Kmart – FREE Paper Towels, Toilet Paper and Trash Bags after SYWR points (NO LIMIT!)


As I mentioned earlier, you can go to (or in-store) and stock up in a HUGE way on store brand items. Through 1/28/17, you will get 100% back in points for your Smart Sense Health, Beauty, Household or Food purchase of $10 or more! You will also get the regular 1% back in points too. Go here to check out the Smart Sense products available online.

DO NOT pay with points. Points earned are awarded the next day and are valid to redeem for 14 days.

How often do we get free paper towels, bath tissue and garbage bags? Here are a few deals I think are pretty nuts…

Smart Sense Paper Towels, pick up a few packages to hit that $10 minimum and you will get 100% back in points, making them FREE!

Smart Sense Bath Tissue, buy the Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong 24 double rolls for $10 and get them FREE after points. (If those sell out, you can buy multiples of smaller packages and hit the $10 minimum to earn the points.)

Smart Sense Trash Bags, buy one of the big boxes that are priced over $10 and get it for FREE after points. (You could also choose to buy smaller boxes totaling $10 or more and earn 100% back in points.)

Even better…start at Topcashback and use their site to navigate to Kmart’s web site. You will earn 2-4% cashback on all of your purchases, making these deals even better than free after points.

Want more great Kmart tips? Add Wayland (from our Couponaholic team) as your Shop Your Way Rewards Personal Shopper! It’s free, plus he sends out some outstanding coupons to his “clients.”

-HUGE $1.50-$1.84 MONEYMAKER on Biotene at Walmart/Meijer
-Another New $3/1 BIC Razor coupon (plus moneymaker deal)
-Target: $2.99 for BIG Tide & Gain Laundry products!
-Rare $1/1 & $1/2 Ready Pac Salad Printable Coupons!
-HURRY - High-Value $1/1 Silk Half Gallon printable coupon!
-FREE $3 Visa Digital Gift Card when you join ShopTracker
-Rare High-Value $4/1 & $2/1 CVS Training Pants printable coupons

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  1. So I could buy as much as I want, get an equal amount in SYWR, donate all the product to charity and then use the reward points to buy something I want/need?

  2. Is this all week 1/1- 1/7? Also I can buy 100$ in TP and get 100$ in syw point???

    • Steve Pinski says:

      This runs through 1/28, but I think they will have a hard time keeping these items in stock for you all month long.

  3. Patrina Johnson says:

    So if we buy $10 in products, can we use those points to use on the next transaction?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      No, if you pay for a transaction in points it will reduce the amount of points that you earn. The points earned are based on how much you pay out of pocket.

  4. I added some items to my cart & went to checkout, but had shipping applied.
    It read like if it was a “sold by Kmart” item that over $30 was free, but it was
    charging shipping on a couple of items…any idea?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Maybe some items have a shipping surcharge because of their weight or bulk? I haven’t followed through on doing an order yet, so I haven’t looked closely at why they might be charging shipping on some items.

  5. IF you use a gift card to pay , do you still accumulate points?

  6. I rarely shop at Kmart, but I do have a 5 off 25 purchase that was emailed to me. Does anyone know if I can use the 5 off 25 and still get points for the $20 worth of items that I’m paying for?

  7. There are alot of coupons online that can be clipped to card to use in store an online. I seen at least 5 of them that would work on these deals but worried i wont get my points???

  8. Justine Gerardo says:

    If I buy the toilet paper at $11.97 and then get back 100% in points can I buy another one in a different transaction and pay with those points and so on …

    • Steve Pinski says:

      No, the points do not roll. The points you earn are based on how much money you spend out of pocket.

  9. And it’s more than just these items. It is literally every single Smart Sense product. My wife and I just loaded up on $125 in products for free. The points will go toward our son’s birthday presents :).