New high-value $2/1 EcoTools printable coupon ***NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*** = Walmart/Target FREEBIES!


We have a brand new EcoTools printable coupon. Most Target and Walmart stores sell the EcoTools EcoPouf Sponges for less than $2, so free with our coupon. Also, don’t forget about the in-ad Target store coupon for a FREE $5 Target Gift Card with a $20 Beauty/Personal Care purchase. These will be great fillers to get you to the $20 mark.

$2/1 EcoTools Product printable coupon

At Target/Walmart:
BUY ONE ECOTOOLS ECOPOUF SPONGE, reg. price around $1.97-$1.99
Use one $2/1 EcoTools Product printable coupon

Thanks Hip2Save for the coupon.

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  1. bev fisher says

    Target does NOT have Pouf sponges from Eco Tools nor does Walmart. Target is real good about not having what you say they have and are rude at the Nampa Idaho store up front about taking coupons anyway. FYI

    • Steve Pinski says

      Your stores do not. Many do. I have seen them myself. Lots of people got free ones when we posted the other coupons just a few weeks ago.

    • My WalMart had these Poufs (although I rarely shop at WalMart). Target does also. It depends on what people in your area buy.

      Thanks Steve, as always, for letting us know about more great deals! Much appreciated.

    • They have them at both Target AND Walmart here in Ft. Myers, FL, but because the coupon is worth more than the price of the pouf, the Walmart cash registers block it and most of the cashiers don’t want to honor it. Target cash registers just reduce the value of the coupon.

    • My Walmart carries the pouf sponges, and they are less than $2. I have never looked for them at my local Target, but I just did a quick search, and my Target does carry them (EcoTools EcoNet Recycled Bath Sponge, $1.97).

      Not every store carries every product, either because of regional differences or because of space limitations due to the size of the store. My Walmart is a Super Walmart, but it’s on the small side because it was built around 40 years ago, so I often can’t find products that are on the shelves of newer Super Walmarts 25 miles away that have much greater square footage.

      My Target is a huge (and new) Super Target, but I don’t live in an urban area with a high population density, so some products that are available at Targets in major cities close to me are not carried at my local store. I wanted to get the Karma Flax Milk moneymaker deal a couple months ago, but my store does not carry that product even though the Cartwheel discount was available to me. I’ve looked for other products that had ibotta rebates exclusive to Target, but I could not find the products at my local store.

  2. the coupon did not reset for me; i printed it before and now it’s not even showing up.

    • Nevermind, it is printing now! I tried printing last night and it wouldn’t show up, the link would just direct me to where the coupon was not even listed. But this morning, like right now, I printed directly from the link. yay! This coupon is better than last time too because it says “$2 off one Ecotools products”. Less problems with cashiers.

  3. The IPad users are having a hard time printing most of the coupons. I clicked the echo coupon and when the window came up to print it was grey. So I did not get it, and now it shows I have exceeded my limit. This is totally unfair, as I have a health issue with my back, so I have an IPad/wifi printing for my convenience. I am blocked for coupons that I never printed. I love this website, but you need to find other coupon sites that are more print friendly for us wifi printers.

    • Rheeah7, I am sorry you are having trouble, but there are only a limited number of coupon print sites, and manufacturers choose which one to use for any given coupon. The EcoTools coupon is ONLY available as a Brick’s printable through the link that Steve posted. No other coupon printing site has it.

  4. Got a great deal on these. Only paid tax. Even the cashier was impressed. My hubby loves this type of bath sponge so now we have plenty.

  5. my cashier said it shows a picture of makeup on the coupon, so it isn’t meant for all ecotool products like a bath sponge. she also said they can’t give money back or do the deal when the coupon is worth more than the product. i tried going to the walmart coupon policy but they didn’t listen to me. any suggestions on what to do in these situations?

    • There’s isn’t anything you can do when dealing with Walmart. My Walmart took four of the coupons on four $1.97 sponges the other night, but they have refused to follow corporate coupon policy at other times, and I was given the reason that corporate policy is a guideline and store management has the right to modify any policy. No one, to my knowledge, has even received satisfaction on a coupon matter by calling or emailing the corporate office. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, but don’t get your hopes up.