ShopRite: $120+ of NEW digital store coupons available!


shoprite-logo-300x232We have a new batch of ShopRite eCoupons available today. Hurry over and grab anything that interests you. Note that you can only have 207 clipped eCoupons on your account at any one time. These are store coupons, so you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings. Here are the new coupons you will find today at the ShopRite eCoupon site:

$.50/1 Bailey’s Coffee Creamers Any Variety 32oz. cont exp 11/19/16
$.50/1 Foster Farms Honey Chicken Corn Dog Mini Honey or 13.3-16oz. pkg. exp 11/19/16
$.50/1 French’s French Fried Onions Any Variety 5 to 6-oz. canister exp 11/19/16
$.98/2 Friendly’s 48 oz. Any Variety Dairy Dessert or Ice Cream 48 oz. cont. exp 11/19/16
$2/1 Izze Sparkling Water 4-Pack (Plus Dep or Fee Where Req) (Excluding Organic) 12-oz. Glass Bottles Any Variety 48-oz. tot. wt. btls. exp 11/19/16
$1/2 Lipton Pure Leaf Sweet Tea Any Variety 59z. cont. exp 11/19/16
$1/2 M&M’s Holiday Laydown bags 8-11.4 oz. bags. exp 11/19/16
$.50/1 Penn Maid Cottage Cheese Any Variety 16 o. cont. exp 11/19/16
$.50/1 Penn Maid Sour Cream Any Variety 16 oz. cont. exp 11/19/16
$1/2 Prego or Pace Ready Meals Any Variety 9-oz. pouch exp 11/19/16
$1/1 Rayovac Batteries AA and AAA Brick Pack Only 30ct. exp 11/19/16
$1/1 Sabra Salsas Assorted Varieties 14-16oz pkg exp 11/19/16
$1/1 Sabra Hummus Spreads Honey Mustard Sea Salt and Pepper or Garlic Herb 8.5oz exp 11/19/16
$1/2 Stacy’s Pita Chips Selected Varieties 7.33 – 8oz Pkg exp 11/19/16
$1/2 Stacy’s Bagel Chips Selected Varieties 8oz pkg exp 11/19/16
$1/2 Stacy’s Pita Crisps Selected Varieties 6.75oz pkg exp 11/19/16
$2/1 TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner 28-32 oz. fl oz. btl., (Excluding 25 fl. oz. btl. Natural and Keratin). exp 11/19/16
$2/1 TRESemme Styling Products Assorted Stylers (Excluding Expert Collection Keratin and Aerosol Hair Spray) 6.5 – 10.5oz. or TRESemme’ Aerosol Hairspray 11oz. Assorted Varieties. exp 11/19/16
$.50/1 Brut Solid Antiperspirant or Deodorant 2 oz. solid or 2.5 oz. Round Stick, or Sure Deodorant, 2.6 – 2.7 oz. Solid clear Dry. exp 11/26/16
$1/1 Happy Mama Prenatal Item exp 11/26/16
$1/2 Horizon Organic Sandwich Crackers Any Variety 7.5-oz. box exp 11/26/16
$1/1 Marley’s Coffee 12 count K-Cup exp 11/26/16
$1/2 Metropolitan Gourmet Breadcrumbs. exp 11/26/16
$.25/1 Mulino Bianco Cookies Galletti Baiocchi Cuoricini Pan di Stelle or Girotondi #1 Cookie of Italy 5.29-oz. pkg. exp 11/26/16
$1/3 Pillsbury Refrigerated 8 oz. pkg. Crescent Rolls (Excluding Big Crescents) and/or 12.4-13.9 oz. pkg, Cinnamon Rolls, Any Variety. exp 11/26/16
$1/2 Seeds of Change Rice Any Variety 8.5-oz. exp 11/26/16
$1/1 Stevia Sweetener Blend with Honey 10.58-oz. btl. exp 11/26/16
$.50/1 Wickles Pickles 16 oz exp 11/26/16
$1/1 Baileys Coffee Creamers French Vanilla or Irish Cream 64oz. cont. exp 12/3/16
$0.75/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes (Excludes Potato Buds). exp 12/3/16
$2/1 Dove Men+Care Hair Care or Styling product. Excludes trial and travel sizes.. exp 12/3/16
$1/1 Formaggio Italian Cheese 12 oz Cup.. exp 12/3/16
$2/2 Kellogg’s Special K Protein Meal Bars and/or Protein Shakes, any variety (4 ct. or Larger).. exp 12/3/16
$2/1 NUK or Gerber Cups or Pacifier Items . exp 12/3/16
$1.50/1 Right Guard Xtreme Antiperspirant Deodorant, any size. Excludes Right Guard Sport.. exp 12/3/16
$1.50/1 RIGHT GUARD XTREME Antiperspirant Deodorant Product, any size. exp 12/3/16
$1/1 Sabra Guacomole & Veggie Fusions Classic Spicy or Veggie Fusions 7-8oz Pkg. exp 12/3/16
$1/1 Sabra Hummus Selected Varieties 10 cont. exp 12/3/16
$1/1 Sabra Greek Yogurt Dips W Select Varieties 10oz. Cont.. exp 12/3/16
$2/1 Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime or Styliste Ultime Hair Care or Styling Product, any size. exp 12/3/16
$5/2 Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime or Styliste Ultime Hair Care or Styling Products, any size. exp 12/3/16
$3/1 Schwarzkopf Color Ultime or Keratin Color Hair Color Product, any size. exp 12/3/16
$2/1 ShopRite Allergy Relief Nasal Spray 0.54 fl oz . exp 12/3/16
$1.50/1 ShopRite Pediatric Oral Electrolyte Solution 33.8 fl oz.. exp 12/3/16
$1.50/1 ShopRite 3 Blade Men’s Shave System 1 Razor 1 Cartridge . exp 12/3/16
