UPDATE $50 LIMIT: FREE Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, K-Cups, Razors, Soda 12-packs, Cases of Water and MORE at Kmart!



As I mentioned previously, you can go to Kmart.com (or in-store) and stock up in a HUGE way on store brand items. Through 1/28/17, you will get 100% back in points for your Smart Sense Health, Beauty, Household or Food purchase of $10 or more! Go here to check out the Smart Sense products available online.

DO NOT pay with points. Points earned are awarded the next day and are valid to redeem for 14 days.

Even better…start at Topcashback and use their site to navigate to Kmart’s web site. You will earn 2-4% cashback on all of your purchases, making these deals even better than free after points.

Want more great Kmart tips? Add Wayland (from our Couponaholic team) as your Shop Your Way Rewards Personal Shopper! It’s free, plus he sends out some outstanding coupons to his “clients.”

Some of the many hot deals I spotted (but there are literally hundreds…possibly thousands of inclusions)…

Check out this link to the store brand beverage items. Here are a few deals I think are pretty nuts…

Smart Sense K-Cups 36 ct, $11.99 but earn $11.99 in points! (or you can buy 12 ct boxes too, but you will not see the points until you get over $10 in your order)

Smart Sense Soda 12-pack 12 oz cans, buy five at $2.49 each – you will pay $12.45 but earn $12.45 back in points!

Smart Sense Purified Water 24-pack 16.9 oz bottles, buy four at $2.99 each – you will pay $11.96 but earn $11.96 back in points!

How often do we get free paper towels, bath tissue and garbage bags? Here are a few deals I think are pretty nuts…

Smart Sense Paper Towels, pick up a few packages to hit that $10 minimum and you will get 100% back in points, making them FREE!

Smart Sense Bath Tissue, buy the Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong 24 double rolls for $10 and get them FREE after points. (If those sell out, you can buy multiples of smaller packages and hit the $10 minimum to earn the points.)

Smart Sense Trash Bags, buy one of the big boxes that are priced over $10 and get it for FREE after points. (You could also choose to buy smaller boxes totaling $10 or more and earn 100% back in points.)

Another great deal is on Smart Sense Shaving Products. They make a bunch of disposable razors, system razors and refill cartridges under the Smart Sense store brand. Once you have $10 of Smart Sense items in your cart, you will see the 100% back in Shop Your Way Rewards points.

Who wants free razors, refills and disposables? See the Smart Sense Shaving Products here.

-INSANE! $14 Berill Dash Cam with 70% OFF coupon at Amazon (reg. $47!)
-75% OFF HUGE 50 oz Canine Carryouts at Amazon = JUST $4.31 (reg. $17.22!)
-HOT! ONLY $5.95 (plus FREE shipping) Baby Einstein Bundle with FOUR BOOKS!
-Amazon: 71% OFF Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats 25 oz w/sale and coupon!
-Amazon: 15 cents/reg. roll equivalent Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Toilet Paper w/coupon!
-Amazon: 55% OFF Glad Trash Bags with stackable sales and discounts!
-EARN UP TO $25/HOUR with Shipt (AWESOME Side Gig for Extra Cash!)

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  1. liz anderson says

    I wonder if it is 50 per week? or if you already got 50.00 back if you are disqualified? I was wondering if anyone bought more than one piece of furniture and if you got the points you were expecting back like 90% of the price. I bought two and I dont know if I got the points because they are hard to keep track of. I also ordered 50.00 of stuff to get free shipping and received the wrong items. I got a couple containers of stickers instead of 2 lipglosses and a pair of pants. I called the company and they wouldnt give me free shipping on the items even though it was their mistake. They gave me 20.00 in points but when i looked at the total they took 70.00 worth of points from my account. They said to get the items i needed to get free shipping I would have to pay 30.00 more and had to do it right then. The items came out to 50.00 but it was a total scam because they charged me 70.00 worth and didnt give me my points back from the previous transaction and i wasnt able to get the deal that was going before or use coupons I had before. SO be careful. I really should have been writing down every transaction and how I did it with what coupons etc so they wouldnt try to trick me in the end. I bet the guy was laughing saying how stupid americans are after all.

    • Steve Pinski says

      Wow, that is terrible. No wonder Kmart is struggling these days. Bad customer service.

    • This kind of thing has happened to me over and over recently. I order things that say I will get X amount of points back, my confirmation email says I got X amount of points back, and even my delivery email says I got X amount of points back. It isn’t until I log onto my account and check each order that I see that I actually did not those points, or received less than all 3 confirmations stated. When you try to return the package, the packing slip doesn’t have the order number anywhere on it so the only thing you have to verify it by is the tracking number. This is very sneaky, especially if you have multiple orders or the same item. Another time I received the wrong size shoes and they would not send me the correct ones without taking away all the points I earned for them. I asked why I was being penalized for their mistake?! Then they offered me a 10% off coupon for my next purchase. Why would I want to spent more money when you can’t even get the first order right? So like Liz mentioned.. BE CAREFUL!!! Keep track of everything!

  2. Wow! Thanks for posting. I hope this works.