R.I.P. “Vegas” – 2001-2017


Those of you that have been following the site for some time have probably heard about my dog, Vegas. I got her a LONG time ago when she was just a few months old. I was a 23 year old “kid” living in Columbus, Ohio. I always worked at home, so she was with me all day long most of the time. She was about ten years old when I started Couponaholic and since then she has been mentioned in many posts, usually shopping trips with dog food or treats.

Well, I have some bad news to share with my Couponaholic “family.” Sunday night, Vegas passed away in her sleep. Even though she was almost blind (except when her little kitten was nearby) and nearly deaf (except when the refrigerator door opened or the microwave went off), Vegas seemed otherwise healthy even though she was VERY old (16 years and 3 months.) She had several brushes with death and even had an appointment to be put down a few years ago, but she always bounced back from her challenges and had lived the last 20 months or so without any illnesses at all…as far as we knew.

So…needless to say, her death came as a surprise to both myself and my roommate, Stephanie. We’re ok, although thanks to Stephanie I may need to find a nice deal on tissues soon. She has probably gone through a few boxes in the past two days.

Here’s what my roommate wrote on Facebook yesterday about the dog who shared a home with her for the last seven years…

Anytime that you lose a pet, it is brutal and heartbreaking. When you have a 16 year old dog, you know that the day is eventually coming. You truly believe that you’re prepared and foolishly think you’ll handle it well because it’s part of life. That theory was destroyed this morning. This is a very somber house today, as our sweet girl is gone. Vegas, we will always miss the snaggle-toothed grin that you greeted us with. We will always laugh that you snarled at having your picture taken, and that you barked when I sneezed. Watching you play with your cat, your very best friend, always brought smiles as well. Thank you for your love, loyalty and companionship. You are so loved, and will be missed every day.

Very true…she was loved…and will be missed every day. Honor her by printing some coupons. Just kidding…kind of. (I haven’t worked much the past two days, so the earnings are on the low side.)

Oh…and if you find a great deal on Totino’s Pizza and Frank’s RedHot, let me know about it. Vegas will want me to buy some and send it her way over The Rainbow Bridge.




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  1. So sorry Steve and Stephanie!

  2. Dana Vouga says

    My deepest sympathy. We have lost/had to put down a number of dogs and cats. It is such a horrible pain. It doesn’t matter that we have not met, we are a “family” and my heart bleeds for you. I wish you peace and healing.

  3. Scott Glazier says

    Steve – that is really sad. A lot of people do not really get it. They are not just “dogs”, they become a part of your family that provide unconditional love and true appreciation for everything you do for and with them. I am sorry for your loss and will give my dog an extra hug for you tonight.

  4. so sorry for your loss… I had to put my cat to sleep last summer, she was 18, still miss her. It’s tough, but hang in there, it gets better with time. Also, thanks for all you guys do with this site.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know what it feels like to lose a furry family member. You know the time is around the corner but you are never truly prepared. I hope that you are reminded of only good times and in time make peace with her passing.

  6. Tom Collins says

    It’s hard to lose a beloved pet. I’m so sorry to hear about Vegas.

  7. Aww Steve I’m terribly sorry! Our dogs are our kiddos (well, in addition to our human one lol) and I know the pain. Hugs from us, too.

  8. SC Bonner says

    She seemed like a real sweetie. I hope you find comfort in your memories of her. I wish you both peace.

  9. Maggie Buerger says

    So sorry for your loss. What a beautiful dog–and very much loved. You brought me to tears.

  10. Looking at the pics of her just made me smile, Steve. The good times will pull you through.

  11. Elizabeth says

    I am very sorry for your loss Steve and Stephanie.

  12. Steve,
    It’s 4:00 in the morning (when I started this 🙁 ) and you’re making me cry !!! I need some of those tissues too now.
    Why oh why does this kind of thing have to happen? We too, just lost our boxer (Sheba) so I can truly feel your pain. It just doesn’t seem fair that they don’t live as long as us.
    I do know she had a WONDERFUL life with ya’ll and was very well loved (because I do remember all the posting’s about her 🙂 ).
    I believe in that *Rainbow Bridge* and have a gazillion friends waiting there for me one day.

    There are really no words that I can say that can take away any pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Stephanie. Together, you will get through it.
    Hugs !!!!

    • Steve Pinski says

      Thank you very much, Kathy. I’m sure you still have a few tissues in that stockpile 😉

  13. They fill something inside of us that nothing else can. I’m so sorry for your loss. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Nancy faust says

    no words can help, great memories will keep you going, so sorry, couponers care just know that

  15. So sorry to hear about Vegas. It’s so hard when you lose a part of the family. She was fortunate to have a family that loved her so much.

  16. RIP, Sweet Vegas! I’m very sorry, Steve and Stephanie. Thank you for sharing the adorable photos.

  17. N olivier says

    I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Vegas. Our fur babies are our family and I know what a hole it can leave in your heart. God Bless and I truly believe our babies will. Be waiting for us in Heaven someday for what would Heaven be without them.

    • Steve Pinski says

      She was such a sweet girl and a good dog. I hope to see her again, but I think I can wait a while 😉

  18. So very sorry for your loss our fur babies are our best friends because they love us no matter what!

  19. Hi Steve and Stephanie,
    I’m sorry to hear about Vegas passing. RIH Vegas. I will print some coupons in honor of Vegas.

