ShopRite: $150+ of NEW digital store coupons available!


We have a new batch of ShopRite eCoupons available today. Hurry over and grab anything that interests you. Note that you can only have 207 clipped eCoupons on your account at any one time. These are store coupons, so you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings. Here are the new coupons you will find today at the ShopRite eCoupon site:

$1/1 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste 4.3oz Truly Radiant Mint,4.5oz Sensitive Orajel ToothPaste 6oz Complete Care or Advanced Whitening 4.3oz-6oz exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Axelrod Sour Cream or Onion Sour Dressing Any Variety, 16 oz. Cont. exp 5/6/17
$.50/1 B & G NY Deli Pickles Whole, Spears, Chips or 32-oz. jar exp 5/6/17
$.50/1 Ball Park Franks Fat Free Turkey, Meat or Beef Franks, Turkey or Bun Size 14-15 oz. pkg. (Excluding All Angus Beef & Lean Beef). exp 5/6/17
$1/3 Banquet Brown ‘N Serve Sausage Any Variety, 6.4 oz. pkg. (Excluding Beef Link). exp 5/6/17
$.50/1 Better n’ Eggs 32oz. cont. exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Bounty Mega Roll Towels 12-Pack Select-A-Size, Huge Roll 8-Pack or 1,260 to 1,264-tot.sht.ct.pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/4 Bush’s Organic Beans Black, Garbanzo or Red Kidney 15-oz. can exp 5/6/17
$1/1 Califia Almond Milk Any Variety, 48 oz. cont. (Excluding Iced Coffee). exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Charmin Mega Roll Bath Tissue 18-Pack Equals 72 Regular Rolls, Ultra Soft 5,112-tot. sht. ct. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$.98/2 Classico Pasta Sauce Any Variety, 8.1-oz. Jar Basil Pesto, 15-oz. White or 24-oz. Red (Excluding Riserva). exp 5/6/17
$2/12 Dannon Greek Yogurt Any Variety, Oikos or Light & Fit Drinks, Crunch Greek Yogurt, Oikos, Light & Fit Greek, Mousse or Triple Zero 4-7 oz. Cont. exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Depend, Guards or Shields for men. exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Depend Moderate to Maximum Absorption Underwear Men’s or Women’s. Small – Extra Large exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Depend Silhoutte Max Abs. S/M Women 12, L/XL Women 10, Active Fit S/M, Active Fit L/XL, Underwear Real Fit Max Abs. L/XL Men 10 exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Depend Bed Protectors exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Dole Fruitocracy or Squish’ems 4pk , Any Variety, 12.8 oz. tot., wt. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1.58/2 Dole Mixations Apple Sauce 4-Pack Any Variety 16-oz. tot. wt. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Drake’s Snack Cakes 8.27-13.96 oz. box, Yodels, Honey Buns, Mini Muffins, Devil Dogs or Yankee Doodles. exp 5/6/17
$1/1 Foster Farms Chicken w Any Variety, 20-28 oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$.98/2 Grainful Steel Cut Meals Any Variety, 10 oz. Pkg. exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Hex Advanced Laundry Detergent 24-ct., Single Dose 16.9-oz. pkg., Any Variety Liquid 35 oz. Pkg. exp 5/6/17
$3/1 HUGGIES Diapers. Excludes 9 ct. or less. exp 5/6/17
$.80/2 Hungry Jack Hashbrown Potatoes Original 4.2-oz. carton exp 5/6/17
$.78/2 Idaho Spuds Mashed Potatoes Any Variety 3.74-oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Ken’s Simply Vinaigrette Dressing Any Variety 16-oz. btl. exp 5/6/17
$.59/1 LIFE WTR 1-Liter btl (Plus Deposit and Fees Where Required) exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Maybelline Cosmetic Item exp 5/6/17
