CVS Shopping Scenario for Beginners 7/17-7/23


CVS-scenarioHere is your CVS easy shopping scenario for beginners for the ad that starts on 7/17 and runs through 7/23/16. If you did the transactions for the most recent sale, then you have $11 Extra Bucks (one $5 and two $3) leftover to start the new ad.

If you want to see the full weekly ad and coupon matchups for the 7/17 CVS ad, go here. If you are shopping later in the week, I recommend that you check our CVS Category to see if there have been any new developments since this scenario was originally written.

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  1. Sheri Martin says:

    Holy Moly ! So I just walked out of CVS. My CVS’s new ad starts in the evening and overlaps the last day of the sale. So I bought the following:

    1 transaction

    5 Tides 2.94 each
    1 garnier product 3.79
    1 Crest white strips 19.99 ( yes it rang up @ 19.99 !!! What !?!? )

    Use 5-$2 off the Tides
    1- $1 off garnier
    1 – $10 off crest white strips
    And 1 $10 ECB from last week

    Total out of pocket $7.48 + $2 tax $9.48

    Then I got that awesome $12 ECB

    Then I decided to buy another white strips
    Rang up again @ 19.99 – $10 coupon

    9.99 + 1.40 tax – 11.39

    Then got another $12 ECB

    Yay me !!!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Looks good except the $2/1 Tide coupons exclude the Simply varieties that were on sale for $2.94. Amazing deal on the Whitestrips!

      • Sheri Martin says:

        The tide coupons I had actually had a picture of the Simply Varieties !!! 🙂

        • Steve Pinski says:

          Get outta here. They didn’t say Simply was excluded?

          • Sheri Martin says:

            NOPE !!! I had a bunch that I had printed out a few weeks ago…. they even had the picture of the Simply on them …

            I obviously couldn’t use my 30% off the white strips because I got them at the sell price (which came out better anyway) Gotta figure out something else to use it on…

            Got LOADS of laundry detergent in the past 2 weeks… hahahahah 🙂

  2. Help Steve! Just got back from CVS and the Zantac $5 CVS coupon only took off a whopping .50! The cashier caught it and said she would make it for 3.99 but couldn’t put in the entire $5 because the product rang up $8.99 and the $5 manufacturer coupon had already been applied! Should I have given her the $5 CVS coupon first and then the man coupon? I didn’t think it mattered the order in which coupons were presented! What do ya think? I had her remove the product from the transaction at which time she told me to watch when I do use this coupon to make sure I get more than the .50!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      My guess is that it is coded wrong. $0.50 is an odd amount. But since it is off by a decimal place, I’m thinking it was just put into the system incorrectly.

  3. Deborah says:

    I just came back from my 24 hour CVS and I was able to do the Tresemme deal with the travel size and it worked with no problem.

  4. OK Guys, here we go again! Just got back from another cvs store in a different town and tried once again to do the zantac deal. This time the manager who was checking me out and wanted to convince me that she knew coupon policies inside and out would not accept any part of the cvs $5 Zantac coupon saying it was also a manufacture coupon (i had already given the $5 man c/o) ! She told me the register read “duplicate” coupon! Is anyone else out there having issues using both coupons? Is the cvs one just being “pushed” through for everyone? Second dilemma: I had a $2 off tresemme cash register receipt coupon (no exclusions) that did not go through! The cashier said it was because the hairsprays were travel ones. She did refund me for this after the transaction. Lastly, my $1 personalized colgate mouthwash coupon did not show up on the receipt and manager told me it was because I gave her my ecb’s at the end of the transaction and once the register “reconfigured” (her term, not mine) the transaction, it “kicked” it out! I told her it should not have made a difference, one has nothing to do with the other and she told me to give all coupons at one time, not to wait for a subtotal! She told me she’d have to give it to me back on a money card, and I asked what about a $1 ecb to which she replied she could not. She ended up giving me back $1 cash. By now the line was getting long but for the first time in my life I DID NOT care because this wasn’t my mistake! What am I missing? I’m sure she was sent to this store to keep it from getting “dinged” as she put it because of voids and refunding of missed coupons. She said there are some couponers that are ruining things for everyone else and I politely told her that I am NOT one of them and just want what is fair. I really think they are trying to discourage any couponing involving both cvs and man. coupons! What am i missing here?

  5. Oh my gosh! So sorry for this rant! I didn’t realize I had typed a whole book! Apologizing for the time I am taking up for you all to read this. I am just really frustrated!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I read it all, but I’m a bit swamped. Sorry you’re having trouble with your store.

  6. Josephine says:

    Great trip today. Glad Riteaid is back in the freebie zone. 2 Finesse, 4 Hostess, 2 black forest candy, 2 Colgate mouthwash, 8 lays snacks. Cost with tax 16.82 got 10.00 plenti, 2 I Botta, 1 savings star. Good shopping trip.

  7. Josephine says:

    Sorry I meant to put this on the time aid page

  8. Sandra Wilson says:

    That what I drive 15 to 25 min. out of my way because I live 5 min. from a CVS and they never hardly take my coupon and give me so much trouble. So it worth it to me to drive that far. I go to these other store and they never give me any trouble. Esp. the one in a town call Commerce TX. they are so nice and the manger is fair and know what she doing and know the rules. I have did many survey on them with high marks.

  9. In response to Bev….in my experience if have CVS coupon and a Manufacture coupon and stacking for a product for which there will be overage…ALWAYS give the CVS coupon first….if not the machine beeps or deducts. Just my experience with it.

  10. Also…for Bev…make sure that your coupon total doesn’t exceed your total because then “yes”…the CVS coupons will be reduced. Can happen easily with a % off total purchase coupon since sometimes hard to calculate the total. Although it is typically taken out of any ECBs… if using.

  11. Thank you Mari for your advice! I will definitely try this deal before the end of the sale or get a raincheck and try at a later time. I sure do appreciate you all trying to lend me a hand! Love, love, love this site and all the great scenarios and responses to the comments of all of us! I can’t thank everyone enough!