Back Again: INSANE PetCo printable coupons: $10/1 ANY Dog Food & $10/1 ANY Cat Food (with a few restrictions = $0.99 bags!)



HOLY COW! I could not believe my eyes when I saw these two new printable coupons. They are not listed in my tool as available in every zip code, so they could be regional. However, you will want to print these coupons immediately. I did some price checking online and saw a 5.7 lb bag of Iams Dry Cat Food for $0.99. There may be some better dog food deals, but I did spot Purina Puppy Chow 8.8 lbs for $12.47 online, so only $2.47 (over 80% savings) if you find the same price at your store.

$10/1 ANY Cat Food 4 lb bag or larger *excluding Purina Cat Chow* printable coupon (preclipped; possibly regional)
$10/1 ANY Dog Food 8 lb bag or larger *no product exclusions* printable coupon (preclipped; possibly regional)

Although changing zips doesn’t work on their regular site, some people have found success with changing zip codes on the coupon site’s app. Our readers have reported that these coupons are showing up in these zip codes: 79928 and 20602



Note: These coupons say “manufacturer’s coupon,” so you’re not going to be able to stack a manufacturer’s coupon to save more. Both of these coupons printed with an expiration date of 8/20/16.

Deal ideas at PetCo (if online pricing is same in-store):
Use one $10/1 ANY Cat Food 4 lb bag or larger *excluding Purina Cat Chow* printable coupon (preclipped; possibly regional)
NET PRICE: $0.99!

Use one $10/1 ANY Dog Food 8 lb bag or larger *no product exclusions* printable coupon (preclipped; possibly regional)
NET PRICE: $2.47!


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  1. Zip codes please, is regional

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I am not even logged in under a zip code and I don’t have any idea what zip code they think I am located. I live in 33704, but I see coupons for stores that I don’t even have near me.

  2. Just in case you also have a Petsmart near you (in addition to the Petco), they will accept competitor coupons and you could use these there too 🙂

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I wonder if they will take them since the printed coupon says manufacturer’s coupon at the top (even though it’s obviously a store coupon.)

      • I know my store would, because I use Petco coupons that are mailed to me… addition to Petsupermarket ($2.00 off when you spend $10.00) coupons there all the time.

        They even price match !!! Whoa…….I have done that when the Publix across the street was out of Pedigree at the time.

      • Pam Farnsworth says:

        The two zip codes do not have the coupons.

        • Steve Pinski says:

          I still see both coupons on my regular computer, so they are out there. However, zip code changing only seems to work for some folks on the app. It does not work on regular computers. Perhaps that’s why you aren’t seeing them?

  3. Can’t find it; I sure wish I could because it would make a great deal to donate to the pet food pantry!

  4. Stop the presses……………Shut the front door…………Back up !!!

    Now that I have printed the coupons and am reading them, I have to wonder: Since they are MQ’s, why couldn’t they be used elsewhere (e.g. Publix, Walmart, Target).

    The wording on the coupon indicates:
    “Present printed coupon and PALS rewards card to receive this offer. Valid at Petco on in-stock products. blah, blah, blah….Limit one per household. Selection varies by store”.

    It is a MQ from, does not stipulate that you can **ONLY** use it at Petco.

    So wouldn’t you believe it could be used elsewhere too? I think I may have to give it a go !! (as it would be a HUGE MM somewhere like Walmart. 🙂 )

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I think you’re going to have two problems that will make it difficult to use this coupon anywhere other than PetCo. It doesn’t have a regular coupon bar code, so it is extremely unlikely to scan. Also, the coupon has no “remit” address for the store to get reimbursed for the coupon. I wouldn’t advise trying to use it elsewhere. Even if it is accepted, the store’s just going to have to take the loss.

  5. Do you think this will work for Purina One Indoor Advantage? I know it excludes Purina Cat Chow, but I’m wondering about Purina One. Hmm.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      My guess is yes, but I suppose your cashier may be a factor, even if that item isn’t prohibited.

  6. Are the pet coupons gone!!! Couldn’t find them!:(

    • Steve Pinski says:

      They are still there, but they don’t show up for everyone. It is most likely targeted to people in certain areas. That is why we say “regional” in the post.

  7. Stankpipe says:

    Come on what zip code?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I live in 33704, but was not logged in at any specific zip code and they showed up for me.

  8. I used mine at Petsmart. They have a deal “Spend $20 worth of Beneful dog food, get $10”. I bought a 15.5 lb bag for $19.99, used the $10/1 coupon, and a $10 coupon printed out at the bottom of the receipt! I used that to buy a smaller bag of Beneful (6.5 lbs) for $11.49.

    It was kind of hard to find an 8 lb bag of dog food to buy with the original $10/1 coupon but a great deal done the less! Thank you!!!

  9. Tweety in Deland says:

    I logged in and changed my zip code to the 33704 listed and nothin’………….other zip codes that work?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      These other zips are also listed in the post, but I can’t get zip changes to work on my computer and I’ve never been able to get the app to work on my phone. 79928 and 20602

  10. These did not work at my store here in Ca. The mngr said because they don’t scan they won’t take them. I tried to buy the 8lb purina one dry dog food 2 for $20…… So I called corporate and told them they don’t scan so they gave me petco reward $ instead. Then I ordered Iams 30lb dog food for $26.00 minus my credit of $20 made me a happy camper….

  11. No matter what zip code I use, I continue to get the ‘Limit Reached’ message. These coupons haven’t reset for me.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      The post explicitly says they are back for folks that missed them last time. These coupons have not reset. They disappeared a few days ago and showed back up tonight, but have not reset.

  12. I’m on my cell phone, and it’s not linked to a printer. I clicked on the link to the coupon, then I clicked on the print button, and it asked me if my phone was linked to a printer. I answered no, and it gave me the option to email the coupon to myself, so I could print it later.