CVS: MONEYMAKER Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel with big $5 Extra Bucks?!?


schick-edge-skintimate-cvsI’m seeing some conflicting reports on this Edge/Skintimate deal. However, multiple folks have said that they have received a $5 Extra Buck for buying one Skintimate shave gel. I looked online and these are listed as included in the Buy One Schick Razor System, Get $5 Extra Bucks deal. The Edge Shave Gels are also listed. If interested in this deal, I suggest you snap it up fast. Here’s the scenario:

At CVS (until they change it):
Get $5 Extra Bucks when you buy one Schick Women’s Razor or Refill (seems to include these Shave Gels; pink Skintimate confirmed; limit 1)
Use one $1/1 Skintimate, Edge or Schick Hydro Shave Gel coupon, 6/26 SS insert (exp 7/17 – watch date!)
Price at Register: $2.79, but hopefully get $5 Extra Bucks

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  1. ShannonK says:

    Strawberry Tangerine Skintimate worked for me.

  2. Worked for me. Was able to do it twice (2 adults, 2 accounts) 😀

  3. The pink sensitive skin skintimate worked for me.

  4. Glam Mom says:

    The green sensitive skintimate worked for me.

  5. The cream colored can (sensitive?) skintimate worked for me !

  6. Christal says:

    Worked for me as well thank you

  7. Need some opinion from you guys. Went to CVS to get some diapers for my baby. As I was walking out, my mom asked if I could grab her a cream from there so I said sure. She said I have some extrabucks on my card so if you can please use those. I get to the store and there was this horrible supervisor there who started giving me attitude from the time I said I have a coupon for this cream to use. I told her Im gonna do two seperate transactions as this is for my mother. Have done this many times before without a problem btw. Anyway, she rings it up, uses the ECB and it’s all done. When I start to do my diapers transaction, she goes, nope you can’t use your card. You have to use the previous card again, I was like umm, I told you I was doing two SEPARATE transactions on two different cards and you didn’t say anything then. And no, I don’t HAVE to put anything on the other card. She started being rude and giving me lots of attitude along with explaining the ‘policies’ and what not. So I said ok, if getting something for my mom is such a big deal, then I am going to return her stuff right now, and I am going to use MY card for the diapers. Is that fine? She goes yeah ok. So she starts the return and flat out REFUSES to hand back the ECBs that she is suppose to put on the money card. So I tell her to hand them back to me because I am NOT wasting my ECB especially when I am returning the product. She starts being extremely condescending ranting on about the policies at which point I tell her she doesn’t seem to know the policy herself! And that the coupon/ECB value HAS to be handed back to me on a moneycard. She starts lecturing me on how this wouldnt have happened if I wasnt using two cards and what not. I told her you know what, stop lecturing me on your policies because clearly after you told me I could not use both the cards, I asked you if I could return the other product and you said it was fine. After alot of back and forth, I am like you know what, I do NOT wish to buy anything at this store, give me what you owe me right now I dont have time to waste. I dont care if you have to process this as without a receipt to give me the moneycard but I am not letting you cheat me. She then does it and hands me the card, and I tell her to her face that I have NEVER met any employee at any CVS who has been so rude, condescending towards a customer just because they have coupons to use. And that she WILL be reported by me. I walked out of there literally shaking and in tears, I felt so humiliated. I am never stepping back into that store but I also don’t want this rude woman to be let off easy. What do I do?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      My $0.02…
      1) Technically, it’s one card per household. They have the right to not allow you to use both cards. However, it is inappropriate for them to say “it’s ok” and then change their own rules two minutes later. I think it’s ok for them to limit you to using one card, but I also think it’s fine for them to allow it since the two cards are in different names.
      2) You’re entirely right about the way they handled the return. They shouldn’t give customers an attitude or a lecture. Just process the dang return courteously.
      3) If you’re getting improper service, you should report it to CVS

    • I’d call CVS Customer Service (800 746-7287). Be sure to have Store info, date, time & names if possible. Explain just as you wrote above…let them know your horror at the way it was handled.

      • believe it or not I have a family member who works for CVS. Their number 1 policy is to always make sure the customer leaves happy. They take customer satisfaction VERY seriously and rate their store managers accordingly. I would call customer service as the post above says. I know that this is a company that values their customer’s satisfaction highly, and they would NOT want any employee treating a good customer this way!

  8. Absolutely. I have in the past whipped out my phone (in Target) during a problem and had them handle it. By the time I got to Guest Relations, they were on the phone with Corporate.

