ShopRite: $140+ of NEW digital store coupons available!


I am sorry that I am getting this list up late. Hopefully you have already been to the ShopRite web site to load coupons this morning – just in case any of these are already gone.

We have a new batch of ShopRite eCoupons available today. Hurry over and grab anything that interests you. Note that you can only have 207 clipped eCoupons on your account at any one time. These are store coupons, so you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings. Here are the new coupons you will find today at the ShopRite eCoupon site:

$.50/1 Applegate Pre-Siced Organic Genoa Single Sliced 4oz Pkg exp 2/4/17
$.50/1 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste 4.3oz Truly Radiant Mint 4.5oz Sensitive Orajel ToothPaste 6oz Complete Care or Advanced Whitening 4.3oz-6oz exp 2/4/17
$1/2 Axelrod Sour Cream or Onion Sour Dressing, Any Variety, 16 oz. cont. exp 2/4/17
$1/1 Ba-Tampte Pickles Garlic Dill or Half Sour 64 oz. cont. exp 2/4/17
$2/2 Cape Gourmet Swai Fillets Frozen, Individually Wrapped, 2lb. Bag, BAP 4 Star Certified. exp 2/4/17
$2/1 2lb. Bag Whiting Fillet Frozen, Kosher, Wild Caught, 2lb Bag. exp 2/4/17
$2/1 Cape Gourmet Signature Cleaned Organic Shrimp 16 oz. pkg, 51-60-ct./lb.,Frozen’ exp 2/4/17
$1/1 Cape Gourmet Signature Saltwater Tilapia Portions 20 oz. pkg., Frozen, Antibiotic Free, From Ecuador. exp 2/4/17
$1/2 Carando Sliced Pepperoni Stick 6oz pkg. exp 2/4/17
$1.00 off per lb. DeLallo Mediterranean Olive Bar Select Varieties. exp 2/4/17
$.50/1 The Farmer’s Hen Cage Free Large Eggs exp 2/4/17
$1.00 off per lb. on Healthy Ones Deli Meats in the deli department (limit 2 lbs). exp 2/4/17
$.50/1Kodak Xtralife Alkaline Batteries 24 ct. AA or AAA, (Excluding 24 ct. Kodak Max). exp 2/4/17
$.20/1 Lawry’s Marinade Any Variety, 12-oz. btl. exp 2/4/17
$1/2 Nabisco Snack Crackers Any Variety, Snack Crackers, 3.5-9.5 oz. box (Excluding Stoned Wheat Thins) or Ritz Crackers, 6-13.7 oz. box. exp 2/4/17
$.50/1 Nathan’s Beef Franks 10.5-14 oz. pkg. (Excludes 14 oz. Cocktail Franks & 12 oz. Natural Casing Franks). exp 2/4/17
$1/1 Ore-Ida Golden Fries Tater Tots or Golden Crinkles, 5 lb bag. exp 2/4/17
$1/1 Perdue Chicken Wing Sections Individually Quick Frozen 3-lb. Bag. exp 2/4/17
$1/1 ShopRite Jumbo Pack Diapers 21 to 37-ct. pkg., Sizes 2 thru 6. exp 2/4/17
$1/2 Skippy P.B. Bites Any Variety, 5 to 6-oz. cont. exp 2/4/17
$.50/1 Steve’s & Ed s Steak Sauce Original 10-oz.btl. exp 2/4/17
$.50/1 Cha! Sriracha Sauce 18-oz. btl. exp 2/4/17
$1/2 Totino’s Pizza Rolls Any Variety, 17.4-23.7 oz., 40 ct. pkg. exp 2/4/17
$1/2 Weaver Chicken , 24-28 oz. bag, (Excluding Breaded Buffalo Wings). exp 2/4/17
$1/3 Xtra Liquid Laundry Detergent Any Variety, 51-oz. btl. exp 2/4/17
Buy One Get One FREE Yoplait Dippers, 4.6 oz. cont., exp 2/4/17
