CVS 4/23 (Maureen) – Paid $4.75 for $107.31 in Merchandise (95.6% Savings Rate)


I went to CVS on Sunday for a few great deals.  I shopped late in the afternoon, so I was worried I wouldn’t find enough Schick, ALL, or Dial products, but luck was with me!   I used SavingStar offers for the ALL, Dial, and Got2B.  I clipped those offers maybe two weeks ago, so I don’t know if they are still available to activate.

THREE KLEENEX 120-CT, on sale 3/$4 (reg. $2.49)
Get $5 Extra Bucks for buying $20 of select items (including All Detergent and Kleenex)
Get $3 cashback from SavingStar for buying $12 of All Free Clear x6/21
Get $0.50 cashback from SavingStar for buying one ALL product x5/6
Used one $1/$6 any laundry detergent CVS Red Machine coupon (for some, not all)
Used one $1/$3 any facial tissue CVS Red Machine coupon (for some, not all)
Used one $0.75/3 Kleenex printable coupon (preclipped)
Used three $2/2 any All Free Clear printable coupons (no longer available)
Other option: $1/1 All Product 4/23 RP insert
Other option:  $0.50/1 All Product printable coupon (preclipped)
Price at Register: $13.19, but received $5 Extra Bucks and $3.50 from SavingStar
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $4.69 (52 cents each!)

Get $10 Extra Care Bucks when you buy $25 worth of Schick Razors, Refills, Disposable, Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel (limit 1) [$24.56 was enough to trigger ECB]
Get $0.75 cashback from Checkout51 for Skintimate Shave Cream (limit 2)
Used one $3/$12 Schick Disposable Razor CVS Red Machine Coupon (for some, not all)

Used two $4/1 Schick Disposable Razor Pack SS 4/9 (exp 4/30)
Used two $1/1 Skintimate or Edge Shave Gel or Cream SS 4/9 (exp 4/30)
Price at Register: $11.56, but received $10 Extra Bucks and $1.50 from Checkout51
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.06 (1.5 cents each!)

TWO GOT2BE STYLERS, on sale 2/$8 (reg. $6.79)
TWO DIAL 6-PACK BAR SOAP, on sale 2/$8 (reg. $5.99)
TWO DIAL 3-PACK BAR SOAP, on sale 2/$4 (reg. $2.99)
Get $7 Extra Care Bucks when you buy $20 worth of select Dial, Schwarzkopf, Got2Be, or Right Guard  (limit 1)
Get $1 cashback from SavingStar for TWO (2) Dial® Complete Foaming Hand Wash (7.5 oz+), Liquid Hand Soap Refills (32 oz+), Bar Soap (3-Bar+),or Advanced Bar (2-Bar+) x4/30
Get $1 cashback from SavingStar for ONE (1) Dial® or Tone® Body Wash (12 oz or larger), Dial® Bar Soap (6-Bar or larger), offer excludes trial and travel sizes x4/30
Get $2 cashback from SavingStar for ONE (1) göt2b® styling product (excluding travel and trial sizes) x5/6
Used one $2/$8 body wash or bar soap CVS Red Machine coupon (for some, not all)
Used two $2/1 Göt2b Styling Product coupon found in the 4/9 RP (exp 5/6)
Used two $1/1 Dial or Tone Body Wash 12 oz+, Bar Soap 6 bar+ coupon found in the 4/9 RP (exp 4/30)
Used one $1/2 Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash 7.5 oz+, Liquid Hand Soap Refills 32 oz+, Bar Soap 3 bar+, or Advanced Bar 2 bar+ coupon found in the 4/9 RP (exp 4/30)
Price at Register: $11.00, but received $7 Extra Bucks and $4.00 from SavingStar

Retail Value: $107.31
Price Paid (not including tax): $4.75
Savings Rate: 95.6%


-$4 Coupon = $0.24/bag Lay's Kettle Chips!
-Amazon Coupon = $2.23 per BIG 80 ct Lysol Wipes!
-Amazon: $9.74 Doritos 40 ct w/coupon ($0.24/bag!)
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  1. Hey , I need help. How do I redeem a offer from c.v.s , I regersterd my card, but it’s not on the list to redeem an offer……help….

    • I’m sorry ….from savings star……

    • You register your CVS Extracare card on your SavingStar account. CVS will automatically send your card’s activity to SavingStar, so whenever you buy an item at CVS for which you have an activated SavingStar offer, you will get credit for the rebate. You have to activate the SavingStar offer BEFORE buying the item at CVS. It can take 3-10 days after purchase for the rebate to show in your SavingStar account.

      SavingStar offers can hang around for weeks and be available to activate right up to the expiration date or they can reach the maximum number of available offers within hours of becoming available. I’ve seen hot rebates disappear in 2-3 hours.

