ShopRite: $135+ of NEW digital store coupons available!


shoprite-logo-300x232We have a new batch of ShopRite eCoupons available today. Hurry over and grab anything that interests you. Note that you can only have 176 clipped eCoupons on your account at any one time. These are store coupons, so you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings. Here are the new coupons you will find today at the ShopRite eCoupon site:

$1/2 Act II Microwave Popcorn Any Variety, 3 pk. 8.25-oz. box exp 11/5/16
$1/2 Bailey’s Coffee Creamers Any Variety 32oz. cont. exp 11/5/16
$1/4 Andrea Pasta Ricotta Cavatelli and/or Ravioli, any variety (Excluding Lobster and Six Cheese), 10-13 oz. pkg. exp 11/5/16
$1/1 Always Infinity Maxi Pads or Tampax Tampons Assorted Varieties, 24 – 48CT Always Infinity With Wings (Excluding Super with Wings) or Assorted Varieties., Tampax Pearl or Radiant, 30-36 ct. (Excluding Essentional). exp 11/5/16
$1/2 Campbell’s Kettle Style Soup 15.5-17 oz. container, including Organic. exp 11/5/16
$.50/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes Any Variety Specialty Potatoes 4.6 to 7.2-oz. box exp 11/5/16
$10/1 Crest Whitestrip Professional Effects 20 ct. box. exp 11/5/16
$5/1 Crest Whitestrip Vivid 10 ct. box. exp 11/5/16
$.50/1 Nathan’s Beef Franks Any Variety (Excludes 14oz Cocktail Franks & 12oz Natural Casing Franks) 10.5-14z. pkg. exp 11/5/16
$1.15/2 Nabisco Snack Crackers 3.5-9.5 oz. box of Triscuits, Good Thins or Wheat Thins, Any Variety (Excluding Stoned Wheat Thins). exp 11/5/16
$1/2 Wholesome Pantry Fortified Eggs ,large, 1 Dozen carton. exp 11/5/16
$3/2 Nivea Lip Care Any Variety .17oz. Pkg. exp 11/5/16
$2/5 Hunt’s and Chef Boyardee -Hunt’s Manwich Sloppy Joe Mix 15.5-oz. can, Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding 4-Pack or Chef Boyardee Micro Meals 7.25 to 7.5-oz. tub or 14.5-15 oz. can, Any Variety-Mix or Match! exp 11/5/16
$1/2 Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner 23.7 oz. btl., Assorted Varieties (Excluding 2 in 1 Dry Scalp). exp 11/5/16
$1/1 NyQuil & DayQuil Liquid Original or Cherry 12fl.oz. btl. or 24ct Nyquil Dayquil(Excluding Severe Cold & Flu) exp 11/5/16
$2/1 Schick Hydro or Intuition Razors Hydro 5 System Razor or refill, 1-8 ct. (Excluding Power Select), Hydro Silk System Razor or Refill, 1-4 ct. or Intuition/Quattro, 1-8 ct. exp 11/5/16
$2/2 U By KotexLightday Liners, 40-74 ct. pkg., Security Pads, 14-28 ct. pkg. or Security Tampons, 18-21 ct. pkg. exp 11/5/16
$3/2 Green Mountain or Swiss Miss Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, 10-12 oz. Ground or 12 ct. K-Cups and/or Green Mountain Coffee, 12 ct. K-Cups (Excluding Newman, Donut House & Coffee House). exp 11/5/16
$2/1 ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep Aid Soothing Mango Berry Warming Berry and Calming Vanilla Cherry 12 fl.oz. 24 ct. Liquid Caps exp 11/5/16
$1/1 Morning Star Farms 8 oz. – 12 oz. packages. exp 11/5/16
$.50/1 Sir Bananas Bananamilk Low Fat Chocolate or 64oz. cont. exp 11/5/16
$1.80/18 Libby’s Vienna Sausage Pork or Chicken 4.6-oz. can exp 11/5/16
$3/1 Crest 3D Whitening System 2 step system-1 Tube 4 oz. & 1 Tube 2.3 oz. exp 11/5/16
$2/1 Aleve Pain Reliever 40 to 200 ct any variety exp 11/5/16
$3/1 Adult Robitussin 12 Hour, any size exp 11/5/16
$1/1 Infants’ Advil, Children’s Advil, Children’s Robitussin or Dimetapp product, any size exp 11/5/16
$1/1 AXE Daily Fragrance Spray. Excludes trial and travel sizes. exp 11/5/16