  20. I am praying for you as you mourn the loss of your family member, playmate, and friend. So sorry to hear about your loss, it is heartbreaking since our pets are truly family members. Vegas will always be with you and what a long life she had due obviously to all the love & care she received.

  21. Linda Wallace says

    I too am crying because I know your pain, the emptiness and the heartbreak Vegas’s passing has left you with. I’ve lost 3 fur-daughters over the last 2 years and believe me, I still cry over them being gone. Hugs & Prayers. RIP Vegas.

  22. So sorry for your loss Steve & Stephanie. She looked like such a sweet pet 🙁
    Got me needing tissues too!
    My printer ran out of ink last week do you still get credit if the site *thinks* it printed or only if they are used after?

    • Steve Pinski says

      If it thinks you printed, that’s good enough. However, if you want the coupon later, you should see if you can change your printer settings to “Print to PDF.” Then you can save the file to your computer and print it later. Just make sure that when you finally print those PDF coupons, only print them once and then delete the file afterwards.

  23. God just reading this is killing me……I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful dog. Our dog has a tumor on his heart (cancer) and I pray if he goes that it is in his sleep. Stay strong.

  24. Steve,
    So sorry to hear about the loss of Vegas. We feel your pain and understand what you’re going through, as we lost our beloved Westie (also 16 years old) in March this year. Sending hugs & prayers.

    • Steve Pinski says

      Thanks and sorry for your loss too. Not easy, but we’re thankful that she passed the way she did. I was dreading the day when I would have to decide her time had come.

  25. What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful sweet fur baby…. so so sorry for your loss..
    My prayers are with you

  26. OH SO sorry! our Roxie who is 10 years old and had her since dhe was 2 weeks old. I dread the day you have just faced. Thank you for all you share with us is truly a blessing to our family and many more!
    God bless you!

  27. Josephine Mackin says

    Steve, so sorry to hear of your loss. Just remember all the good times you had with Vegas and that she will always be in your heart.

  28. Donald Kesden says

    Steve and Stephanie:
    So sorry to hear about your loss. As a long time Pet Parent I can understand the loss you feel. You are never really prepared for that inevitable day that you loose them. I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with many dogs over the years and have had to put 2 of them to sleep including a 14 year old St Barnard named Petrosky Rominof.

    My deepest sympathy to both you and Stephanie at this sad time.

  29. Thanks for sharing those adorable photos.
    Hope that you have lots of good memories!

  30. Mary Ruth says

    So very sorry for your loss. I have been there with two goldens and I truly understand. I believe we are reunited with our pets and I take comfort in that and I hope you will too. Thanks for a great site.

  31. Roxanne Stockdale says

    So sorry to hear that; I know how hard it can be! She looks like a real sweetheart!

  32. Kimberley says

    Steve and Stephanie- I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is a hard thing. You are in my prayers. RIP Vegas.

  33. I love her name, VEGAS! I love her snaggle tooth smile as well…..she was lucky to have you taking such great care for her for all of these years and you were lucky (if I may say that) that she died so peacefully in her sleep. We had to put 2 dogs down and it is awful! Now we are nursing our almost 17 year old cat….and I fear her days are numbered. I just hope she goes exactly how Vegas did and they all meet up at the Rainbow Bridge. I tell our girl she will see her “dogs” someday again and I swear she understands me!? The cat was just a young thing when the dogs were alive. I hope time will heal the hole in your hearts! We will all miss you Vegas!!!

    • Steve Pinski says

      Thanks Jane! She got the name Vegas because I had just returned from Las Vegas and wanted to finally get a dog, but the only one I could afford was this little orange and white puppy from the pound after the casinos out there nearly emptied my wallet 😉

  34. My heart goes out to you all! Brought tears to my eyes thinking of 2 of my 4 rescues who are (we think) around 13 years old and teeth are start to come out and spots are fading and faces turning white. I will go home and hold them a little closer and love them a little more after reading this.

  35. aw..so sorry for your loss. 🙁

  36. I am so sorry for your loss

  37. So so sorry to hear about your loss. Pets are better than most humans and when you lose them, there are just not words. My thoughts and prayers to you both.

  38. I’m so sorry about your baby, Vegas. You can tell in the photos that she was much loved.

  39. I am so sorry! My heart hurts for you both. My little yorkie will be 14 years old in August and I think about “this day” a lot. I try to remind myself how much time I have had with him will help because I lost my “Gracie Girl” suddenly at 2 yrs 11 months old and was devastated. Hugs fro you both!

    • Steve Pinski says

      Thank you, Denise. I am sure it will not be easy when the time comes, but celebrate each day you have together. We jokingly used to congratulate Vegas on beating the Reaper again each morning. She had roughly 6000 consecutive victories in her streak. Not too shabby.

  40. So sorry about Vegas.What great pictures of her.

  41. So very sorry for your loss. We have 11 fur babies now and we have lost some to the Rainbow Bridge along the way. It never gets any easier, we just hug them each a little tighter and love them while we can and keep them in our hearts always. Prayers for you and your room mate.

  42. R.I.SPIRIT

  43. Andrea M. says

    Steve- I’m sorry that you lost your friend. By her pictures she looked very loved and happy. Take care.

  44. beth lucas says

    so sorry about your dog I have lost 2 so I know how you feel we all love our animals !!
    and they are like kids and we get so dang attached to them