What’s FREE (or almost free) at Walgreens 5/21 – 5/27


Here is our list of Walgreens deals that are free or nearly free in the weekly ad starting 5/21. If you want to check out the full weekly ad and coupon matchups for the week of 5/21 – 5/27 at Walgreens, go here. If you are shopping later in the week, I strongly advise that you check out our Walgreens Category to see if there’s anything new since we published the weekly ad matchups and this list.

Don’t forget that Walgreens now allows you to cash in points on smaller totals. See the breakdown below. Also, DO NOT redeem points if you plan on earning points on a transaction. If you do that, you will not earn the new points – with some exceptions. (If the deal requires you to buy a certain number of an item *like “Buy Two, Get 500 Points”, you can still redeem points and earn the new points. DO NOT redeem points when doing a deal that requires a certain dollar amount like “Buy $15 of Aveeno, Get 5000 Points.”)

1,000 Points = $1
2,000 Points = $2
3,000 Points = $3
5,000 Points = $5
10,000 Points = $10
18,000 Points = $20
30,000 Points = $35
40,000 Points = $50

Also note that Walgreens changed their coupon policy in late May 2014. There are quite a few changes and you can read more about them here.


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  1. Just a happy little note 🙂 the ziploc gas gift card can be used for an online purchase also 🙂 it says so right across the top of the card when you get it 🙂

  2. Amber Pagel says

    Hi everyone. I am rather new and have a question as it relate to Walgreens sales and rewards points etc. Last week there were so many deals that seemed like they could have been money makers really. Not only was there the spend $10 get 5X points in the ad and the 5X points coupon to clip to my card but my birthday is in May so I have 5X points all month for that too. I am having a hard time because it seems that to take advantage of the full deal you can’t use rewards points to pay for anything. I split my purchase into several transactions Saturday so that I wouldn’t have to put out so much cash up front.

    My calculations show that if I would have paid about 240.00 up front and not used points I would have earned about 202 in rewards, beauty enthusiast money etc. However, Instead I broke my transaction into five smaller transactions and spent a total of 43.58 in cash and used $50 in rewards four times. I earned a total of 83030 rewards which is almost 104.

    How do you all handle this? Do you just not take full advantage of the points deals or do you only use points when there are no points deals available? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

    • I am not the best person to ask since I currently have 165,000 points because of the dilemma you describe: if I pay with points for a lot of these promotions, I won’t earn new and bonus points, so I pay cash and take the points.

      I mostly am drawn to promotions to earn X,xxx points for buying a specific NUMBER of items because I can use points to pay and still earn points.

      I only do the threshold offers (when you need to meet a minimum dollar amount to earn points) when I can get freebies and moneymakers.

      I hate that we can’t just pay with points for any type of deal and earn the same points we would get if we paid cash.

    • Last that I checked says

      Hi Amber

      See “Rolling Rewards at Walgreens” somewhere in the archives
      This has been covered before.

      Plan Ahead.


      When there is a RR deal….Do multiple transactions…One per transaction. Rinse. Repeat.

      [RR are often for new food items, like last week’s M&Ms Caramel $1.25 RR]

      The RRs have an expiration date.
      So look ahead at the weekly ads for future weeks (They are usually posted ahead of time) for items that give points or RR, etc.

      You can use the RRs to earn even more points, by ROLLING them, if you wish

      You WILL need cheap filler items. Look for holiday clearance. (Recently, I used a bunch of candy “gold coins” that were marked down to 9 cents each, as “filler items”)


      You could actually buy things that you
      a) need
      b) want
      c) have always wanted to try
      d) would not buy without a coupon.

      You CAN earn points when you spend points….in certain instances
      Read the Walgreens webpage for the particulars of “earning points when you spend points”
      It is long and time consuming, and changes periodically
      Have Fun

  3. There is also a $1 offer on 1 Ziploc container a $.75 offer on 2 Ziploc bags at Checkout 51.