Kmart: HUGE Moneymaker (UP TO $45 PROFIT) on Mens Jeans!!!! (In Store Pickup!)


jeansTeam Couponaholic now has a Shop Your Way Personal Shopper account! (Shop Your Way Rewards is the loyalty card program for Kmart and Sears.) Personal Shopper is a little bit of a misnomer, it’s more like “Personal Deal Finder.”

There are a few benefits though to having a personal shopper:

  • When you sign up, you’ll get a three month trial to SYW Max, which allows you to get free shipping on orders that are either over $30 or have a single item priced at over $10. There is no Credit Card required and it doesn’t automatically renew.
  • Personal Shoppers have the ability to send out store coupons to clients. What coupons are available tend to vary, but I definitely plan on sending out the best value coupon I can find to all clients on the first day of each Super Doubles.

To add Wayland as your Personal Shopper, you’ll want to head over to Shop Your Way to sign in. You’ll then want to click *here* to make me your personal shopper.

Now on to the deals…

UPDATE: Add a cheap pair of mens shoes or flipflops to add an additional $10 in points!!!

There are currently several overlapping offers over at Kmart that will get you a *ton* of points on buying Men’s Jeans!  I am not sure if you will still earn the points if you use points to pay, so proceed with caution if you are going that route. The best way to do these deals is to just pay for them out-of-pocket. If you do online with shipping and earn too many points, often they will cancel the order, so find items that are available in your store and do in-store pickup.

One of the offers is for Shop Your Way Max members only.  (But you can get a free trial membership by making me your personal shopper.)  There’s no credit card required and it doesn’t automatically renew.  (You can find the details on Shop Your Way Max Here!)  Even without the Max benefit, it is still a moneymaker!

To get an even better deal, sign up or log in at Topcashback. Then use their site to visit Sears or Kmart and earn 4% cashback on your purchases

Buy at least $50 worth of Mens Jeans, price $50
Get 10% back in points when you purchase Sears and Kmart item ONLINE on Members can get up to 20,000 Back in Points. ($5 in Points)
Get $10 (10,000) back in points when you spend $35 or more on Back to School items at Kmart 7/24 – 9/10. Pts to be awarded in 1 day and expire in 14 days. ($10 in Points)
Get $15 back in points (15,000 points) when you spend $15 on Men’s Denim at Kmart. Points issued next day, expire 14 days from receipt. Max 50,000 points per member. ($50 in Points)
Get $10 back in points (10,000 pts) on qualifying purchase of $30 more at SEARS or KMART. (Online only). Bonus pts earned on this offer expire 90 Days from date of receipt. Max 1 per mbr. ($10 in Points)
SYW MAX Members get $20 back in points (20,000 points) when you spend $50 or more on qualifying Kmart Apparel ONLINE. Points to award the next day, and expire in 14 days. Max 20,000 pts per member. ($20 in Points)
Use a points back coupon if you got one!  (I wouldn’t suggest any money off coupons though as that may drop some of the offers.)
Price at Register: As low as $50, but get $95 in SYW Points
Net Price: Up to a $45 MONEYMAKER!!! + 4% from Topcashback!!!


-Align Class Action Settlement = Up to $49.26 FREE MONEY ***NO Receipts Needed***
-HOT Clean & Clear Deals at Amazon (starting at $1)
-HOT RARE New $1/2 Nestle Pure Life Water printable coupons!
-WHOA! Over 400 FREE items at Amazon (after credit towards future purchase!)
-New High-Value $3/1 Neutrogena Acne & $2/1 Clean & Clear Product printable coupons!
-Amazon: AWESOME Gevalia K-Cups 100 ct Deal ($29.63 = less than $0.30/cup!)
-New High-Value $1/1 Mrs. T’s Pierogies printable coupon!
-RARE New $0.55/1 Minute Maid Orange Juice printable coupon!

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  1. Joel Veldt says:

    Add a $2 pair of flip-flops, and increase your bonus points by $10!!!!

  2. Did you try this? I only got $55 in points. Did not get the Back to School points nor the 10% back in points. I don’t have MAX (already used my trial & have been a member a long time), so didn’t get the $20 back in points for that. I did get the jeans for free though which is good!

    • Wayland P says:

      Yeah. I got the full amount of the points. That’s weird.

      • I am not Max & got $55. Hubby is max & got $96 (w shoes)

        • Wayland P says:

          Hmmm. Some of the offers must be Max and not listed as so. Makes it difficult. 🙁

      • Please HELP ME!!!!! It’s only showing 55.00 in points for me to. I tried signing up for Max but it kept going back to the sign up page. Also, when I add up the points you show above, it only comes out to 60.00 and not 95.00. Am I adding it wrong? I’m confused. ;(

        • I was able to sign up for Max and the point value went up to 85.00 and added Men’s 2.00 flip flops for 95,569 points……………you get an extra 10,000 points when you buy men’s jeans and shoes…

  3. This sounds too good to be true!

    Too bad it’s not at Sears, bigger selection 🙁

    Anybody order these yet?

  4. Where did you find those offers?

    I don’t see them in my account?

  5. I did and got 85,000 bonus points, not sure why not 95, but real happy with mm and free jeans. This does not come along too often.

  6. Great job guys!!!

  7. I bought 8 pr of Mens Wranglers for $125.92 and received $92.00 back in points. Can anyone tell me how long the points are good for? I did order mine offline to be shipped, so I know points will not be added till delivered, from what I read.I am a newbie any hep is apppercited.

    • Wayland P says:

      Most are 90 days, some of these are going to be two weeks after the date you receive them though.

  8. Mine was only 55,000.. not a moneymaker, but free so I’m happy! Thanks for introducing me to the world of Kmart! I’ve gotten so many good deals lately!

  9. Can you do the deal twice? It looks like it, as far as I have them in my cart, and it is showing I am going to get $138.00 back in points and spending $62.97. I also used a $5 off $35 apparel. Is that okay? I already did this last night and got $118.73 and spent $72.97.

    • Wayland P says:

      If it looks like you are going to get all the points at checkout, I don’t see why you can’t do it twice. I wouldn’t have thought it would work. But if it does, go for it!