BIG Walgreens Glitch! Up to $2.32 MONEYMAKER Dove Single Beauty Bars after points ***NO COUPONS NEEDED***


UPDATE: Reports are that this deal is no longer generating double points. It’s still a great deal even with the normal 2000 points for every two purchased.

Holy cow! You need to run to Walgreens! Not only are the Dove Beauty Bar Singles included in this week’s “Buy Two, Get 2000 Points” promotion, but they are also on sale BOGO 50% OFF. None of that’s a surprise. However, right now this deal is glitching and producing double the points when you buy two items. Also, because this is a points deal that pays you for buying a certain number of an item, you can do multiples in the same transaction.

If you want this deal, you need to head to the store now. Folks will be clearing shelves AND it’s likely that Walgreens will fix the glitch at some point anyways. Also, you may want to try this deal on the Dove Men+Care single bars too. I haven’t read about anybody trying it, but my hunch is that this points deal is giving 2000 points per item (instead of 2000 for every two) and it may be working across all the items in the Dove deal.

Here’s the confirmed deal (that might not last long)…

BUY TWO DOVE BEAUTY BAR SINGLES, on sale BOGO 50% OFF $1.79-$1.89 (price varies by store) = $2.68-$2.83 for two
Get 4000 Balance Rewards points (value $4-$5) for every two purchased *until/unless they fix it*
No coupons used
Price at Register: As low as $2.68, but get up to 4000 BR points (value up to $5)

Even if you only get the 2000 points expected for buying two, those points are worth $2-$2.50, making your net price as low as $0.18 for two (9 cents per bar!)

Thanks to Wild for Wags for the heads up on the glitch!

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  1. Yes it works at my wags
    Thank you

  2. Kathy Dillard says

    Yes the deal works! I purchased 2 bars Dove Sensitive single bars (paid 2.83 before taxes) and 2 Dove Men Extra Care ( paid 2.98 before taxes). I earned 8000 points

  3. Not working in MA. And let’s not forget the infamous razor deal last December — Walgreen’s deducts points from your account if they were earned because of a glitch like this.

  4. Not working in IL as of 11 AM today. My friend got 12 bars and got 24000 points plus put her over the beauty bonus for another 5000 points right before 11 AM and I ran over 10 mins later and got 8 bars of Sensitive bars and only got 8000. I should have tried just 2 like she did to test hers but was confident since she just did it that it was not fixed yet. BUT, I did use $10 in points and she did not. Has anyone tested it today using points to pay? They are limiting customers to 4 bars my cashier informed me yet she still allowed me to buy 8? Did I goof up by paying with points? There were not enough left in store to try again without using points now!

    • Steve Pinski says

      I don’t think paying with points would mess this up because it is an offer to get points based on how many you purchase. I have a feeling that you had very unlucky timing and they probably fixed the glitch. I’m going to wait until I get a second person confirming, but then I will update the post to say that the crazy good deal is dead. Still…if you like Dove bars, it’s a good deal. And if you don’t like them, it is a nice donation item. Sorry the deal didn’t work out for you.

      • Steve Pinski says

        ooops just saw another comment that someone else approved. Looks like it may be dead now.