ShopRite: $85+ of NEW digital store coupons available!


We have a new batch of ShopRite eCoupons available today. Hurry over and grab anything that interests you. Note that you can only have 207 clipped eCoupons on your account at any one time. These are store coupons, so you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings. Here are the new coupons you will find today at the ShopRite eCoupon site:

$1/1 all Laundry Detergent Any Variety, Liquid, 46.5 to 52-oz. btl. or 15.2 to 16.9-oz. pkg Mighty Pacs. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Applegate Chicken Nuggets Frozen Organic 8 to 12-oz. pkg.. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Applegate Farms Sausage Fully Cooked Organic Assorted Varieties, Pork, Turkey or Chicken 12-oz. pkg.. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Applegate Chicken Strips Fully Cooked Southwest & Grilled 8-oz. pkg.. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs 12oz. pkg.. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Applegate Farms Pork Sausage Frozen Breakfast Sausage, Chicken, Turkey or Links and Patties 7-oz. pkg.. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 AppleGate Farms Turkey or Beef Franks Beef 12 oz. pkg.. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Applegate Farms Chicken Strips & Patties Frozen Organic Fully Cooked 8 to 12-oz. pkg.. exp 1/28/17
$1/4 Campbell’s Chunky Soup 18.6-19 oz. can or 15.25 oz. bowl (Excluding Tomato).. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Black Bear’s Forest Fresh Deli Meats 6-7 oz. Pkg., Antibiotic Free, Roast Beef, Organic Chicken or Turkey Breast-NEW Item!. exp 1/28/17
$1/2 Frank’s Red Hot or Buffalo Wing Sauce , Any Variety, 12-oz. btl.. exp 1/28/17
$2/3 Halls Cough Drops 25-30 ct. Bags, Any Variety.. exp 1/28/17
$1/2 M&M’s Valentine Candy Any Variety, 9.5 to 11.4-oz. bag.. exp 1/28/17
$1/1 Mars Mixed Fun Size Valentine Exchange M&M’s or Twix, 14.2 to 16.1-oz. Bag. exp 1/28/17
$6/2 Pampers Diapers Super Packs 54 to 92-ct. box Cruisers, 64 to 112-ct. Baby Dry, 50 to 100-ct. Swaddlers or 60 to 80-ct. Easy Ups Trainers.. exp 1/28/17
$3/3 Poise Pads and Pantyliners and Impressa Sizing Kit 12-48 ct. Moderate, Long & Ultra Thin Pads and 44- 48 ct. Liners (Excluding 27 ct. & 45 ct. Ultimate Long, 33 ct. Ultimate ,39 ct. Hourglass, Max Long and 48 ct. Maximum) and/or 6 ct. Sizing Kit (contains 2 of each: Size 1, 2 and 3 Bladder Supports).. exp 1/28/17
$1.50/1 Prego Farmer’s Market Pasta Sauce Any Variety, 23.5-oz. jar.. exp 1/28/17
$1/1 Primizie Classic Italian Chips Cheese, Salted or Classic 6.5oz pkg.. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Rayovac Alkaline Batteries 12ct, 4ct, 2ct., AAA or AA.. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Schweid & Sons Brisket & Chuck Burgers 21 oz. pkg., Certified Angus Beef, Custom Blend.. exp 1/28/17
$1 off per lb on ShopRite Chicken Breast 1 lb. or more, Oven Roasted, BBQ or Buffalo, Store Sliced.. exp 1/28/17
$1 off per lb on ShopRite Norwegian Style Swiss Cheese 1 lb. or more.. exp 1/28/17
$2.50/3 Simply Potatoes Any Variety, 21-24 oz. pkg.. exp 1/28/17
$1/1 Snuggle Fabric Softener Any Variety, 14.1 oz. pkg., 20 ct. Scent Booster, 31-32 oz. btl. Concentrated Liquid or 70 to 80-ct. box Fabric Sheets.. exp 1/28/17
Buy One Get One FREE Yoplait Custard, 5.3oz. cont.. exp 1/28/17
$.50/1 Zest Fruitboost Shower Gel or Body Wash, 10-18 oz. btl., or Coast Hair & Body Wash, 18 oz. Btl.. exp 1/28/17
$2/4 Ziploc Bags 28 to 38-ct. box Freezer, 38 to 48-ct. Storage Quart or Gallon Size or 10-ct. Freezer, 2 Gallon Size (Excluding Holiday).. exp 1/28/17