      My best advice is to check SavingStar every couple of days to see if there are new offers and if you want that item, activate the offer immediately. I always check on Sunday morning because that seems to be a day when a lot of new offers become available; even so, I missed some hot shampoo rebates because I didn’t check until 10 am, and the offers were already gone. I only knew about them because of sites like this that posted about the new offer. ETA – And the first day of the month is also usually a big day for the release of new offers.

      The Dial and Got2Be offers I just redeemed first became available about two weeks ago, so I would be surprised if they are still available to activate. I saw five new offers yesterday morning, and I know one of them ($7 Flonase) did not last half a day before it reached the maximum allowed activations for that offer.

  2. Thanks Maureen , I learn something new every day…??? .

  3. Wow, great haul Maureen!

  4. You said you paid $4.75 for $107.31. Is that not after theSavings Star & Cashback from CVS? What is the total paid before the rebates?

    • Yes, net price paid after all coupons, Extra Bucks, and rebates but not including taxes is $4.75.

      If you do not have Extra Bucks from previous transactions to lower the out-of-pocket costs (I did) and want to buy what I bought in one large transaction, you would only need to look at the “Price at register” amounts for each set of items I bought and add them up. For this trip: $13.19 ALL/Kleenex + $11.56 Schick + $11.00 Dial/Got2Be (not including tax), and I would have been left with $10, $7, and $5 Extra Bucks. It would have been $35.75 plus tax total, and I would have earned $22 in Extra Bucks and received $9 in cashback.

      But that isn’t what I did because I had Extra Bucks from previous weeks to use to pay for this week’s purchases. That is called rolling Extra Bucks. I also bought the items in three smaller transactions this week because two of the promotions involved large Extra Bucks ($10 and $7), and it made sense to break up the transactions. I bought the razors first ($11.56 plus tax after coupons) and used $10 in Extra Bucks I already had from previous weeks to lower the out-of-pocket cost to $1.56 plus tax. Then I bought the Dial and Got2Be ($11.00 plus tax after coupons) and used the $10 Extra Bucks I had just earned from the razors to lower the out-of-pocket to $1.00 plus tax. Then I took the $7 Extra Bucks I had just earned from the Dial/Got2Be to lower the out-of-pocket cost for the All/Kleenex ($13.19 plus tax after coupons). So by the last transaction, I had $6.19 plus tax to pay and earned a $5 Extra Bucks that I will save to use next week. Actually, I will have two $5 Extra Bucks next week because I just earned another $5 in Beauty Bucks.

      I don’t usually break up a trip into smaller transactions, but when I am earning high-value Extra Bucks and the products I am buying have high post-coupon totals (both were true this week for the three promotions I wanted), it made sense. Also, I buy CVS gift cards with my Discover cashback (I pay $45 for $50 CVS gift cards), which means I never actually pay anything out of pocket. Whatever isn’t covered by the coupons and Extra Bucks I have available to pay for a transaction, I put on the CVS gift card.

      Steve shows people how to roll Extra Bucks in the weekly CVS Shopping Scenario for Beginners (he works out shopping scenarios every week for Walgreens and Rite Aid, too). Here is his shopping scenario for this week’s CVS ad:

      • Thanks for the clear explanation. I sometimes break it up & use other extra bucks

        • You’re welcome. Of course, if I had a $6 off $30 store coupon, I would have bought everything in a single transaction. But I never get those good coupons anymore.

  5. Nanell Olivier says

    I have a question to couponacholic..I was informed Sunday by my cvs store manager that a coupon which had the following language: LIMIT one (1) coupon per purchase of specified product and quantity know the language that’s on pretty much every would be allowed to use only one of these coupons per transaction..unless it has the added language Limit of a certain number such as Two or Four, ect. In the same shopping trip. I was told this came from corporate and they were going to look at every coupon..I left all my All washing liquids and other items on the counter and left..this was after a lengthy discussion about what that statement meant. I went to another CVS and processed the same transaction without a problem. I asked to see the store manager and told him about my experience at the other store and he indicated this was indeed what they were all being told to do. They are fixing to come out with a new coupon policy. He said he agreed about what the statement meant but that this was coming from corporate. He told me as long as a coupon scanned they would take it..but if not they could not use it..Period. If this is going to be CVS coupon policy, it’s going to be very difficult to coupon there. I have been couponing for many years and was wondering how couponers should handle this. Should we all write the corporate office and complain..I mean this is nuts..just asking what couponacholic would do if this all goes down. Sorry to ramble. Hope I have explained this where you can understand.

    • I hope that isn’t the case, but I’ve heard rumors of a tough new coupon policy at CVS. We’ll have to wait to see it.

