RUN to Walgreens! $3+ MONEYMAKER Heinz Ketchup, Mustard and Relish ***NO COUPONS NEEDED*** (UPDATE: Bacon, Hot Dogs & Coffee too?)




UPDATE: CONFIRMED WORKING IN ST. PETE, FL AT 9:30 AND 9:45 PM EASTERN – TWO DIFFERENT STORES! For my neighbors out there, the store at 38th Ave N & 4th St N has both mustard and mayo in stock. The store at 54th Ave N & 9th St N has mustard, mayo and ketchup in stock! The store at 38th Ave N & 4th St N will limit you to one of each item. The other store did not impose any limits on me, but I only did four deals and left TONS of stuff behind for those of you that dart up there ASAP!

UPDATE #2: ONE OF OUR COMMENTERS IS SAYING THAT THIS IS WORKING ON THE Maxwell House Coffee 10.5-11 oz ($2.99-$3.99), Oscar Mayer Wieners 10 pack ($2.49) and Oscar Mayer Bacon 1 lb ($4.99.) Remember that these are all the same deal. Buy one item per transaction and do not use your RR to buy other items in this shocking deal. I have not confirmed these additional possible inclusions personally.

We don’t know if this deal is regional, but it has been confirmed in ID, GA, KY, UT, TX, AZ, OH and MI. I believe it is a glitch that may not last long.

The Heinz Mustard, Ketchup and Relish on sale for $1.99 is producing a $5 Register Reward when you buy one. $3.01 MONEYMAKER and no coupons needed.

Even better, the mustard is a $3.51 MONEYMAKER when you use the $0.50/1 coupon from the 5/15 SS insert.

Kraft Mayo is producing the $5 Register Reward too. They are on sale for $2.99 and there is a $0.50/1 coupon in the 5/1 SS insert. Pay $2.49 and get $5 RR for $2.51 MONEYMAKER!

Either shelves will be cleared soon, products will be removed from shelves or the Register Reward promotion will be fixed in the system. Hurry!

Thanks Hip2Save.

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  1. it is also working on the hot dogs bacon and coffe

  2. Can somebody confirm from California?

  3. I live in IL and I was at the local Walgreens few mins back. The RR printed out successfully but the cashier refused to hand it over to me saying that the ad mentioned that I need to purchase $15 worth of products to get that. She said its printing because of some issues but they cannot give those RR to customers. 🙁

  4. Sharice says:

    It’s working in cali!!!! I just did it!!! Got 3 relishes

  5. Sharice says:


  6. Working in New Bern, NC. I did multiple gummi bear deals, then rolled the $1.50 RR for multiple transactions of condiments (relish, mayo, ketchup, and mustard)! Left with $55 in $5 RR!!

    • Steve Pinski says:


    • Nice? Maybe…but kinda greedy in my opinion. I hope you are planning to donate all that stuff to a food bank and do some good with the $55. We all have to play the game fairly so everyone gets a turn.

  7. I’m in Illinois and it worked perfectly for me. The cashier handed over the register rewards no questions asked. i went to two different Walgreens and had no trouble at either. In fact, the cashier at the first one told me he was getting off work in a few minutes and was gonna take advantage of the glitch himself. I can also confirm that the 5.00 RR is also printing when you purchase 1 of the Lunchables that are on sale.

  8. Confirming @ 12:35 am in South Florida. .ketchup.miracle whip. Coffee and bacon still producing..

  9. Deborah says:

    As of 12:35 am was still working but the cashier at my store (who knows me very well and always celebrates my savings) held the reward and said they were told not to honor it since it is a mistake in the program and that they are working to correct the issue …. oh well, I was not going to argue, I rather keep the good relationship!

  10. any lucky in PA?

  11. Not working this morning in Illinois.

  12. Just purchased ketchup in Mass and no RR

  13. shaun brav says:

    I tried about 4:15 this morning in Illinois and it was no longer producing the RR.

  14. Joel Veldt says:

    Not working in WC OH this morning.

  15. Just wanted to say I’m an avid follower of the site but I don’t understand how everyone wanted to get in on this deal. I spend hours upon hours per week trying to get the best deals possible to save my family some cash. The thing is, when we know something is wrong and the system is messed up why try to take advantage of it like this? Aren’t drugstores and grocery stores trying to do away with couponing enough?