Rite Aid: $7.55 MONEYMAKER on Schick Disposable Razors! HURRY!


I have a super hot Schick Disposable Razor deal for you. As I mentioned previously, the Schick Disposable Razor printable coupons do not exclude the 2 ct products. Most Rite Aid stores carry the Schick SlimTwin 2 ct for $1.49 in the travel/trial section. This sets up a very interesting scenario.

We have the regular packs of Schick Disposable Razors on sale 2/$12, plus those razors are included in a promotion for 1000 Plenti Points ($10 value) when you buy $25 of participating items. Since each pack of these razor will be $6 when your transaction includes at least two, that means that a set of one Schick SlimTwin 2 ct ($1.49) and one regular Schick Disposable Razor Pack ($6) will be $7.49 total. When you use the $7/2 coupon, you will pay only $0.49 for each pair of items and the $6 pack should track towards the points deal. With that in mind, I propose this set of transactions that are split to comply with the rule most Rite Aids have for four identical coupons per transaction…

THREE SCHICK DISPOSABLE RAZOR PACKS, on sale 2/$12 ($18 for three)
Get 1000 Plenti Points ($10) for buying $25 of select Schick (limit 2; $18 from this transaction will track towards this)
Use three $7/2 Schick Disposable Razors printable coupon (preclipped)
Price at Register: $1.47

Get 1000 Plenti Points ($10) for buying $25 of select Schick (limit 2; $12 from this transaction will track towards this)
Use two $7/2 Schick Disposable Razors printable coupon (preclipped)
Price at Register: $0.98, but get 1000 Plenti Points ($10)

So you’re paying $2.45, but getting $10 of points. That makes this deal FREE + $7.55 MONEYMAKER!

You may also want to take this coupon just in case you don’t find enough travel size items to do the deal as written above: $3/1 Schick Disposable Razors printable coupon (preclipped)

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  1. Has anyone tried this??

  2. I have the same question – has anyone done these transactions to prove they work?

  3. Doesn’t work if you buy 3 because the ad says 2/$12 or $7.99 each so 3 would cost $19.99, not $18.

    • Steve Pinski says

      So I should probably change this to tell them to buy one more set? I think that would leave it at $7.06 moneymaker. Still pretty awesome.

    • couponsrme says

      It wouldn’t cost 19.99. It would cost $18. the 7.99 only goes for if you buy one razor. Everything after one razor is for the sale price of 2/12. so if you bought three it would be the $18 as stated. All Rite Aid sales work that way.

      • couponsrme says

        An example would be if Shampoo is on sale for 2/$7 or $4.00 each and you need $25 to get back 500 pp. You could buy 7 for $21 and one in a separate transaction for $4 bringing your total to $25. If you bought 8 at the sale price of 2/$7 is would cost you $28 to get your pp.

        • Steve Pinski says

          Thanks for letting us know. I don’t have a Rite Aid nearby, but other bloggers have always written 2/$X deals up this way, so I assumed it was correct.

          • couponsrme says

            The only error I made in my statement was you could buy 6 (not 7) at the sale price of 2/$7 in one transaction and then do another transaction for the price of $4 making your total $25. So you would end up with 7 for $25 and get 500 pp back. If you bought them all in one transaction and bought 7 it would cost you $24.50 and you would be short thus having to buy one more. So most people buy 8 and that would cost $28. But in reality you really don’t have to buy 8. It is all in the math..haha

  4. lisa chambers says

    how is this going to work if the coupon excludes the slim trim …. wouldnt u only be able to use 1 of the $7/2 qs on each transaction???

    • The $7/2 ip DOES NOT exclude the slim 2 count packs. It excludes one count packs and the slim 6 count packs.

  5. I will tell you that the last time I purchased the 2 count Schick razors & used coupons, I had to fight for it. First the cashier, then the supervisor turned them down as they were confused about the wording. I finally got them to approve it after asking the supervisor to read the wording. Now what they are doing is refusing to stock the 2 count razors. The bin has remained empty ever since my last purchase weeks ago. Kind of petty & small minded in my opinion.

    • I wish there were like buttons on here. Some clerks act like it’s coming out of their pocket when in actuality, the manufacturer is reimbursing the retail store!

  6. The two count does not count towards the spend $25 get 1000. However, I just used one $3 coupon for every 2 packs of two disposables. I had $8 off $40 so I bought 6 of 2/12 used 3 $7 coupons, then added 4 razors for $1.34 uses 2 $3 coupons, and my $8 and my total was $15.16. I got back 1000 points. I’m go to Rite Aid today to buy the remaining 3 packs to get 1000 points.

    • couponsrme says

      Why would you use one $3 off coupon for every 2 packs of razors? You could use (1) $3 off coupon for every pack of razors.

    • It’s stated above that the 2 count packs don;t count toward the spend $25 get 1000 deal. you should have used the $7/2 disposable ip because it DOES NOT exclude the 2 count slim packs.

  7. I did the exact transaction as above and it worked! At least here in Queens NY.

  8. Ken from Philly says

    Given we can only get 2 prints of the $7/2 coupons, how can the deal get accomplished?

    • You get two prints per phone number/computer, so you either need more than one device or you need to supplement with $3/1 or $5/2 Schick coupons and get a higher net price.

  9. R SUNDHAR Raman says

    Use Mac Book Air _ Apple laptop, you can print any number of copies.