The Death of Overage and Autodeducts at Target? (Looks like the Coupon Policy is changing!)


target logoMSN Money is reporting a change over at Target. I’m curious if any of you have noticed this change. In the past, some cashiers have allowed overage when a manufacturer’s coupon value (perhaps one without size restrictions) exceeds the value of an item. It looks like that is going to change with the new register software.

Also, without cashier intervention, BOGO, B2G1 and free product coupons would deduct the max value. This may be coming to an end too.

From the article:

Under the previous system, the retailer’s employees were able to override the system when a coupon was rejected. That is no longer allowed, which could lead to longer lines as customers ask for managers and angry shoppers when certain coupons are not allowed.

In addition to taking away some power from cashiers, Target has also eliminated “overages,” the practice of giving cash back when the value of a coupon exceeds the value of the item being purchased…

As for the overages “change,” that was always Target policy, Consumerist reported, but it was up to cashiers to notice and enforce. Now the problem will be spotted by the point-of-sale system taking the human factor out of it.

Apparently, the override key for the cashiers is being disabled in the new software. They will be prompted to attach the coupon to an item if the register doesn’t automatically do it, and that will result in the coupon value being adjusted down to the cost of the item.

Have you noticed this change yet in your store? Comment and let us know.

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  1. Bryan harris says:

    I used (4) $2/1 Gillette coupons at Target self checkout the other day & it took the first 3 at $2 then auto-reduced the 4th one to $1.88 UGH!

  2. I don’t shop at Target often because they are about 30 miles away from me. But essentially won’t Target be making some good money here. I mean if you give a $2 coupon on an item that costs $1.50, then they just pocketed .50 on that transaction. ???

    • Steve Pinski says:


      • If the coupon isn’t taken for the face value and they ring it down essentially then I make them right the value on the face of the coupon they’re giving me. There’s no reason for them to make money on the full value of the coupon. I do this no matter where I shop.

      • My sister and I force stores that do that (don’t give overage) to write the amount authorized on the coupon. So, using the example above, we would make them write “$1.88” on the coupon so they are only reimbursed for that amount.

    • Isn’t that coupon fraud on their half because they get the face value of the coupon when they send it in

  3. Teresa DeArmond says:

    Maybe they could afford to bring back The Target All-Around Scholarship discontinued in 2006 instead of offering scholarships only fashion students and 2 minority groups if they rely so heavily on education????

  4. Sounds illegal if you ask me. Dollar Tree also may be doing this too, unless they are only actually reimbursed for $1 max since that is the highest selling price in their stores. In addition to these stores making money on the coupons, let’s not forget another 8c for handling they get for each coupon used!

  5. Just did “the deal” at Target and without manager’s personal decision it would not be that great but I noticed the tendency in general that it is getting harder and harder to shop for “free deal” at Target…like dial bodywash deal last week either cartwheel or $5 gift cart but not two together…

    So here is what I did today I know it is a little bit off topic but I am just so full of myself that it worked:

    Amope foot file $36.99 ordered online and choosed store pick up. When u buy it online it comes with 2 gift cards $5 and $15. Used $15 coupon at the store. Final price $1.99. Technically I did not break any rules but $15 gift card was only online promotion so it was up to store manager to honor it or not.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Wow, surprised they did that for you. My guess is the gift card promo online was in lieu of being able to use the coupon.

    • question – When you did the pick up at the store, you still paid for it ahead of time, on line right? Then how did it work when you got to Target to use the $15 coupon? I’m assuming you went to customer service and did what exactly? (Thanks for your info on this!)

    • What? You can’t use Cartwheel on a gift card deal? What the Hell?

    • Tania,

      I saw what you wrote about the Amope so I tried it, but I used 2-10.00 target gift cards.
      When I went to the store to pick it up, I ended up getting a VERY nice front end mgr. who had to wrangle it so I would get my online gift cards. He completed my order, then he returned it as if I did not have a receipt which gave me back my credit card pmt, then he gave me the 15.00 cash and the remainder was pmt. It sounds confusing, but it worked. I got it for 1.99 with 4.21 in sales tax. I CANNOT guarantee it will work for everyone though!!!!!!!

  6. Sereina says:

    I’m ok with not being given overage. What I don’t like is this override key being disabled. I know for me the Catalina coupons never work at Target and while generally they just push them through a few times I have had some doozy, woozy smack my head I think this person has the dumb conversations with employees and managers. There is definitely a huge difference at Yarget especially between the big red “x” beep denying a coupon, and the beep that prompts a cashier to look into something further. Like the register asking if product is in purchase. I have always thought as the advent of these changes with overage started happening a few years ago…. It is skeevy of the store, becasue they are definitely being given the full value of the coupon. The clearing house has no ability to change the value. In my humble opinion that savings should be passed onto the consumer not a multi-billion dollar cooperation. But alas it is what it is we will all adapt.

  7. Just another way Target is trying to make up for the drop in sales since conservative customers like myself have stopped shopping there.

  8. Be fortunate. My local Target told a lady in our couponing group that “he didn’t want your kind in here clearing out the shelves for paying customers”. He also stated that to accept coupons was at his discretion. Then because her husband stood up for her, because the manager was treating her like scum, they were both told that if they step into the store again that they would be arrested for trespassing.

  9. Isabelle says:

    Last week i went in with a stack of coupons, the cashier told me that a manager has to ring my items up since i have more than 20 coupons. and the manager told me that she can only use 2 of the manufacture coupons for items even if i have one for each item purchased. this stinks…i’m sure i’ll be shopping at Target less now.

  10. My favorite cashier always let the coupons go through for the whole amount, but last week he put in the actual price of the item, so I guess my store has the new software.

    Just last week I used Cartwheel, coupons and got a gift card so I’m not sure what Pat’s comment was about.

    I agree that it’s coupon fraud for Target to get reimbursed full price for the coupon if the item costs less!

  11. I just used the $3 off coupon on the $2 Hot Pockets and had no trouble using the overage on the rest of my total.