$1 off per lb. on Black Bear Ham store sliced, Maple Glazed, Classic, Lower Sodium, or Peppered Prosciuttini Ham. exp 11/5/16
$1 off per lb. on Margherita store sliced Hard or Genoa Salami, Zesty Stick or Slicing Pepperoni. exp 11/5/16
$1/2 Kellogg’s Froot Loops Cereals (8.7 oz. or Larger, Any Flavor, Mix or Match) exp 11/12/16
$1/2 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereals (10.5 oz. or Larger, Any Flavor, Mix or Match) exp 11/12/16
$3/1 DUO Fusion product (20 ct. or larger) or Zantac product (24 ct. or larger) exp 11/12/16
$1/1 Icelandic Provisions Skyr 5.3 oz. cup in any flavor. exp 11/12/16
$1/1 Kraft Mayonnaise 22-oz. squeeze btl. or 30-oz. jar Any Variety exp 11/19/16
$1/2 Sargento Shredded Cheese Products, any variety or size. exp 11/26/16
$3/1 MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Shadow, any variety or size. Excluding Expertwear Monos. exp 11/26/16
$1/1 GARNIER FRUCTIS Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment. Excludes 2.9 oz & 3 oz trial size. exp 11/26/16
$1/1 GARNIER FRUCTIS Style Product, any variety. Excludes 2 oz trial size. exp 11/26/16
$2/1 MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Mascara or Liner, any variety or size exp 11/26/16
$0.50/1 COTTONELLE Toilet Paper (6-pack or larger) exp 11/26/16
$1/1 Advil Cold & Sinus, Advil Sinus Congestion & Pain or Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief product, any size exp 11/26/16
$1/1 MAYBELLINE face product, any variety or size exp 11/26/16
$0.55/1 COTTONELLE Flushable Cleansing Cloth (42 ct or higher) exp 11/26/16
$0.75/3 Betty Crocker Baking Mix or Frosting any flavor/variety exp 12/3/16
$2/1 POISE Liners (Not valid on 14-26 ct. Liners) exp 12/3/16
$2/1 POISE Pads (Not valid on 10 ct. Pads) exp 12/3/16
$2/1 POISE IMPRESSA Bladder Supports Sizing Kit or Size 1, 2 or 3 (6 ct. or larger) exp 12/3/16
$2/1 DEPEND Real Fit or Silhouette Product (8 ct. or larger) exp 12/3/16
$2/1 DEPEND Underwear (8 ct. or larger) exp 12/3/16
$2/1 DEPEND Shields or Guards for Men (8 ct. or larger) exp 12/3/16
$2/1 DEPEND Bed Protectors (8 ct. or larger) exp 12/3/16
$0.25/1 Palmolive Dish Liquid exp 12/10/16
$10/1 Nicorette Lozenge (72 ct. or larger) exp 12/10/16
$10/1 Philips Sonicare 2 Series plaque control rechargeable toothbrush. exp 12/17/16
$1/1 Energizer Brand Batteries, any size or variety.. exp 12/17/16
$3/2 NIVEA® or NIVEA MEN® Body Wash (16.9 oz. – 25.4 oz.). Excludes 8.4 oz. size.. exp 12/17/16
$0.50/1 popchips Ridges, any variety (3 oz.). exp 12/17/16
$4/2 GARNIER NUTRISSE or GARNIER NUTRISSE ULTRA COLOR Hair Color Products. exp 12/17/16
$1/2 College Inn Stock products, any variety (32 oz).. exp 12/17/16
$1/3 College Inn Broth products, any variety (32 oz).. exp 12/17/16
$1/1 Preparation H product, any size or variety. exp 12/17/16
$1/1 Purina Dog Chow Natural brand adult food or Purina Puppy Chow Natural brand puppy food 3.8lb or larger bag. exp 12/17/16
$10/1 Nicorette 72ct. Lozenge or Larger. exp 12/17/16
$1/1 Hefty Trash Bags, any variety or size exp 12/31/16
$0.55/1 Holland House Cooking Wine (16 oz.) exp 12/31/16
$2/1 SSenokot, Senokot-S, or SenokotXTRA Product, any size exp 12/31/16
$1.50/1 Orgain Organic Protein Almond Milk exp 12/31/16
$1/1 Merkts Beer Cheese Spread exp 1/7/16
$0.45/1 International Delight Seasonal Coffee Creamer exp 1/14/17
$1/1 L’Oreal EverStrong, OleoTherapy, EverPure, EverCurl, EverSleek, or EverCreme Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment product, any size exp 1/14/17

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