$2/4 Ziploc Sandwich or Snack Bags , 90-ct. box. exp 1/28/17
$1/1 Cape Gourmet Signature Saltwater Tilapia Portions 20 oz. pkg., Frozen, Antibiotic Free, From Ecuador. exp 2/4/17
$2/1 Cape Gourmet Signature Cleaned Organic Shrimp 16 oz. pkg, 51-60-ct./lb.,Frozen.. exp 2/4/17
$0.75/1 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®, Kellogg’s® Crispix®, All-Bran®, Mueslix® or Smart Start®, any variety (12 oz. or larger). exp 2/4/17
$0.40/1 Kellogg’s Smorz® Cereal, any variety (8.9 oz. or Larger). exp 2/4/17
$0.75/1 Kellogg’s® Krave™ Cereal, any variety (11 oz. or Larger). exp 2/4/17
$1/1 King Arthur Flour ESSENTIAL GOODNESS Coffee Cake Mix, Any Variety, 16-22-oz.. exp 2/4/17
$1/2 Meow Mix Irresistibles Cat Treats Any Variety, 2.25 to 4.75-oz. pkg.. exp 2/4/17
$1/2 Milk-Bone Any Variety, Brushing Chews or Good Mornings, 5.5 to 6.74-oz. box.. exp 2/4/17
$1/1 NY Apples 3lb. Bag, Any Variety. exp 2/4/17
$1/2 Stayfree Maxi Pads or Carefree Shields Assorted Varieties, 16 – 24ct. pkg. Stayfree (Excluding 22 ct Stayfree Ultra Thin ) or 42 – 60ct pkg. Carefree.. exp 2/4/17
$1/1 V8 + Energy 6pk or 4pk Carbonated drink, Assorted Flavors, 48 oz.. exp 2/4/17
$4/1 ALMAY product. Excluding trial/travel size and antiperspirant/deodorant. exp 2/11/17
$1/1 Golden Blossom Honey Mustard 8.5-oz. btl. exp 2/11/17
$1/2 Innovasian Asian Entrée’s 18 oz.. exp 2/11/17
$1/2 Kettle Brand products (4 oz. or larger). exp 2/11/17
$1/2 Late July Tortilla Chips products (5.5oz or larger).. exp 2/11/17
$2/1 Persil ProClean Detergent Detergent, Powder, Power Caps, Any Variety. 35.2 oz, 59 oz, 100 oz. 40 Ct. Pkg.. exp 2/11/17
$0.75/1 Wholesome Pantry Organic Butter Beans , AnyVariety, 1 lb pkg.. exp 2/11/17
$.75/1 Wholesome Pantry Organic Tea Any Variety, 20 ct .71 – .88 oz.. exp 2/11/17
$1/2 Wholesome Pantry Macaroni and Cheese Organic, Any Variety, 2.75-oz. cup.. exp 2/11/17
$1/2 Wholesome Pantry Organic Elbow Macaroni and Cheese , Any Variety, 6 oz. Box. exp 2/11/17
$1/1 Wholesome Pantry Organic Dried Beans Any Variety, 11 to 12 oz. pkg.. exp 2/11/17
$1/2 Jolly Time Healthy Pop Popcorn Products, . exp 2/18/17.
$1/5 Dsnnon Light & Fit Single serve Cups or Drinks. . exp 2/18/17.
$1/1 Dannon Light & Fit Quart. . exp 2/18/17.
$1/2 Dannon Light & Fit Multipacks. . exp 2/18/17.
$0.75/1 Weight Watchers Ice Cream Novelty Cartons, any variety or size . exp 2/18/17.
$1.50/2 Weight Watchers Cheese Items, any variety or size . exp 2/18/17.
$2/1 Flintstones multivitamin product, any size or variety. exp 2/25/17
$0.50/1 Sweet Loren’s Cookie Dough. exp 2/25/17
$0.75/1 PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer (8oz or Larger). exp 3/11/17
$1.50/2 Crunchmaster products, any variety or size. exp 3/18/17
$10/1 Enfamil Enspire Baby FormulaTub . exp 3/18/17
$2/1 Similac Pro-Advance or Similac Pro-Sensitive Infant Formula Powder 1.45-lb Infant Formula Powder.. exp 3/18/17
$0.75/1 SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzel Product, any variety or size. exp 3/18/17
$1/2 Hefty Foam Products, any variety or size exp 3/25/17
$2/1 One A Day Kids multivitamin product, any size or variety. exp 4/1/17
$2/1 One A Day multivitamin product, any size or variety.. exp 4/1/17
$2/1 TruBiotics product, any size or variety.. exp 4/1/17
$3/1 Citracal calcium supplement, any size or variety. exp 4/8/17
$1/2 DOLE Fruitocracy AND/OR DOLE Fruit Bowls. exp 4/8/17
$1.50/1 Hefty Trash Bags. exp 4/8/17
$2/2 PediaSure products, any size or variety.. exp 4/8/17
$3/3 PediaSure products, any size or variety.. exp 4/8/17

Thanks LRWC.

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