Changes at Shopmium (and they stink!)


shopmiumThis is a quick heads up about some changes over at Shopmium. They’re not good either. I think I won’t be using this app often going forward – if at all.

First, they are enforcing a “Stacking Prevention Policy” and that means that they will reject rebate requests on items when manufacturer’s coupons have been used on them. More info here.

Second, they are now excluding tons of stores, including all Kroger affiliated stores, Publix, Meijer, CVS and more. See the list of excluded stores here. Supposedly, their receipts do not give them enough info to validate rebates. (I think that’s because receipts at stores like Publix and CVS do not list specifically what items manufacturer’s coupons used apply to on the receipt itself.)

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  1. They make it harder and harder to save money!!! What a bummer!

  2. Christie says:

    I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before Savingstar implements something similar where you cannot redeem an offer if you used a manufacturer coupon for that item.

  3. I already uninstalled. Since I only shop at CVS and Publix, this app is absolutely useless to me now. Who at Shopmium even approved this decision? I mean, think about it – they had to suggest this at board meetings, go through execs, talk to programmers to implement it, talk to lawyers to put it in legalese in case they get sued – did ANYONE stop and say “Wait, these are the only retailers in a lot of areas?”

    I’m pretty sure they won’t be around for much longer.

  4. No sweat for Shopmium, I had previously uninstalled the app from my phone due to the lack of rebates offered. I only reinstalled to do the Schick rebate. I guess it’s coming off again.

    I sure hope the others don’t follow suit. That would be sad 🙁

  5. They’ve been terrible for the past 2 months or so. They go back and change the terms and conditions on already live rebates. I’ve emailed them about 3 different rebates and haven’t received ONE email back. I wont be surprised if they shut down after this. Only once did I have an email answered (before the 3 that went unanswered) and it took over a week and by then they changed the rebate qualifications! Shopmium USED to be AMAZING and then they got bought out by big surprise that they’ve become so terrible.

  6. It is totally their prerogative to change their policies and it is our prerogative to either continue to use or not? Easy decision on my part…and this frees up room on my apps for something else. I predict they will not be in business much longer. How many people do you know that coupon….do not ‘stack’? Good luck to them…they will need it.

  7. I think you are exactly right Steve. I too, believe it is because the stores that they are now ruling out…….do not indicate which product the coupons were used on (if you notice, they are stores that list the used coupons at the bottom of the receipt in lieu of being right under the product it was used on. Like Walmart and Target do).

    So they basically want you to pay full price at the register, then submit it to them for a “coupon” refund. I would rather pay less right at the register, personally 🙂

    I am in agreement with everyone else. I will be uninstalling it too. Hopefully, SavingStar and IBOTTA does not follow suite. That would be devastating !!!

  8. wendyc33 says:

    what other apps is there to use now? I have Ibotta, savingstar, and mobisave. Is there any other apps that are good? I deleted shopmium awhile back.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      checkout51 is good. If you buy organic/healthy products, berrycart might be worth it (but we don’t seem to have a ton of matching hot deals.) some folks like shrink too.

      • ladybugpam says:

        many checkout51 offers now state that they cannot be redeemed with any other coupon. I hope this is not an epidemic!

  9. I’ve actually removed Shopmium app and haven’t used it for almost a 8 months now. Their loss.

  10. Everyone who is uninstalling and no longer using Shopmium should rate it on the app store and contact Shopmium on their facebook page and let them know why you are leaving. I wish the employees of Shopmium luck on their impending job hunt.