ShopRite: $85+ of NEW digital store coupons available!


shoprite-logo-300x232We have a new batch of ShopRite eCoupons available today. Hurry over and grab anything that interests you. Note that you can only have 207 clipped eCoupons on your account at any one time. These are store coupons, so you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings. Here are the new coupons you will find today at the ShopRite eCoupon site:

$1/1 Arm & Hammer 2X Laundry Detergent 13.9-oz. pkg., 18 to 22-ct., Ultra Power Paks or 43.75 to 50-oz. btl. Liquid. Any Variety. exp 12/24/16
$1/1 Auricchio Grated Sunday Cheese Blend Product of Italy 7oz. exp 12/24/16
$1/2 Bagel Bites Any Variety (40 ct) 31.1-oz. pkg.. exp 12/24/16
$1/2 Cape Gourmet Cooked Mussels when you buy TWO (2) 2-lb. bag, Frozen. exp 12/24/16
$1/2 Stayfree and Carefree Assorted Varieties (Excluding 22ct Stayfree Ultra Thin ) 16 – 24ct. pkg. or Carefree Shields Original Body Shape Ultra Long Thong or Thin2Go 42ct – 60ct. exp 12/24/16
$1/1 Energizer Batteries pkg., 12 ct. AA Eco Advanced or 16 ct. AA or AAA , 8 ct. C or D or 4 ct. 9-volt Max Batteries.. exp 12/24/16
$1/1 Fight’ n Tomato Pizza 29-33.2 oz. pkg., Any Variety (Frozen Foods). exp 12/24/16
$1.50/1 Friendship Cottage Cheese when you purchase one Friendship Cottage Cheese Any Variety 1 lb. cont.. exp 12/24/16
$1/1 Kraft Mayonnaise 22-oz. squeeze btl. or 30-oz. jar Any Variety. exp 12/24/16
$2/2 Lipton Pure Leaf Sweet Tea Any Variety 59z. cont.. exp 12/24/16
$.50/1 Mrs. Butterworth’s Pancake Mix 32-oz. box. exp 12/24/16
$.50/1 Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup Any Variety 24oz.. exp 12/24/16
$.50/1 Pantene Air Spray Smooth Flex or Strong Hold Aerosol 7oz.. exp 12/24/16
$.50/1 Pantene Expert Shampoo Conditioner or 8 – 9.6oz.. exp 12/24/16
$1 off per lb Pecanwood OR BBQ Rib Tips – Must 1 Buy 1 lb – Limit 1.. exp 12/24/16
$1/1 Pier 33 Gourmet Mussels 16 oz. pkg., Frozen, Select Varieties. exp 12/24/16
$1/3 ShopRite Kitchen Store Prepared Oven Stuffer Roast Chicken 55oz. and (2) Reser’s Signature Mashed Potato 20-24 oz. , Select Varieties.. exp 12/24/16
$.50/1 Cha! Sriracha Sauce 18 oz. btl.. exp 12/24/16
$2/2 Tropicana Premium Lemonade Any Variety 59 oz. cont.. exp 12/24/16
$.50/1 Wet Ones Wipes 24ct. Singles pack or 40 ct. Canister, Citrus, Antibacterial Orginal.. exp 12/24/16
$1 off 1 lb Hormel DI LUSSO® Genoa Salami, Sopressata, &/or Calabrese – Must 1 Buy 1 lb – Limit 1. exp 12/25/16
$1/2 1893 by the makers of Pepsi , any variety (12 oz.). exp 12/31/16
$1/1 AMP Energy (16oz).. exp 12/31/16
$1/2 Kaukauna Port Wine, Sharp or Extra Sharp Cheese Spreads 6.5 oz.. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 BROOKSIDE Chocolates (5oz or larger).. exp 12/31/16
$1/2 Diet Pepsi Products any variety (20 oz.).. exp 12/31/16
$1/4 Goodness Knows snack bars any variety 1.2-oz.. exp 12/31/16
$1/2 Honees Cough Drops Lemon or Honey 20ct.. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Marley’s Coffee 8 oz. Bag.. exp 12/31/16
$1 off per lb. on New York State Cheddar White or Yellow Cheddar.. exp 12/31/16
$1/2 Next Organics Chocolate Bars 3-4 oz.. exp 12/31/16
$2/5 Pepsi Cola Bottles (2 Liter). exp 12/31/16
$2/2 Pepsi Cola Cans (12oz 12pk). exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Pepsi Mini-cans , any variety (7.5oz can 8-pack).. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Pepsi Zero Sugar (12oz. can 12-pack).. exp 12/31/16
$.50/1 Sour Punch Bites Candy Any Variety 9-oz. pouch. exp 12/31/16
$2/2 Wholesome Pantry Organic Instant Oatmeal or Wholesome Pantry Oats Any Variety. 10 – 30oz. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Wholesome Pantry Veggie Burger Any Variety 10oz. pkg.. exp 12/31/16
$1/2 Wholesome Pantry Organic Shredded Cheese 6 oz. pkg. Any Variety. exp 12/31/16
$1/2 Wholesome Pantry Organic Vegetables Any Variety 12oz. pkg.. exp 12/31/16
$1/4 Wholesome Pantry Organic Vegetables Cans. 14.5 to 15.25 oz can Any Variety. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Wholesome Pantry Organic Butter Wholesome Pantry Organic Butter One Pound 16oz pkg. Any Variety. exp 12/31/16
$1/4 Wholesome Pantry Organic Beans Light or Dark Red Kidney Black or Garbanzo 15.5-oz. can. exp 12/31/16
$1/2 Wholesome Pantry Organic Peanut Butter Jar Chunky or Creamy. 16 oz jar. Any Variety. exp 12/31/16
$.50/1 Wholesome Pantry Organic Tea Bags Chamomille Green or Mint Blend 20-ct. box. exp 12/31/16
$0.50.1 Wholesome Pantry Organic Granola 11 to 12 oz pkg. Any Variety. exp 12/31/16
$0.75/1 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Cereal, any variety (12 oz. or Larger). exp 1/7/17
$1.50/1 Right Guard Xtreme Antiperspirant Deodorant product, any size. Excludes Right Guard Sport. exp 1/7/17
$1/1 Smithfield® Marinated Fresh Pork Item . exp 1/14/17
$1/1 Smithfield® Prime Fresh Pork Item . exp 1/14/17
$.50/1 EDWARDS Pie, any variety (22.4 oz. or larger). exp 1/21/17
$1/1 Farm Rich Item, any variety (9.5oz & larger) exp 1/28/17
$1/2 Hefty Foam Plate Products, any size or variety exp 1/28/17
$1/2 HERSHEY’S COOKIE LAYER CRUNCH bars (1.4oz). exp 1/28/17
$1/2 PLANTERS Mixed Nuts or Cashews (8 oz or larger). exp 1/28/17
$0.75/2 PLANTERS Peanuts (6 oz or larger). exp 1/28/17
$1/2 Quaker Real Medleys, any size or variety. exp 1/28/17
$2/1 Sundown Naturals® Adult Gummies, any size or variety. exp 1/28/17
$1/1 VELVEETA Mini Blocks, any size or variety. exp 1/28/17
$15/1 NicoDerm (14ct.) or Nicorette product (72ct. or larger). exp 2/18/17
$0.55/1 Frigo Cheese Items, any size or variety. exp 2/25/17
$10/1 alli OTC weight loss aid (120ct) exp 3/11/17
$1/1 Smucker’s Fruit & Honey Fruit Spread, any size or variety. exp 3/11/17

Thanks LRWC.

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