CVS 10/22 (Maureen) – $12.89 Profit on $74.81 in Merchandise (117.2% Saved)


I shopped the new CVS ad today.  I had to check three stores before I found any Persil, and there were only two left on the shelf at store #3.  At least I found the two I needed, and I was able to get both by using one $3/1 printable coupon and one $3/1 digital coupon.  If you have the $3/1 printables but can’t find any Persil on the shelf, be sure to get a rain check.  Other deals were also great, mainly because I got some wonderful CVS Red Coupon Machine coupons for a change.  I did not get the Nivea lip coupon in my inserts, so I skipped that deal.  I couldn’t find any Lubrigyn products or any shelf tags for them, so I think my stores discontinued the line (they are supposedly part of a monthly deal).

TWO SCHWARZKOPF GLISS SHAMPOO, on sale $5.99 (reg. $6.79)
Get $7 ExtraBucks for spending $20 on select Henkel household and personal care products (limit 1)
Get $2 cashback from SavingStar for one Persil laundry detergent
Used one $4/$12 Schwarzkopf Gliss hair products CVS Red Machine store coupon (for some)
Used one $5/2 Schwarzkopf Gliss hair product coupon 10-1 RP (expires 10/22/17)
Used one $3/1 Persil ProClean Liquid Laundry Detergent printable coupon (limit 1 per trip)
Used one $3/1 Persil ProClean Liquid Laundry Detergent CVS digital manufacturer’s coupon (limit 1)
Other option: $2/1 Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent printable or 10-22 RP
Price at register $6.96, but received $7 ExtraBucks and $2 cashback
NET PRICE FOR ALL: FREE + $2.04 Overage!

Get $1 ExtraBucks for buying two Garnier Fructis (limit 1)
Used one $4/$18 hair product CVS Red Machine store coupon (for some)***
Used one $3/2 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment – 10-1 RP; Excludes 2 – 3 oz (exp 10/28)
Other option: $1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment printable or  10-22 RP
Price at register FREE, but received $1 ExtraBucks
NET PRICE FOR ALL: FREE + $1.00 Overage!
Note 1: I was able to use the $4/$18 any hair care coupon along with the $4/$12 Schwarzkopf Gliss coupon because one is a category coupon and one is a product-specific coupon, and I had $19 in shampoo.
Note 2: There is a new SavingStar offer for $1 cashback on one Garnier Fructis STYLE product (Excluding 2 oz Trial Size).  I flaked at the store and thought it was any Garnier Fructis, so I didn’t even look at the style products to see if they are included in the promotion.

Get $7 in Extra Bucks for buying $10 of Physicians Formula (limit 1)
Used two $4.00/1 Physicians Formula Item 10-15 SS Regional; Items Priced $5 or Higher Only (exp 10/28)
Price at register $3.58, but received $7 ExtraBucks
NET PRICE FOR ALL: FREE + $3.42 Overage!

ONE MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS, regular price $4.49
Get $5 Extra Bucks for buying two Maybelline Cosmetics, limit 1
Use one $1.00/1 Maybelline New York Lip Product – 10-22-17 RP (exp 11/18/17)
Use one $1.00/1 Maybelline New York Shadow or Liner Product – 10-22-17 RP (exp 11/18/17)
Used one $4/1 Maybelline or Almay CVS Red Machine store coupon (printing for everyone 10/22-10/28)
Used one $3/$12 any cosmetics CVS Red Machine store coupon (for some)***
Price at register $0.08, but received $5 ExtraBucks
NET PRICE FOR ALL: FREE + $4.92 Overage!
***I was able to use the $3/12 any cosmetics coupon and the $4 Maybelline coupon because the combined price of the Maybelline and Physician’s Formula products was $20.66 and because one is a category coupon and one is a product-specific coupon.

TWO SPEED STICK IRISH SPRING DEODORANTS, on sale 2/$5.50 (reg. $3.29)
Get $2.50 Extrabucks for buying two Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick (limit one)
Used one $2/2 Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick CVS Red Machine store coupon (for some)
Used one $1/$5 any deodorant CVS Red Machine store coupon (for some)
Used one BOGO Speed Stick Irish Spring 10/15 SS (deducted $2.75)
Price at register Free plus $0.25 overage, but received $2.50 ExtraBucks
NET PRICE FOR ALL: FREE + $2.75 Overage!
Note: I was able to use the $2/2 Speed Stick coupon and $1/$5 any deodorant coupon because one is a category coupon and one is a product-specific coupon.

HERSHEY’S CANDY SINGLE 1.4-2 OZ, on sale $0.99 (reg. $1.25)
Used one $0.74/1 CVS Red Machine store coupon (printing for everyone 10/22-10/28)
NET PRICE: $0.25!

Used one $1/1 Gold Emblem Abound beverage or grocery item printable coupon
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1.99 ($1 each)!

