What’s FREE (or almost free) at CVS 7/30 – 8/5


Here’s our list of what’s FREE or nearly free in the CVS weekly ad that starts on 7/30 and runs through 8/5. If you want to view the full ad and coupon matchups at CVS for the 7/30 – 8/5 ad, go here.

To keep up with the most current CVS deals be sure to check the CVS Category (under “Drug Store Deals”) for the latest updates.

As of right now, here are the best deals in this new CVS weekly ad:


-TEN FREE Pairs of Contact Lenses from Waldo (just pay $2.95 shipping!)
-INSANE! $14 Berill Dash Cam with 70% OFF coupon at Amazon (reg. $47!)
-Amazon: ONLY $1.69/cable MFi Certified iPhone Lightning Cable 5-pack w/GREAT Reviews!
-HOT! ONLY $5.95 (plus FREE shipping) Baby Einstein Bundle with FOUR BOOKS!
-Amazon: $30.15 Highly-Rated True Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds w/Charging Case (reg. $79.99; SAVE 62%)
-Amazon: 15 cents/reg. roll equivalent Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Toilet Paper w/coupon!
-Amazon: 55% OFF Glad Trash Bags with stackable sales and discounts!
-EARN UP TO $25/HOUR with Shipt (AWESOME Side Gig for Extra Cash!)

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  1. Would this Pantene deal work? Buy: 1 shampoo, 1 3-minute miracle and 1 styler = $12

    Use 1 “buy shampoo get 1 3-minute for free $3.99” coupon
    Use 1 $2.50 off styler/treatment coupon
    $12 – $6.49 = $5.51
    Do the deal 3 times to get the $10 Extra Bucks – $5.51 x 3 = $16.53 – $2 red machine coupon = $14.53 at register
    Get $10 EB and $1 Checkout 51 – $3.53 for 9 = $0.39each

  2. Holy Moly! Irish Spring body wash Q is gone already!

    • BARBARA WYATT says

      There are several useful coupons on the CVS app…I love how the app has changed to include manufacture coupons and the Irish Spring $1.00 is on there.I am not sure when it expires.

      • I clipped a few manufacturer’s coupons last week and tried to use one on the Dawn detergent, but it didn’t come off.

      • When they added manufacture coupons to the Target coupons on Target webpage Target coupons disappeared so I was not really happy to see manufacture coupons on CVS app nobody knows what is going to happen next… however, I got $2 Tide manufacture coupon on CVS app and that was nice.

  3. I just went to cvs and I forgot to use $10/$50 purchase and another $4 razor cvs coupon…..
    They both expire today. Do you know if they can do anything if I call customer service in a couple of days?? Or do I have to go back to the store today and redo the transaction??

    • Steve Pinski says

      I haven’t heard of anyone getting reimbursed for coupons they couldn’t use from CS. I recommend re-doing the transaction.

  4. Yesterday I called local CVS to see if milk was going to be on sale today and they told me it would at $3.99 plus $1.00 extra bucks. Today the CVS flyer in paper showed milk at $2.99 and did not mention extra bucks, purchased 2 gallons of milk and they rang up as $2.99 each and also gave me $2 in extra bucks, $1.99 per gallon Milk 🙂

    • Steve Pinski says

      Wow nice! Those milk deals are usually regional. I won’t even buy milk at my CVS. I’ve tried it a few times (TG Lee is the brand at my store) and it starts going bad within about two days of bringing it home, regardless of the date on them.

      • Steve, I have to agree with you. I wonder if the coolers in some CVS’s aren’t keeping it cool enough or if it has something to do with the transport. It is fairly hot especially this time of year in Florida. Once I get within a day or two from the expiration date, I really start to worry and hope it lasts. I’ve called TG Lee before to complain if I was well before the expiration date and it went bad. I believe they ended up sending me coupons for a free replacement.

        I like cold milk, so I know it isn’t my refrigerator! Sometimes it’s good to know that it isn’t just me…

        • Steve Pinski says

          Luckily I normally use coconut or almond milk, so missing out on the milk deals does not bother me much. There’s just no way we can use a gallon in two days since there are only two of us in the household.

    • Thank you for posting this. I have never had a problem with CVS milk, and I still have a few $0.55/1 Dairy Pure insert coupons that work with TG Lee. I’ll have to get a couple of gallons and freeze one.

  5. I love TG Lee and always get the jgallons it long expiration dates and ask to get them from the back that hasn’t been put out yet for longer dates. Never had problems with CVS milk only Walgreens milk so will not buy from there. perhaps the cooler at your store is not cold enough?

    • Risa, I too look for the longest date and think it has a lot to do with the temperature of the coolers. What state are you located in? I go through a lot of milk and could go for a good milk sale! 🙂

  6. I also live approx 1 mile from the TG Lee Dairy, border of Orange City/Deland Florida. The Walgreens across from CVS always had bad milk even though it was TG Lee and I thought it was because it was on bottom of their cooler and kept warmer.

    • Wow! You got $1.99 milk in Florida? I am going to have to swing by my cvs in Winter Garden and see if I can replicate!

      • The milk rang up $3.99 and then printed out $1.00 ecb. My newspaper ad showed the sales price of $2.99, but their in store ad mentioned nothing of milk being on sale. Weird.

  7. Sandra Boykin says

    My Pantene deal: Purchased nine Pantene shampoo on sale @3/12.00 = 36.00. Used 3- $5.00 off 3 coupons. That make it $21.00 dollars. Use red machine coupon 2 off 3. This made it $19.00. Used 2 free 3 Minute Miracle when you buy 1 pantene. Used 1 red machine coupons 5 off will you purchase 18 dollars of shampoo. This made it 14.00 dollars. Use 10.00 extra bucks & 1 $.300 extra buck This made it $1.00. I received 10 extra bonus bucks for spending $30.00. Net was $7.00 profit on 9 bottle of Pantene and 2 -3 minute miracle. I had 3 free coupons and only used 2 forgot to used the third one. I expected to pay the tax of 3.08 plus the 1.00 but I only paid .82 cent( don’t know why, but I didn’t question it. I was happy with my awesome deal.

  8. Watch those $10/$50, my pretax total was 51.00 when I gave them some of the CVS coupons like the $2/2 Pantene and the $4/$18 Pantene ect.. it said that I did not hit the price quota of these items but I bought 24.00 worth of Pantene I think that the 10.00 off coupon takes so much off each item. Notice that our CVS register sometimes does not take off the coupons right. I was smart today and had done the math when the total came up I was ready, said I owed over 24.00 but my math said only around 12.00 I owed, the manager was good about it though and printed my out a 12.00 CVS BUCKS COUPONS.. Just watch the math with CVS…