  9. I use 2 cards all the time; sometimes during the same visit. There are 4 stores I go to and not one has ever given me a hard time about using 2 cards! The way in which you were treated was an outrage! When I have a problem I don’t call the 800 number. I go right to corporate and ask to speak to the most senior person available. They have a separate customer service department which takes things more seriously than the 800 number. Every time I do that I get immediate assistance, usually a call back from the district manager if it’s as serious as your issue is. Headquarters number is 1-401-765-1500

  10. Thanks guys! I understand some stores might follow the 2 cards policy, however, before I did the transaction, I TOLD the cashier that was for my parents and the next one was mine and she was okay with it. The supervisor however was another story. If you are trying to explain a policy, there’s a WAY to do it. You cannot talk down to a customer. Anyway, reported it to the district office in my city today and called the 800 number also. Both told me this morning the district manager and store manager will be in touch with me, however, noone has gotten back yet.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Good for you! I wish everyone with bad experiences would stand up for themselves

  11. I think it should also be pointed out that even though it says one card per household, many people shop for family members who do not live in their household. The extracare care came with a card and two keychain cards. I keep my mothers card on my keychain. I have a disabled mother who is a senior citizen. She does not live in my house. I would hate to be treated that way because I was buying medicine or household supplies for my mother during a shopping trip just because I bought things with my card as well. Without the clerk knowing the specifics she could not really make a judgment on their household status. Many people shop for other family members for a variety of reasons –especially at a pharmacy of all places–(after the birth of a child, surgery, injury, etc), even if they don’t live in the same household. It sounds to me like she hates her job and was going to find something to complain about no matter what you did. Please call corporate and speak to them about this employee. It might make her think twice before she tries to bully another person. Your complaint may prevent this from happening to someone else. And by the way, there is never a reason for rudeness. Even if she said you could not use the card, she could have apologized and said it is not allowed without all the other nonsense. I love my local CVS. They are absolutely great. But at nearly every other CVS I have shopped at, I have been met with unbelievable rudeness to the point I would even call it hostile.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Great reply, Bev. Agree 100%

    • Great point, so I did ask her that. If my parents are old and stay with me, and I need something urgent for them, you’re telling me they still need to show up in person to use the card? She said yes that’s our policy. Can you believe it?

  12. Sandra Wilson says:

    Does anyone still know if this deal is working.

  13. Does anyone know if this deal is still going?

  14. Natalia says:

    2pm CT bought one pink skintimate and got 5 EB. Thanks!!

  15. Does everybody want to know the secret to getting great service while couponing??

    Be kind. Be friendly and polite. Ask the cashier how her day is going. If you have questions about a transaction or coupon, ask before she’s already rang all your stuff up. Don’t be pushy if there is a legitimate reason a coupon will not work. If you are doing 4 transactions and a person comes up behind you, let them go while you get your next transaction and coupons ready.
    As a cvs employee of 7 years, I’ve rang up a lot of coupouners. I am one of the few that I know of that LOVE doing it. I’m a supervisor and my cashiers know if there is a difficult couponer coming, they can call me and I will handle it with a smile. I’m grateful to watch because Ive learned so much from it and went from being dumbfounded as to how it worked, to having a stockpile that would easily last my family over a year with absolutely every household staple.
    Believe it or not there is a lot of control on our end. Like a previous comment mentioned, we are absolutely focused on service and are told to do just about anything to get a customer to leave happy, including taking coupons. I can override what I want to and let me tell you, if you didnt respond when I greeted you when you walked in, and you ignored me when I said “hello, how are you?” when you came to my register, my chances of overriding any coupons is slim. I will politely explain the system declined it. If you’ve been friendly, smiled, even maybe some smal talk about weather? I’ll override anything I think fits close enough.
    Because of the “make the customer happy” motto, the ramifications for legitimate coupon overrides for real customers (not family or friends) are nonexistent, except for that it comes off of the store managers bottom line, affecting his yearly bonus. Most cashiers don’t give 2 poos about their managers bonus and if you are a friendly enough, will absolutely do what it takes to make you happy.
    How many tubes of toothpaste do we all have?? Enough to give the next one you get for free to a cashier? Trust me, a little kindness goes a looonnnggg way.

    (Oh, and shoutout to the friendly couponer who told me about this site 🙂

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Good advice.

    • Being friendly and having small talk with the cashier should not dictate whether a coupon is pushed through or not. What counts is if the item is bought and the register is corresponding correctly. Those registers don’t work right a lot of the time and its up to the cashier to troubleshoot the problem. If my total doesn’t come out as I expected, the cashier voids the sale and re-rings everything, which always solves the problem. My CVS has the nicest people working there, but it has nothing to do with how I speak to them. They are doing their job and couponers shouldn’t be treated any differently than the rest.

      • Steve Pinski says:

        I think there’s still a good takeaway from her comment. A smile and being polite goes a long way towards getting a potentially hostile cashier to accurately enter your coupons when they don’t scan as they should.

    • I hope you move to my locate cvs.:-)

      I did try to give some goodie to my favor cashier but they said the manager not allow to take it, they will get fired 🙁

  16. Take what you want from it, but when people are upset because their coupons are denied, I guarantee that is the quickest fix. There are lots of situations where it is up to my discretion, for example, a cvs coupon for $2 off $6, but the item a customer is purchasing comes to $5.99. The system rejects this as quantity not met, and it will show up red. A cashier has the choice to follow the policy, or to view it more reasonably and override it anyways (the 98% rule that will make ECBs print at 29.99 for spending $30 does not apply to dollar off transaction amount coupons).
    Should every cashier be completely impartial and follow coupon guidelines exactly? Sure, but that would result in that $2 off 6 being denied. In most cases, that extra friendliness will work in your favor.

  17. I have been away all week. Does anyone know if this ecb is still printing?