Used one FREE trial size (0.08 oz) Sensodyne Pronamel CVS Red Machine store coupon (for some)
Used one $1/1 Sensodyne Pronamel CVS digital coupon
NET PRICE: FREE + $1.00 overage!
Note: I am pretty sure that digital coupon should not have come off on a trial-size product, but it did!

Retail Value: $74.81
Net price paid (not including tax): $12.89 Profit
Savings Rate: 117.2%

-HUGE NEW $5/3 Colgate Toothpastes or Mouthwashes printable coupon!
-NEW $3/1 Neutrogena Sun Product printable coupon
-AWESOME New $3/1 Persil Laundry Detergent printable coupon!
-Possible FREE $125 Check for Equifax Data Breach (LEARN MORE HERE!)
-NEW $3/2 Right Guard Deodorants printable coupon!
-Amazon: $7.59 Solimo Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil 30 oz (reg. $13.32; SAVE 43%)
-EARN UP TO $25/HOUR with Shipt (AWESOME Side Gig for Extra Cash!)

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  1. Tom Collins says

    When I logged on to my CVS account this morning, the Free Pronamel Coupon was there, but when I logged back in a half hour later it had disappeared. Mysterious and frustrating.

    That was a great haul. I’m envious of all those shampoo and hair care CVS coupons!

    • My Red Machine coupons were stellar this week. Some were last week’s but still valid on Sunday (like the Gliss), and the others were new on Sunday (like the any hair product). My Red Machine coupons are not usually very good, so this was a banner week for me.

      Too bad about the Pronamel coupon.

  2. Please clarify on the shampoo deal. Did you buy 4 products? Don’t understand how you used the $4/18?

  3. I added the Persil digital coupon to my card but cashiers at 2 different CVS stores said that it wasn’t there (it says “on card” with a green check on my account). I’ve had the same issue with Tide and Eucerin digital coupons. Is there some advice you can give me? I’ve contacted customer service and they are not helpful, thanks.

    • I bought the two Persil bottles in one transaction and did not include anything else. I gave the cashier one printable and as we both watched the screen, the digital coupon appeared and the total was reduced by $3 (over the $3 reduction from the printable). Make sure you bought the Persil liquid. The digital coupon won’t come off the Persil pods.

      • I went to one CVS store and only purchased a Persil liquid and the cashier said that the digital coupon wasn’t there. I went to a different CVS store and the same thing happened. Luckily, I had the printed coupons with me; I just don’t understand why some of the digitals aren’t working for me. Thanks for your response.

        • I don’t understand, either, but cashiers can’t see digital manufacturer coupons until they appear on the screen. They can’t tell if a digital coupon has been clipped to your card/account.

  4. Kim S I have had that same thing happen. The fix is if you download the coupon with your phone then you have to scan the CVS barcode on your phone not your CVS card.

    • Thank You! I’ll try this.

      (Although last week I added the Pepsi $1.00 coupon on my phone within 5 minutes of walking into the store, used my CVS card at the register and it came off fine. Not sure what the issue is for some coupons and not others.

  5. I have a question about the $4/$18 on shampoo. Did you do seierate transactions forrthe Gliss and Garnier?

  6. Lindsay Martinez says

    Can you use expired coupons at CVS?

  7. so happy to hear that sometimes even you “flake” in the store and make mistakes/could do better …there always seems so much to juggle that I don’t always get it right !

  8. Phillip simpson says

    As a store manager for CVS please be advised i myself am limiting 1 persil coupon per transaction and limiting transactions. I want to make sure all customers have a shot at this great deal and not just 1 or 2 couponers wiping us out. I too coupon with my fiance. But have to respect the stores coupon policy. Also i limit the rainchecksnon this offer. I cant have a customer coming in with a raincheck for 8 persil when a case is 6, and coupon is 1 per household per transaction. We also dont have the time to do 8 transactions as an example when at any given times i only 2 employees up front in a shift. Sometimes as managers we are by ourselves for an hr or two. So please be patient with us, respect the coupon policy. If we violate the coupon restrictions the manufacturer wont give is credit. Ty from a CVS store manager.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I hadn’t considered how stores would handle a rain check for the promotion given the limit on the $3/1 printable. There is a $2/1 Persil in the 10/22 Red Plum that does not have a limit of one per trip.

      However, given that the Persil is such a great deal and that the printed ad makes note of the $2/1 coupon in most Sunday papers, I don’t understand why CVS did not place a limit on the number of Persil bottles per household (say two maximum) and/or make sure the stores have enough Persil on hand to meet expected demand.

      It’s frustrating when a fantastic deal is promoted in the weekly ad but the stores are not sent enough stock to even last through the first day of the sale and then either do not get more product before the sale ends or only get a few additional units before Saturday that are snapped up immediately by people who were watching for more product to come in.

      I don’t like to deal with rain checks any more than my stores like to write them.