RESET: $1/2 Ritz Crackers printable coupon (for some!)


Ritz-BitsUPDATE: This nice coupon has RESET! Keep in mind that it is not available in all areas, but try our preclipped link to see if it is available for you.

There’s a new Ritz Crackers coupon available today. However, if you haven’t heard… is no longer allowing folks to change zip codes. They are deciding the geographically targeted coupons by your internet providers IP address. So with that in mind, I don’t have a surefire way for you to get this coupon. The only thing you can do is try the preclipped link below. If the coupon shows up, great! If not, you’re out of luck 🙁

$1/2 Ritz Crackers 10.3 oz or larger printable manufacturer’s coupon (preclipped)

Even though it says “Redeemable at Albertsons,” you should be able to use this coupon at any store. It is a regular manufacturer’s coupon. The coupon prints with an expiration date of 5/15/16, so you have lots of time to use it if you can print it.

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  1. Kristen says:

    The preset zip code thing is frustrating–thanks for giving us the heads-up!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I went through about 10 zip codes yesterday and none of the coupons changed. Then I googled and found it out. I thought I was starting to lose my mind 😉

      • so what zip code did you find it under?

        • Steve Pinski says:

          Zip code change does not work any more. They offer based on where you are using the internet. If the preclipped link does not work for you, then you are out of luck.

  2. Steve — at least right now, zip codes still can be changed if using the mobile app and printing that way. I just went on my phone, changed to my dad’s Florida zip code (I’m in MD), and the coupon appeared.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Ahhh that’s cool. I’ll have to remember that next time there’s a hot one I can’t get. I still need to write a post about this zipcode nonsense.