$1/2 7 Days Pizzeti Bagel ChipsAny Variety, 5.64 oz. bag exp 2/11/17
$1/1 AXE Body Wash product (excludes trial and travel sizes) exp 2/11/17
$1/1 AXE Hair Care product (excludes trial and travel sizes) exp 2/11/17
$0.50/1 AXE Fresh or Dry Deodorant Stick Product (excludes twin packs, trial and travel sizes) exp 2/11/17
$0.75/1 BAR-S Sausage or Hot Link, any variety or size exp 2/11/17
$1/1 Cape Gourmet Jumbo Breaded Shrimp Frozen, 2 lb. bag. exp 2/11/17
$1/1 Cowboy BBQ Sauce Any Variety, 18-oz. btl exp 2/11/17
$2/1 DEPEND Shields or Guards for Men (8 ct. or larger). exp 2/11/17
$2/1 DEPEND Real Fit or Silhouette Product (8 ct. or larger). exp 2/11/17
$2/1 DEPEND Underwear (8 ct. or larger). exp 2/11/17
$.30/1 Devonsheer Rounds Melba Snacks Sesame Wheat or Plain 5-oz. pkg. exp 2/11/17
$.50/1 Pressel Pretzels Original, Sesame, Everything, Sriracha. 7.1-OZ.pkg. exp 2/11/17
$2/2 Kellogg’s® Special K® Protein Meal Bars and/or Protein Shakes, any variety (4 ct. or Larger) exp 2/11/17
$0.75/1 Kellogg’s® Special K Nourish® Cereal, any variety (14 oz. or Larger) exp 2/11/17
$1.00 off per lb Pecanwood Rib Tips BBQ Rib Tips – Limit 4 lbs. exp 2/11/17
$.50/1 Pennmaid Cottage Cheese Any Variety, 16 oz. cont. exp 2/11/17
$5/1 POISE IMPRESSA Bladder Supports Size 1, 2 or 3 (10 ct. or larger). exp 2/11/17
$2/1 POISE Liners. Excludes 14-26 ct. Liners. exp 2/11/17
$2/1 POISE Pads. Excludes 10ct. Pads. exp 2/11/17
$1/1 Red Rose Tea Bags 100-ct. box exp 2/11/17
$1/1 Sahale Berry Macaroon Any Variety, 7-8-oz. pkg. exp 2/11/17
$.50/1 Sahale Honey Almonds Any Variety, 4-oz. pkg. exp 2/11/17
$1/1 Wallaby Organic Lowfat Kefir Mango Strawberry or Blueberry 32oz. cont. exp 2/11/17
$10/1 Cape Gourmet Signature Lobster Tails Frozen, 4 lb. box,16 Pre-Split, Wild Caught in Canada. exp 2/18/17
$0.50/1 MOTRIN or BENGAY product, any variety or size.. exp 2/18/17
$3/1 PEPCID product, LACTAID supplement, or IMODIUM product, any variety. Excludes trial sizes.. exp 2/18/17
$1/1 Sudafed PE, Sudafed PSE or Children’s Sudafed PE Product, any variety or size.. exp 2/18/17
$0.50/1 TYLENOL product, any variety or size. Excludes TYLENOL Cold, TYLENOL Sinus, and Children’s and Infants’ TYLENOL products.. exp 2/18/17
$0.50/1 Children’s or Infants’ TYLENOL or Children’s or Infants’ MOTRIN product, any variety or size.. exp 2/18/17
$1/1 VISINE product, any variety or size.. exp 2/18/17
$0.50/1 AXE Signature Dry Spray or Stick Deodorant Product (excludes trial and travel sizes) exp 2/25/17
$0.50/1 COTTONELLE Flushable Cleansing Cloth (42 ct or higher) exp 2/25/17
$0.50/1 COTTONELLE Toilet Paper (6-pack or larger) exp 2/25/17
$3/1 COVERGIRL Product. Excludes COVERGIRL + Olay Products, 1-Kit eyeshadows, Cheekers, accessories and trial/travel size. exp 2/25/17
$3/1 COVERGIRL + Olay Product. Excludes accessories and trial/travel size. exp 2/25/17