$.50/1 Melitta Ground Coffee Any Variety, 10 to 11-oz. bag (Excludes Cans). exp 5/6/17
$1/1 Mighty Dog Variety 12-Pack Prime Cuts or Loafs, Dog Food 4.12-lb. tot. wt. case exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Nabisco Fig Newtons or BelVita Breakfast Biscuits Any Variety 8.8 – 10-oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Nestea Iced Tea 6-Pack (Plus Deposit or Fee Where Req) 16.9-oz. Bottles, Any Variety 101.4-oz. tot. wt. btls. exp 5/6/17
$2/2 Nivea Bodywash Assorted Varieties (Excluding Men’s), 16.9 oz. btl. exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Ocean Spray Craisins Any Variety (Excluding 100-Calorie Packs), Dried Cranberries, 5 to 6-oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Old El Paso Taco Shells 4.6-6.6 oz. box, 12 ct. Original, Stand N’ Stuff or Super Stuff exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Old El Paso Refried Beans Regular, Fat Free or Vegetarian 1-lb. can exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Old El Paso Flour Tortillas Any Variety 8.2 to 11-oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/2 On-Cor Entrees Salisbury Steak, Sliced Turkey and Gravy, Macaroni & Cheese, Char Patties or Penne Pasta & Meatballs, 25-28 oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/3 Oscar Mayer Regular Lunchables Any Variety (Except Drinks) 2.25 – 4.4 oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$.50/1 Oscar Mayer Meat Hot Dogs Any Variety, (Excluding Turkey, Beef or Angus Franks) 14-16oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/1 Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent Any Variety, Liquid 40-oz. btl. exp 5/6/17
$1/3 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Any Variety 7.2- 12.5oz. oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Poise Impressa Size 1-3 pkg. exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Poise Pads Assorted Var., Ult. Thin, 24 ct., Moderate Pads, 66 ct., Mod. Long Pads, 54-84 ct., Max Long Pads, 39 ct., Ult. Coverage, 33 ct., Ult. Long Pads, 27 ct., Max Abs. w/s Pad, 48 ct., Maxi Absor. Long, 64 ct.,Ult. Absorb. Long, 45 ct. or Ult. Thin Shape, 30 ct. exp 5/6/17
$2/1 Poise Pantyliners Ultra Thin Light 30 ct., Moderate Pads 20 ct., Moderate Long 16 ct., Pantiliner Regular, 48 ct. or Extra Coverage, 44 ct. exp 5/6/17
$1/1 Pompeian Olive Oil Extra Virgin or Smooth Extra Virgin 48-oz. btl. exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Skippy P.B. Bites Any Variety 5 to 6-oz. cont. exp 5/6/17
$.50/1 Smart Balance Omega Peanut Butter Creamy or Chunky 1-lb. jar exp 5/6/17
$3/6 Smart Ones Classic Favorites or Weight Watchers Smart Ones Any Variety, 4.4 to 10.5-oz. Box exp 5/6/17
$1/1 Smithfield Pork Loin Filets Fresh, Marinated, Assorted Varieties 27.2-oz. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1.00 off per lb. on Smithfield Prime Boneless Pork Chops Family Pack, Premium, Pork Loin. exp 5/6/17
$1.00 off per lb. on Smithfield Prime Bone-In Pork Chops Family Pack, Premium, Pork Loin. exp 5/6/17
$1/4 Stonyfield Yogurt Any Variety, Organic Greek, Grass Fed, Yogurt Drink or Organic Pouches, 3.5-10 oz. cont./pouches exp 5/6/17
$1/1 Thomas’ Bagels 6-Pack , Any Variety (Excluding Mini Bagels & Thins), 18 to 20-oz. tot. wt. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/1 Totino’s Pizza Rolls Any Variety 90-ct. pkg. exp 5/6/17
$1/2 Wet Ones Wipes 24 ct singles, 40ct canister citrus, antibacterial original 24 ct. or 40ct. exp 5/6/17
$.50/1 Wyler’s Light Drink Mix 12-Qt. Yld, Sugar Free, Any Variety 1.16 to 3.1-oz. canister exp 5/6/17
Buy ONE Get One FREE Yoplait Dippers , Any Variety 4.6z. exp 5/6/17
