New CVS Coupon Policy Released


cvs-logoThere’s a new CVS coupon policy today. I haven’t had a chance to look it over, but you can view it here.

One thing I did notice in my quick glance was that it clarifies that you can use a BOGO sale and a BOGO coupon together to get two items for free. I’m glad they clarified that for those of you whose cashiers try to tell you otherwise.

Let us know if you find anything interesting (because I’m too slammed to go over it with a fine tooth comb right now.)

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  1. I did read all of it and there is one statement that makes no sense:

    “CVS Pharmacy coupons generally cannot be used on sale, promotional or clearance items.”

    I understand that to mean that if shampoo is on sale and I get a red machine coupon for $3/$15 shampoo, I cannot use that coupon on the sale shampoo!

    I hope I am misinterpreting this!

  2. I’m not exactly sure how it all looked before this, but it looks like they (along with Target) will LOWER the value of the coupon if it is higher than the value of the item:

    * Individual coupon value cannot exceed the value of the item it is applied to.
    Example: A $5 coupon for a $4.99 item will result in a $4.99 coupon value.

    And there is a sentence in there that indicates the coupon has to be used “on or before” it’s expiration date. All of my CVS stores in my area have advised that the ECB coupons are good past expiration (for a limited time) and have accepted them. I wonder if that will be changing now for me. (that would not be good 🙁 )

    • I believe it has been a month since all extrabucks I get register on my CVS card among coupons I get from Red Coupon Mashine so I am trying not to risk it and use them before expiration date because for me it was an indicator that they will disappear the same as unused coupons… And it has been around 4 months or so as any CVS in my area does not take any expired coupons even CVS coupons from Red Coupon Mashine.

      • Wow – I must be really lucky because the stores I go to have been wonderful about taking expired CVS coupons and EB! The only ones they couldn’t take were over a month old and they told me they couldn’t override the system to enter them. Otherwise they can.

    • Cvs did enforce the expiration dates on the extra bucks .. I was also told they were good up to two weeks after .. 3 days ago I went with my 50$ extra bucks only to be turned away

  3. I think they just mean when you get those 25% off store coupons, it does not apply to sale items, like it has always been.

  4. I had a bad time with a cashier yesterday over this new policy. Among other things in my cart, I wanted to buy 2 of the Gold Emblem nut bars, with the $2/2 CVS coupon and she refused to take it because the bars only came to $1.98. After asking for a mgr, she told me that she was in charge. I left the store irritated after I told her to cancel the entire sale. I have several ECBs, which I plan to use soon & then I am so done with CVS! 9 times out of 10, they don’t have the items in stock anyway & I leave there feeling frustrated. I can think of so many other things to do with my day. Just tired of spinning my wheels for nothing, in a store that irritates me. No other CVS stores for miles around, so no alternate options for me.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      You should print out the document in this post and take it to her. It explicitly states that she should enter the coupon for $1.98 in the FAQ example on the second page.

    • ladybugpam says:

      It will help to call corporate about that store and let them know about the things at your cvs that irritate you like low stock, cashiers that aren’t educated on the coupon policy, etc. If it were my only option, I’d do what I could to “clean up” my store. Posting on their facebook page can usually get good results if the 800 number is not being helpful enough, good luck!

  5. my local store in NY use to take expired red machine coupons and ECBS up to 14 days after expiration date. I was just informed by their manager that they got a call from Corporate telling them that they are now suppose to only allow the coupons up to 2 days after expiration date. ..he did say that it was from Corporate, so this suggests to me that most CVS systems will be updated soon. I plan on trying to use my ECBs by expiration from here on out…just in case!

  6. Call CVS headquarters and complain. Her attitude will change real quick.

  7. Just got a coupon in e-mail save $2 in store on hair care… EXCLUDES SALE ITEMS!!! and it is not percentage coupon…

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Boo! Well, if there’s no size restriction I’d head straight to the travel size area 😉

  8. I was just told at my store that they will no longer take expired ECBs and they may not have the ability to override the system come September.

  9. One change in there is if the manufacture coupon does not scan they will no longer take it even out of the paper