New & Existing BeFrugal Users: FREE Pie Face! Board Game after cashback (plus opportunity to earn $10 more!)


pie-faceWow, I am excited to see this freebie! Here’s your opportunity to score the awesomely cool Pie Face! board game for free after cashback. If you’ve never seen what this game is like, check out this YouTube video here.

Through 11/18, new and existing BeFrugal users will earn $12.99 cashback when they buy the Pie Face! board game from Walmart through the BeFrugal site.

Also, the new BeFrugal members will have the opportunity to earn an extra $10 in bonus money when they earn their first $25 of cashback.

To avoid hitting a minimum payment threshold, make sure you select PayPal as your cashback payment method when you sign up. That way you will get your $12.99 cashback automatically sent to PayPal without needing to earn $25 of cashback first.

Here are the steps to get this deal:
1. Go to this page on and sign up for your free BeFrugal account (or login to your existing one).
2. Tell us how you want to be paid. Select PayPal for automatic payment within 30 days.
3. Select “Activate Offer” and then complete your purchase at in the browser window that opens.
4. Make sure Pie Face! board game is in cart at checkout.
5. TIP: to avoid paying for shipping, select ‘Free Shipping to Store’ or add other items that bring your total above $50.
6. Within 30 days of your purchase, BeFrugal will automatically send you $12.99 to your chosen payment method. It’s that easy! (Note: Choose PayPal as your payment option to avoid minimum cashback earnings requirements to get the $12.99 paid to you.)

So….go get your FREE Pie Face! Board Game and cross someone off that holiday shopping list!

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  1. So if it says 14.88$ does that mean the deal is over

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure. I suggest contacting BeFrugal. The only thing I see in the terms is that they are paying $12.99. Unlike the Topcashback offers, I don’t see anything about what happens if the price changes and I do not know the answer.

  2. Emilie Ferro says:

    When I go to activate the offer it shows it for sale for $14.88 instead of 12.99. Is this happening to anyone else?

  3. I followed the steps exactly and my order is complete but I’ve yet to get any emails from BeFrugal…even confirming my new acct was setup. I even checked junk mail.
    Is this legit? How long did it take for you to get a BF confirmation?

  4. Question??? I followed the above link on 11-18, signed up, payment as paypal, ordered the game (IT SHOWED 12.99 CASH BACK). I went into my befrugal acct. today and am confused, all it shows a credit of .78???? Shouldn’t it be 12.99? If you please, can you give me some help?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      The price changed before I got around to ordering it. I don’t have a BeFrugal account myself yet, so I’m not sure if that is normal and they make an adjustment later or not.

      • The way you wrote this up, it sounded like you were familiar with this site. I just checked the BBB only to find a Positive of 21% and a negative of 79%. I guess next time I will do my research before clicking one of your links. See below:

        BE AWARE FROM BEFRUGAL.COM. I do a lot of online shopping and used their site for few months to get cashback. It was fine at first and I succeed to make 2 withdrawals, until one day I tried to log in to my account and apparently it was deleted! I asked them on chat what happened and they told me my account was deleted and I am banned permanently. They didn’t agree to tell me why. I tried also on email and phone to get some details, but they didn’t agree to tell me why I’m banned. The representative who spoke with me on the phone slammed the phone down on me. I had there on my balance about 600$ which I earned, 250$ confirmed and the rest pending. This money befrugal earned thanks to me. Now they got my money. I know it’s happened to few other people too. It’s their site and it’s their right to suspend me, but it’s not their right to take my money. They at least should have give me the money I earned through their platform. And not tell me why I was banned?! This is extremely disrespectful. So people, there are plenty of other cashback websties, befrugal is a waste of your time. Do yourself a favor and use other cashback website.

  5. I contacted via chat and found out that the 12.99 CASH BACK is considered a BONUS and you can only receive a bonus and a payout when you have confirmed a total of 25.00. My confirmed total for that Walmart purchase was .78, meaning I still have to confirm another 24.22 before I can get the 12.99 back. So depending on the amount of the cash back % and the amt. you spend it’s not worth the hassle. When I pick up the game @ Walmart, I am just going to return it. I will never go on that site again.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      It said in their terms and listed in my post that if you choose PayPal as your payment option, you don’t have to hit the $25 threshold to get your payment. Did you choose PayPal to get paid?