UBER (My Favorite App!) – Score a FREE Ride (up to $10) with my referral code (Plus MY TIPS for new users!)


uberAre you familiar with UBER? It is a ride-sharing app that is kind of like a taxi on-demand service, BUT CHEAPER and BETTER SMELLING (AND NICER) CARS! It is my favorite app on my phone and it is one of my roommate’s too (for different reasons!)

Right now you can download their app through my referral link and score a $10 ride credit towards your first ride. (If your first ride is less than that, your ride is completely FREE!) Note that the size of the credit varies by city location, so it could be slightly different. And Uber is a HUGE company worldwide; in addition to most places in the USA, Uber is in 58 countries around the world!


Why do we like Uber?

She (the roommate) likes the app because it has saved her hiney in quite a few pinches. There was the time her car wouldn’t start for work. Rather than wait around for an unreliable cab company to show up (and quite slowly at that), she opened up her app and had a ride within 5-10 minutes. Even better, Uber’s current rates are about 60-70% LOWER than the cab companies in our area.

That wasn’t the only time Uber saved her skin. She’s had a few happy hours over the last few years that got…perhaps…a little too “happy”…if you know what I mean. Every time, Uber got her safely home (and without wrecking her wallet.)

I have a totally different reason for loving Uber.

You may not know this, but The Couponaholic (yeah, I just called myself that) doesn’t have a car. I own a house about 30 blocks from downtown St. Petersburg and I work from home. It just doesn’t make sense to own one…especially because I have two Publixes, a 24 hour Walgreens and CVS, a post office, a Winn-Dixie, and office supply store, a few banks and a bunch of restaurants all within 10 blocks of my house. On a nice day, I’ll bike about 40 blocks to Target (as long as I’m not stocking up too much!)

But sometimes it rains. Other times I have a flight to catch. And sometimes I’m going to meet some friends out for a drink or a meal.

That’s when Uber comes in to the picture. They’re fast and reliable, dirt cheap compared to cabbing it, and sometimes it’s too hot or wet to jump on a bike.

My point is this…whether you’re like me and don’t keep a car of your own, or if you’re like Stephanie, who just needs it as a backup plan for the days when things just go a little haywire, you should have Uber on your phone.

So go here to sign up and you’ll score your first ride free. You can enter promo code stevel8323ue to make sure you get the free ride (up to $10 value.)

1) Avoid “surges.” Surges are high demand times when fares have a multiplier (like 1.2x, 1.4x…sometimes more.) That means that you want to avoid rush hour (if possible) and avoid times like bar closing times too 😉 Now don’t worry…Uber always tells you about surges before you commit to taking a trip.
2) I also try to request my Uber about 3-5 minutes before I actually want it. That way they will be here when I’m ready. Also, if I try to get a ride and find there’s a “surge price,” I can try again a few minutes later and see if the surge has ended. (Sometimes they just last a few minutes.)
3) Carry a few extra bucks for a tip. Uber drivers are not allowed to ask for tips in any way, but they will take them (and they appreciate them!)

NOW GO SIGN UP FOR UBER! (You’ll get a free ride for signing up through my link and I will get a free ride for referring you once you take your free ride.)

If your free ride doesn’t load to your account automatically, enter this promo code: stevel8323ue

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  1. That’s awesome Steve! I didn’t know you don’t have a car but seems like you get around just fine. I always thought it’d be very hard to not have a car in our area (although Clearwater is slightly less “happening” than DTSP) but you prove it can be done! And save money on insurance and gas at that!!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I have a housemate that works outside the home and has a car, so it’s pretty easy here. I probably spend $100 or so per month on my Ubers and not having a car forces me to get a little exercise.