What’s FREE (or almost free) at Rite Aid 1/15-1/21


Here is our list of deals in the 1/15 Rite Aid weekly ad that are free or nearly free. If you are shopping later in the week, you may want to check for additional deals that we have found since this post was written. To do that, check out our Rite Aid Category (under “Drug Store Deals” on the main menu.)

Want to view our full list of matchups for the 1/15 – 1/21 Rite Aid weekly ad? You can view them here.

The new Rite Aid loyalty points program (called “Plenti”) started on 5/4/15. Every 100 points earned are redeemable for $1 at a participating retailer (not just Rite Aid.)


-$4 Coupon = $0.24/bag Lay's Kettle Chips!
-Amazon Coupon = $2.23 per BIG 80 ct Lysol Wipes!
-Amazon: $9.74 Doritos 40 ct w/coupon ($0.24/bag!)
-Possible FREE $125 Check for Equifax Data Breach (LEARN MORE HERE!)
-Amazon: $0.88/bottle Starbucks Frappuccino Drinks!
-Amazon: $0.21/battery AmazonBasics w/coupon!
-EARN UP TO $25/HOUR with Shipt (AWESOME Side Gig for Extra Cash!)

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  1. Used the Cerave coupon Saturday (1/14) – it explicitly excludes the $6.99 cleanser bars.

    • Here’s my take on the fact that various coupon sites (including this one) are advocating the use of the $3 CeraVe coupon on the bar soap, even though it specifically excludes the bar soap. (In little tiny fine print, who can read that?, but I digress…)

      I feel like these coupon sites (including this one) are giving the green light to use the coupon inappropriately because IT WORKS.

      I used 2 coupons on 2 bars of soap at RiteAid today and they scanned fine, no beeps, no problem.

      I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong, people who are probably smarter than me programmed this coupon for what it should and shouldn’t work on. It works on the bar soap, so that to me is implicit permission to use it.

      • Steve Pinski says

        Actually, I was not aware about any issue with the fine print. I was in Bogota, Colombia the Sunday that insert came out. I haven’t even looked at them yet. The databases are usually pretty good at listing restrictions on coupons, but sometimes the person entering them misses a detail. That’s what happened here.

      • Actually Steve does not advocate coupon misuse. We all often see deals on other websites but don’t always double-check the details or read the fine print on every coupon used in a write-up on a website we have confidence in. We were just saying the other day that we need to be more diligent in making sure the post-sale rebates allow other coupon use. Another source of confusion is that limits on printable coupons can be different from those of insert coupons, even when the coupons are for the same product line and for the same face value.

      • I should have stated this in my original posting — I used the $3/1 coupon on a $13.99 cleanser, not the bar soap. My post was just an FYI because I was going to buy soap but then read the coupon and realized that soap was excluded.

        But if you read the coupon and knew it wasn’t supposed to work, why would you use it on the bar soap, and why would you then scold the Couponaholic staff for posting it?

  2. Be aware the Catalina for the Cottonelle deal is not printing. Machine was on, bought the correct amount. Just did it about 5 minutes ago. It didn’t print for me last week either and I have been reading it was not printing for several others all over last as well. Must be something goitchy with this cat. Got an advertisement while doing the diaper deals for it at Rite Aid and Giant Eagle and it is also not printing at Giant Eagle. So the problem has to be on their end. Contacting Catalina. I didn’t last week only because I decided to change up my deals and buy other products after the initial time I did the cottonelle. Anyone know since I was going to do cottonelle 4 times this week if Catalina people will give me grief over getting the cat I should hav 4 separate times?

  3. The Kimberly-Clark Catalina deal ($5 CAT wys $25 on Cottonelle, Viva, Kleenex, Scott) is working elsewhere (worked at Shaw’s yesterday, 1/15). There seems to be a problem at Rite Aid, and apparently at Giant Eagle (based on your post). Catalina will take the info on the sale (store, register, product, price paid, etc.) and should send you a Catalina for each applicable transaction.I’ve called once before about two transactions for the same product and received two Catalinas. Good luck.