$1.50/1 ShopRite Organic Honey 12 oz Any Variety . exp 12/3/16
$1/1 ShopRite Protein Fortified Milk Fat Free 64 fl oz . exp 12/3/16
$0.50/1ShopRite Cinnamon Crispy Squares Cereal 12.2 oz . exp 12/3/16
$2/1 ShopRite Aller-Ease 24 HR 30 count . exp 12/3/16
$0.50/1 Hellmann’s or Best Foods Mayonnaise Jar (30oz.), Squeeze (20oz.), Organic (15-24oz.) or Vegan Carefully Crafted (24oz.) exp 12/10/16
$1/1 MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Fit me! Matte+Poreless Product, any size exp 12/10/16
$1.50/3 SPAM Products, any size or variety. exp 12/10/16
$1/1 STAINMASTER Carpet Stain Remover or High Traffic Cleaner, any size exp 12/10/16
$2/1 Puroast Coffee . ezp 12/17/16
$.50/1 EDWARDS Pie (22.4 oz. or larger). exp 12/19/16
$.50/1 MRS. SMITH’S Pie (35 oz. or larger). exp 12/19/16
$1/1 Excedrin (20ct. or larger) exp 12/24/16
$0.75/1 Heinz Mustard, any size or variety. exp 12/24/16
$0.75/1 Heinz BBQ Sauce, any size or variety. exp 12/24/16
$0.55/2 HORMEL Chili Products, any size or variety. exp 12/24/16
$1/2 HORMEL Bacon Toppings Products, any size or variety. exp 12/24/16
$1/2 MARS Holiday M&M’S, MILKY WAY, DOVE, MINIS MIX, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS, SNICKERS Brands (3 oz. or larger). exp 12/24/16
$0.50/1 all product, any variety. Excludes trial size. exp 12/31/16
$.75/1 Barilla Sauce product. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Citrucel product, any variety or size. exp 12/31/16
$2/1 Citrucel Item, any size or variety. exp 12/31/16
$0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste 3 oz or larger (excludes 2.8 oz, 2.8 oz bonus, trial/travel size). exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Ex-Lax products, any size or variety.. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Gas-X, any variety (48ct or higher). exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Gaviscon Product, any size or variety.. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Gaviscon, any variety (12 fl. oz. or larger). exp 12/31/16
$1/1 La Brea Bakery item, any variety or size.. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 PowerBar Clean Whey Bar, any variety or size.. exp 12/31/16
$2/1 Prevacid24HR (14ct). exp 12/31/16
$2/1 ProNourish Low FODMAP Nutritional Drink, any variety or size.. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners (4 ct. or larger). exp 12/31/16
$2/1 Slow-Mag Tablets, any variety or size. exp 12/31/16
$1.50/2 TUMS products, any variety (32 ct. or larger). exp 12/31/16
$1.50/2 TUMS products (32ct or larger).. exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Capatriti Olive Oil (Over 9 oz.). exp 1/7/17
$1/2 Coca-Cola 8 pack 7.5 oz. cans . exp 1/7/17
$1/2 Nutella & Go!, any variety (Single Packs).. exp 1/7/17
$2/1 Nutella hazelnut spread jar (13oz or larger) or Nutella hazelnut spread Mini Cups package (10ct only).. exp 1/7/17
$1/1 Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, any variety (5oz or larger).. exp 1/7/17
$1/1 MiraLAX® product exp 1/14/17
$2/1 Benefiber Product, any size or variety exp 1/28/17
$1.50/2 Breakstone Sour Cream or Cottage Cheese (16oz or larger). exp 1/28/17
$1/1 BUSH’S Classic Hummus Made Easy, any size. exp 1/28/17
$1/2 DINTY MOORE, any size or variety. exp 1/28/17
$1/2 Hefty Foam Plate Products, any size exp 1/28/17
$1/1 Hefty Easy Grip Cups, any size exp 1/28/17
$2.50/1 IAMS Dry Cat Food Bag, any size or variety. exp 1/28/17
$1/1 Milo’s Kitchen dog treats, any size or variety. exp 1/28/17
$2/1 PINE MOUNTAIN CASE OF FIRELOGS (6ct or larger). exp 1/28/17
$1/1 Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons, any size. exp 1/28/17
$1/1 Playtex Sport Tampons, any size or variety. exp 1/28/17
$1/1 Playtex Sport Pads, Liner or Combo Pack. Excludes 20 ct. liners. exp 1/28/17
$0.50/1 Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets or Reynolds Parchment Paper (22ct. or larger) exp 1/28/17
$2/1 STARTERLOGG FIRESTARTER (24ct or larger). exp 1/28/17
$2/2 Stayfree Products, any size or variety. exp 1/28/17
$0.50/1 Brut Fragrance, Antiperspirant or Deodorant exp 2/7/17
$0.50/1 Sure Antiperspirant/Deodorant exp 2/7/17

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-Brand New $6/2 Clairol Hair Color printable coupon (preclipped)

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