here (limit 3.) That will get you $20 back…hopefully. It is possible that it might only be $10 total; again, the rebate form is a bit confusing.
9) Net final price is as low as $2.93 (or $1.47 per item..if new to Ebates.) If not new to Ebates, your final price is $12.93 (or $6.47 each.)

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  1. I called the 800 number on the rebate form for the Pyrex/CW & they say you must buy both to receive $10.00
    8:17:30 PM : Karlos: Thank you for contacting the Kohl’s Rebate Center, My name is Karlos and I will be assisting you today.

    8:17:55 PM : Karlos: It will be my pleasure to answer your question, Joyce.

    8:19:21 PM : Joyce: I have seen posts that you can receive $10 EACH on the Pyrex and the Corning Ware…..is that true, or do you buy one of each for a TOTAL of $10 rebate?

    8:19:30 PM : Karlos: I see.

    8:20:05 PM : Karlos: Do you have the offer code for this promotion?

    8:20:25 PM : Joyce: One Pyres = $10 Rebate One Corning Ware = $10 rebate OR is it 1 Pyrex + 1 CW = $10.00 ?
    8:22:58 PM : Karlos: I can confirm that you need to buy both products to be eligible for ht promotion.

    8:23:19 PM : Joyce: So if I buy BOTH items I would only receive $10?

    8:23:33 PM : Karlos: Yes.

    • OK. I made some adjustments to the scenario. Thanks for sharing this. It is possible the rebate may be the full $20 too. Through the years, my experience has been that these outsourced customer service chats and phone calls yield incorrect answers all the time.

  2. ( I would hate to buy both to get $20 and only receive $10)

  3. Lisa Wilkerson says

    Have you verified that you only have to buy one of these products to get the $10 rebate? The rebate form looks like you have to buy both…. “receive $10 with purchase of this AND that” …?? But then at the bottom it does say limit 3 rebates per product per household … so that’s confusing!

    • Very confusing. One reader had a CS chat that said buy both to get $10, so I made some updates to the post. However, CS chats are frequently filled with inaccurate information because of poor training, so we may get lucky. Great deal either way, but obviously incredible if they give the full $20.

  4. Good news, guys! I have confirmed with the rep from KolhsRebates. Below is our conversation:

    10:40:15 AM : Connected to parago.ehosts.net
    10:40:15 AM : Session ID: 2396633
    10:40:20 AM : System: Ivette has joined this session!
    10:40:20 AM : System: Connected with Ivette. Your reference number for this chat session is 2396633.
    10:40:45 AM : Ivette: Thank you for contacting the Kohl’s Rebate Center, my name is Ivette.
    10:43:05 AM : Ivette: Hello Dat, I will be glad to help you with this information.
    10:43:35 AM : Ivette: In this case, with the purchase of 1 of the 2 items apply for the $10.00 rebate promotion.
    10:45:02 AM : Dat: So I can buy just 1 product (Pyrex or CorningWare) to receive $10, right? I do not have to buy both Pyrex and CorningWare together?
    10:45:17 AM : Ivette: Yes, that is correct.
    10:45:27 AM : Ivette: Just 1 Pyrex or CorningWare.
    10:45:37 AM : Dat: I found that the wording is a bit confusing, so I would like to double check.
    10:45:48 AM : Dat: Thank you very much for the confirmation.
    10:46:25 AM : Ivette: You’re welcome.
    10:46:35 AM : Dat: That’s all I need for today. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    10:46:55 AM : Ivette: Thank you very much, same for you!
    10:47:05 AM : Ivette: Thank you for using Kohl’s Rebate Center.