$1/2 Dixie plates, any variety or size exp 2/25/17
$5/1 FLONASE 120 Spray larger exp 2/25/17
$3/1 FLONASE and Children’s FLONAS 60 Spray exp 2/25/17
$1.75/3 Cape Cod (6.5 oz or larger), Snyder’s of Hanover (8 oz or larger) or Pop Secret (6-ct or larger) products, any variety. exp 2/25/17
$1/2 Suave Professionals Shampoo, Conditioner (28 oz) or Treatment products, any variety . Excludes 2 oz. trial and travel sizes. exp 2/25/17
$1/1 Suave Professionals Gold Hair Care product, any variety. Excludes 2 oz. trial and travel sizes. exp 2/25/17
$0.50/1 Suave and Suave Professionals Styling products. Excludes trial and travel sizes. exp 2/25/17
$1/1 El Monterey Breakfast Burritos Multipack (18oz or Larger). exp 3/4/17
$1/3 El Monterey Single Serve Breakfast or Signature Burritos. exp 3/4/17
$1/1 El Monterey Signature Burritos or Quesadillas Multipack (18oz or Larger).. exp 3/4/17
$1/2 KRAFT Mayo or MIRACLE WHIP Dressings, any size or variety.. exp 3/4/17
$0.75/1 Lime-A-Way Surface cleaner. Excludes 16 oz. Toilet Bowl Cleaner.. exp 3/4/17
$0.60/2 Lipton Recipe Secrets. exp 3/4/17
$1/1 RID-X Septic System Treatment product. exp 3/4/17
$10/1 Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File exp 3/11/17
$0.75/1 BUSH’S Chili, Variety or Organic Beans, any variety or size. Excludes BUSH’S Cocina Latina, Baked and Grillin’ Beans. exp 3/11/17
$0.55/1 BUSH’S Hummus Made Easy Product, any variety or size. exp 3/11/17
$1/2 Godiva Chocolate bags any variety. exp 3/11/17
$1/1 Atkins Frozen product, any variety or size. exp 3/18/17
$1.50/1 BOOST Simply Complete Nutritional Drink.multipack. exp 3/18/17
$1/2 Campbell’s Homestyle Soups. exp 3/18/17
$10/1 Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula Tub . exp 3/18/17
$1/2 V8 100% Vegetable Juice (46oz. or larger). exp 3/18/17
$2/1 K-Y Yours+Mine, Intense, LOVE, or Touch Product exp 3/25/17
$1/1 Palmer’s Hair Care product, any variety or size. Excluding Trial Sizes. exp 3/25/17
$1/1 Palmer’s Body Moisturizer, any variety or size. Excluding Trial Sizes. exp 3/25/17
$1/1 Red Star Active Dry Yeast product, 3-Strip. exp 3/25/17
$0.75/1 José Olé Taquito or Snack Item (16 oz. or larger). exp 4/1/17
$1/1 Marzetti Veggie Dip product, any size or variety.. exp 4/1/17
$1/1 MiraLAX product. exp 4/1/17
$0.40/1 SpaghettiOs (15.6oz. or larger).. exp 4/1/17
$3/1 Zantac 75mg product (30 count or larger).. exp 4/1/17
$2/1 Sarna Anti-Itch Lotion, any size or variety exp 4/8/17
$0.55/1 Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies Smoked Sausages exp 4/15/17
$0.75/1 Zest Fruitboost Revitalizing Shower Gel or Smoothie Body Scrub exp 4/15/17
$0.50/1 ) Zest Soap Bars (3-Bar or Larger) exp 4/15/17
$0.75/1 Liquid-Plumr product, including multi packs or value packs. exp 4/22/17
$1/2 Quaker Breakfast Flats.. exp 4/22/17

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