BIG Quorn Moneymaker at Walmart (and Cheap MorningStar Farms) for Lovers of “Veggie Meat” and Coupon Overage!


I’m a meat-eater, but I love veggie meat products like MorningStar Farms, Gardein, and Boca.  Quorn is a lesser-known “meat alternative” brand.  My favorite veggie meat products are fake chicken patties slathered with sweet chili sauce (MorningStar Farms Chix Patties are my favorite).  I stocked up on MorningStar Farms using a combination of Kellogg’s Family Rewards coupons (850 points each), a $3/3 Walmart-exclusive ibotta rebate, and the Quorn overage.  I like Quorn fake chicken patties, but Walmart doesn’t sell them (my Walmart only has the cheeseburger), so I opted to maximize my veggie meat deal by combining the MorningStar Farms deal with a hot Quorn moneymaker on the Pub-style cheeseburger.

Three MorningStar Farms Chix Patties, reg.$3.67
Get $3 cashback from ibotta for buying three MorningStar Farms products (Walmart exclusive)
Used three $1/1 Morningstar Farms printable coupons (850 points each, Kellogg’s Family Rewards)
Price at register $8.01, but received $3.00 from ibotta
Net price for all: $5.01 ($1.67 each)!

One Quorn Pub Cheeseburger, reg. $2.46
Get $2.50 cashback from Checkout51 for buying one Quorn product***
Get $1.25 cashback from ibotta for buying one Quorn product
Used one $1.25/1 any Quorn product printable coupon (scroll until you see the coupon link)
Price at register $1.21, but received $1.25 from ibotta and $2.50 from Checkout51
Net price paid: FREE plus $2.54 overage!
***I doubled the $1.25/1 any Quorn Checkou51 rebate value to $2.50 by sharing the promotion on social media.   Accounts vary by user, so I can’t say everyone has this option.

Retail Value: $13.47
Price paid (excluding tax): $2.47
Savings Rate: 81.7%

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  1. You must be reading my mind 🙂
    I have been buying the Quorn burger, every single week. I buy “1′ of the burgers and get the offers on both IBOTTA and Checkout 51 (along with the coupon of course). Until they stop offering them, I will continue to do it.
    You would never know that that cheeseburger was not “real” meat. It is really good !!

    Walmart (and Publix), both also sell the little chicken nuggets. They too are really tasty.

  2. Thank you Maureen. I did in fact have the option to double my checkout 51 rebate by sharing it. I’ve never tried Quorn products before, but I can’t wait now thanks to you and this money maker.

  3. Beware of the Quorn products. I am not trying to rain on anybody’s parade here, because I too was claiming the offers as many times as they reset. Well, Kroger had been having the Quorn in the Mega events and with triple stacking the deal along with a coupon it was a nice MM. My husband and I had eaten the nuggets, patties as well as the un-breaded breakfast sausage? several times. Each time they tasted fine and I ate at least half a box on most meals! Well after eating them about 4 or 5 times, I suddenly got VOILENTLY ill somewhere from 2-3 hrs. after eating them. I could not blame it on them since my husband too ate them, I was stumped! Well after exactly the next time I got sick (throwing up and in worse pain I’d ever been in) I searched the net for “vomiting after eating Quorn products” and found they are actually made from a mold and only 5% of the population have this reaction and it is your body rejecting this product! My husband and my friend and her entire family (including small kids) have had no reaction at all. I thought it was some kind of mushroom or fungus when I read the label the first time. They do not go into detail about what it is on package. Please be aware of this SLIGHT reaction and don’t gobble down 1/2 a box just in case this happens to you! My husband pitched all the rest we had in freezer after I was so sick, he actually asked me if I needed him to take me to the ER it was that bad!

    • Thank you Jane!! I was very interested when I seen this deal and then scrolled down for the comments and found yours. I am allergic to mold so, I’ll just have to pass on this deal to save myself the vomiting.

      Thanks again for your comment!

  4. Sherri- Here is a paragraph from the Quorn website itself. When I said “slight” reaction, I meant to say slight possibility of a very VIOLENT reaction. Even after reading this off the package, I still decided to eat it because I am not allergic to anything. It sounds pretty harmless!

    *There have been rare cases of allergic reactions to products which contain mycoprotein, a member of the fungi / mould family (fusarium venenatum). Mycoprotein is high in protein and fibre which may cause intolerance in some people

    I hope this will help anyone else who is debating the Quorn products like you were!