New $0.75/1 Progresso Broth printable coupon and SavingStar offer = MONEYMAKER or $0.17 at Publix!


progresso-brothWe have a new $0.75/1 Progresso Broth printable coupon and SavingStar cashback offer. The timing is great if you have a Publix nearby; these will be dirt cheap or a moneymaker. Here’s the link to the new coupon:

$0.75/1 Progresso Broth printable coupon (preclipped)
***Also activate $0.75/1 Progresso Broth SavingStar offer

At Publix (50% BOGO stores):
BUY ONE PROGRESSO BROTH 32 OZ, on sale BOGO $2.59 ($1.30 for one)
Get $0.75 cashback from SavingStar for buying Progresso Broth
Use one $0.75/1 Progresso Broth printable coupon (preclipped)
Price at Register: $0.55, but get $0.75 cashback from SavingStar

At Publix (TRUE BOGO stores):
Get $0.75 cashback from SavingStar for buying Progresso Broth
Use two $0.75/1 Progresso Broth printable coupons (preclipped)
Price at Register: $1.09, but get $0.75 cashback from SavingStar
NET PRICE: $0.34 (or 17 cents each!)

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  1. I’m not really sure if this is the place to to let loose about the new BS but here I go…I just tried to print off 2 new computers and it doesn’t work! Even when you do put in the code from the phone it doesn’t print.Just a heads up I was trying to print from the Betty Crocker site which has the higher value broth/stock coupon. On my old computer it was no problem getting the coupons (no stupid code needed. I guess old computer old software) This will be the end of my couponing I guess….so sad.

    • I have a Lenovo laptop running Windows 7 Pro and a Dell desktop running Windows 10.

      About a month ago on the laptop, prompted me to verify the device with a mobile phone number. I provided the number, got the verification code by text, entered the code into, and have been printing since. I am, however, frequently (seems frequent anyway) prompted to download the new print software when I print from or Bricks, but I have never again been asked for a mobile phone number and my coupons have never failed to print so long as I followed the prompts to update.

      On the desktop, I have never been asked for a mobile phone number, and I can’t recall that I’ve been asked to download any new updated print software on that computer.

      However, I just remembered that my Avast Antivirus program thinks the new software is a threat, so whenever I am prompted to download the updated software on the laptop, I have to disable Avast for 10 minutes until the update is complete, then I can print normally. I also have Avast on the desktop, but I never get any threat warnings.

      I printed the weekly Betty Crocker coupons this morning from both devices. Nothing odd happened.

      • I have had the same thing happen to all 4 of my computer, but my anti virus is AVG. It too, thinks that is a threat. I’ve had to do the same thing (disable it while updating) and have had no problems at all printing.
        As an FYI, when I do get to the screen that prompts for the mobile number, I just click the section under it that indicates “I’d rather download the coupon printer” (Or something like that). It then switches over on BRICKS and I am able to print with no issue here either.

        I did read an article about Major, major, major changes that are coming to (and they are not good).
        I think this link might take you there:

        • Thanks for your responses. I have Avast and yes it is a hassle to turn it off just to print coupons! All I can say is this REALLY SUCKS! The bad part is not getting any coupons not just less of them. Like I said above I tried on two new computers to get the prints only to be told on one I did get the prints. Unless stores start taking invisible prints I DID NOT GET ANY PRINTS! The other computer straight said I could not print. If you can’t get a certain number of prints its not really worth the time to do it. I guess I’ll just be shopping at Aldi’s more where its cheaper even though no coupons are used. Still I’ll miss the free and really cheap stuff….oh well all good things must come to an end I guess.