    • Nanell, if I understand your situation correctly, you were buying several of the same item (All) and had a coupon that would apply to each item (such as 4 All detergent and 4 coupons). And the cashier told you CVS would take only 1 of the coupons? I have been printing out coupons this morning and looking at the fine print and many of them have language different from all the others. One has this “Limit one coupon per purchase per transaction.” What is that supposed to mean? The print is small enough that the manufacturer could have added a few words to make it clear. Is this telling me I can buy only 1 of that item at the time of checkout (a transaction) and use 1 coupon? Here is wording on another coupon: “Only one coupon is redeemable per purchase.” So is a purchase different from a transaction? I tried to use 2 coupons with this wording at Target and was told I could use only 1 even though I was buying 2 items. I would argue that “purchase” means my choice to “purchase” that item instead of any other item. If I choose to “purchase” 2 of that same item, that’s my choice. And I should be able to use a coupon on each item that qualifies.

      If anyone has a different interpretation I would be interested in hearing about it. By the way, what would the store gain by refusing to accept, for example, 4 identical coupons on 4 identical items? Would the store not be reimbursed for each coupon anyway? Am I missing something here?

      Thanks for any clarifications from anyone.

      • Nanell Olivier says

        I was told by the CVS store manager that these companies are auditing CVS and if the transactions don’t match the coupon language, they are not being reimbursed for the coupon. If these companies don’t want you to use but one coupon per transaction..they should put that language on their coupon. most coupons have : LIMIT one (1) coupon per purchase of specified product and quantity stated. To me that means just what it says..use one coupon on the purchase of one product specified in the quantity stated on the coupon, such as $3.00 off 1 Schwarzkopf Color Ultime or Keratin Color Hair Product. I could use 1 coupon for the purchase of each of these hair color products..unless there is a limitation of coupons per day written further down in the coupon language. They are making this way too hard. If CVS does this they will be losing lots of business. I don’t see why these stores don’t get clarification from these vendors on this issue. I guess they must be losing a lot of money. I was also told that if any coupon beeps..they will not take it period. I guess we shall see.

        • Nanell Olivier says

          Oh and if it has a limitation per transaction..that means only one per transaction in my interpretation. Sorry I got off track of your original question.

        • I believe the part about being audited, but the part about “one per purchase” being the same as “one per transaction” unless higher limits are printed on the coupon does not seem credible as a policy vendors are demanding. EVERY coupon says limit one coupon per purchase. Stating only one coupon is allowed per transaction unless the fine print specifically states a higher limit of two or four per day sounds like a manager’s CYA policy (store manager or district manager) or a miscommunication.

          I’ve had arguments with managers at various retailers over the meaning of purchase vs transaction. A purchase is whatever you have to buy to use the coupon (one bottle of Suave shampoo, two tubes of Colgate, or one package of Oscar Mayer hot dogs plus one package of Pepperidge Farms hot dog rolls, etc.). A transaction is everything you purchase on a single register receipt. Most managers just dig in and tell me I’m wrong and that they know better because they’re managers.

          I’ve read the CVS coupon policy that is posted on the website, and it doesn’t address this issue. If I have trouble at CVS over how many coupons I can use, I’ll write to CVS’s CS and complain and suggest they address the issue in the official policy. If it’s an ongoing hassle, I’ll just stop going to CVS.

          • Thanks for the responses Nanell and Maureen. You both make good points and it will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially at CVS. Another thing I don’t get is that manufacturers offer coupons to get people to BUY MORE OF THAT PRODUCT. So it seems a bit ridiculous that they would limit people to using one coupon if someone is willing to buy more than one of that product if they have multiple coupons. And as both of you say, if it becomes too much of a hassle at CVS, I’ll also just buy it somewhere else.

          • Actually, coupon limits do make sense. Coupons come out of a vendor’s advertising budget. The purpose of a coupon is to entice a customer to try a product by offering a discount with the hope that the customer will like the product well enough to continue buying it for full price. Vendors also have budgets for coupons that are calculated based on projected redemption rates. When a coupon is so hot that people gather as many as they can get their hands on, the budget can be exceeded. That is especially true when a great coupon is regional because the vendor wants to increase sales in a particular part of the country but coupon clippers sell it to people in other parts of the country. Not only is the budget blown, but the success of the marketing campaign can’t be analyzed.

            So it isn’t in a company’s interest when people use a lot of a particular coupon to stockpile a product when they can get it for a low price. They definitely want people to buy more of that product, but they don’t want to subsidize someone’s entire stockpile.

  6. Beth Brown says

    Wow… been at CVS forever trying to do razor/shaving cream deal. Apparently my prices are .10 cheaper than here and it didn’t trigger the 10ecb ?

    • In my experience, Extra Bucks for a threshold promotion (need to spend a minimum $ amount) will print so long as the total is at least 98% of the minimum. CVS couponers refer to it as “the ninety-eight percent rule.” So on a $25 deal like the Schick, any total that is at least $24.50 will work. My products were $8.79, $8.79, $3.49, and $3.49, so I just barely reached 98% with my $24.56 total.

      I don’t know what your razor prices are, but you just need to have a combination of products that totals at least $24.50. This promotion includes everything – system razors, cartridges, disposable razors, and shaving creams.