$3/1 Advil or Advil PM EZ-Open product 120ct or higher exp 5/13/17
$3/1 Advil Allergy Sinus, Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief, Advil Cold & Sinus and Advil Sinus Congestion & Pain exp 5/13/17
$2/1 Centrum or Centrum Silver (60ct or larger) exp 5/13/17
$2/1 DEPEND Shields or Guards for Men (8 ct. or larger). exp 5/13/17
$2/1 DEPEND Real Fit or Silhouette Product (8 ct. or larger). exp 5/13/17
$2./1 DEPEND Underwear w package of DEPEND Underwear (8 ct. or larger). exp 5/13/17
$2/1 DEPEND NIGHT DEFENSE* Underwear for Women (10 ct. or larger) exp 5/13/17
$2/1 DEPEND Bed Protectors (8 ct. or larger). exp 5/13/17
$2/2 Kellogg’s Special K Protein Meal Bars and/or Protein Shakes, any variety (4 ct. or Larger) exp 5/13/17
$1.50/1 Nexxus product (excludes sachets, 5.1 oz. shampoos and conditioners and trial and travel sizes). exp 5/13/17
$2/1 POISE IMPRESSA Bladder Supports Sizing Kit or Size 1, 2, or 3 (6 ct. or larger) exp 5/13/17
$2/1 POISE Liners. Excludes 14-26 ct. Liners. exp 5/13/17
$2/1 POISE Pads (11 – 44 ct.) exp 5/13/17
$1/3 Poland Spring Water 6-Pack (Plus Deposit or Fee Where Required) 24-oz. Bottles With Sports Cap 144-oz. tot. wt. btls. exp 5/13/17
$1/3 Poland Spring Water 12-Pack (Plus Deposit or Fee Where Required) 8-oz. Bottles 96-oz. tot. wt. btls. exp 5/13/17
$.50/1 Realemon or Realime Squeeze Juice 15 oz. cont. exp 5/13/17
$1/2 Red Rose Tea Bags 100-ct. box exp 5/13/17
$2/1 Botticelli Pure Olive Oil 101-oz. tin exp 5/20/17
$1/2 DIAL Foaming Hand Wash, Dial Liquid Hand Soap Refills, Dial or Tone Bar Soap (3-Bar or Larger), Dial Advanced Bar (2-Bar or Larger) exp 5/20/17
$1/1 DIAL or TONE Body Wash, Bar Soap (6-Bar or Larger). Offer Excludes Trial and Travel Sizes exp 5/20/17
$0.50/1 Dove Chocolates or Dark Chocolates Dipped Fruit Any Variety (Excluding Seasonal), 5.5-8.87 oz. bag. exp 5/20/17
$2/1 TENA product, any variety or size. exp 5/20/17
$2/2 Blue Diamond Almond products, any variety (5 oz. bags or 6 oz. cans). exp 5/27/17
$5/2 Clairol Hair Color. Excludes Age Defy, Balsam, Textures & Tones and trial/travel size. exp 5/27/17
$2/1 FLONASE and Childrens FLONASE 60 Spray or larger exp 5/27/17
$1/1 Hefty Trash Bags exp 5/27/17
$1/1 U by KOTEX Products. Excludes Liners 14-22 ct. or trial size/travel packs. exp 5/27/17
$1/1 Our Little Rebellion Bean Crisps Our Little Rebellion Bean Crisps. exp 5/27/17
$1/1 BENADRYL product, any variety or size. exp 6/10/17
$1/1 Irish Spring Body Wash. Excludes Trial or Travel Size. exp 6/10/17
$1/2 Oikos 4 Pack Multipacks, any variety (21.2oz pkg). exp 6/10/17
$4/1 Phillips’ Colon Health product (24ct or larger). exp 6/10/17
$6/1 Adult RHINOCORT product, any variety or size. exp 6/10/17
$4/1 Adult ZYRTEC product, any variety (24ct or larger). exp 6/10/17
$4/1 Children’s ZYRTEC product, any variety or size. exp 6/10/17
$1.25/2 Blue Dog Bakery products, any variety or size. exp 6/24/17
$0.75/1 Purina Friskies dry cat food, any variety (3.15 lb or larger bag).. exp 6/24/17
$1/2 Hefty Slider Bags (10 Ct. or larger). exp 6/24/17
$1/1 L’Oreal Paris Hair Expert shampoo, conditioner or treatment product. Excludes 3 oz. trial size.. exp 6/24/17
$1/1 MOTRIN or Children’s MOTRIN product, any variety or size. Excludes trial and travel sizes.. exp 6/24/17
$0.75/1 Pine-Sol multi-purpose cleaner (40 oz or larger).. exp 6/24/17
$1/1 WOOLITE Detergent (50oz. or larger).. exp 6/24/17
$5/1 alli Refill Pack (120ct) exp 7/1/17
$1/2 Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponge or Scrubbing Dish Cloth multi-packs. exp 7/22/17

Thanks LRWC.

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