It’s Time For a CVS Coupon Request: Tell Us What You Got for the Week of 4/24!


cvs coupon requestThe tricky things about CVS Matchups are, there are so many individualized coupons. Unlike some other stores, not everyone gets all the store coupons! And there is no easy way to know what everyone has got, so we’re going to have to leave it up to you to tell us! On Mondays I’m going to put up a post like this asking for what coupons you got from the Red Coupon Machine. Here’s what we need from you:

CVS Coupon Info – Print Date – Expiration Date

I don’t need the fine print or serial numbers or anything like that, just need to know those three key pieces of info.

Each Thursday or Friday, I’m going to see what deals I can make for you using the coupons you told me you got out of the Red Coupon Machine. That’s why the print date and expiration date are so important, so I can keep matching those suckers up for a couple weeks if I need to! Once I get back from the shopping, I’ll even leave my own coupons in the comments section here on the blog, because that’s where I am going to be looking to get the info to match up! I guess it’s a case of, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours! ??

So tell us what you got in the comments below this post with CVS Coupon Info – Print Date – Expiration Date, and keep and eye out Thursday/Friday for the matchups!

-Target: 12 FREE Rimmel Cosmetics + $12.53 PROFIT!
-Amazon: 91% off Highly-Rated Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Knives Set (ONLY $26.99; reg. $299.91)
-RESET ALREADY! Amazing $1.50/1 Purex Coupon ***NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*** = FREE at CVS starting 12/17!
-HURRY! $19.95 Sonicare Series 2 Toothbrush deal is BACK (reg. $70!)
-RESET ALREADY! BOGO Hershey’s Candy Bar Singles printable coupon = $0.12 at CVS starting 12/17!
-RESET: AWESOME $4/1 & $2.50/1 Neutrogena Cosmetics printable coupons!
-$9.99 Highly-Rated Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer (reg. $41.99; SAVE 76%)
-Amazon: $6.88 Blackhead, Acne Pimple & Whitehead 7-piece Removal Kit (reg. $39.99; SAVE 82%)
-$5.94 ThermoPro Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer (reg. $19.99 + GREAT REVIEWS)

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  1. Print date 04/24/16
    20% off any 2 tampons ,pads or liners including CVS brand exp 04/30/16
    $5 off $15 Neutrogena cosmetics exp 04/30/16
    $3 off $10 body wash or bar soap exp 04/30/16
    $3 off $15 shampoo, conditioner, hair styling or hair spray exp 04/30/16
    $3 off $10 body lotion, try nivea, Vaseline, aveeno or CVS brand exp 04/30/16
    $3 off $15 facial moisturizer, creams, serums, eye exp 04/30/16
    $2 off any nature bounty vitamin exp 04/30/16
    $2 off $10 cottonelle or viva products exp 04/30/16
    $1.50 off downy, bounce, suavitel or total home fabric softner exp 04/30/16
    $1 off app only scott chose -a-sheet 6 roll exp 04/30/16
    $1 off app only arm & hammer 43.75 – 50 ox or power paks 21 ct exp 04/30/16
    $1 off app only 4 coke or dr pepper 2L bottles where available exp 04/30/16
    $1 off 3 boxes of breakfast cereal 8 ox or more exp 04/30/16
    $1 off CVS brand floss picks exp 04/30/16
    ! off 2 halls cough drops 25 ct or larger exp 04/30/16
    $1 off MACH3 or Venus embrace razors (excludes sensitive) exp 04/30/16
    .50 off app only 2 Kleenex regular 85 ct or with lotion 70 ct exp 04/30/16
    .25 off app only Palmolive 10 oz exp 04/30/.16
    19.99 (this is not a typo this is what my app states, I’m sure its a typo on CVS’s part) off buy 2 greeting cards, get 1 free exp 05/07/26
    $3 off $12 schick razor cartridges or any other razors exp 05/07/16

  2. 4/24 print date with a 5/8 exp
    25% deodorant
    25% tampon etc
    $2.50/$9 garnier
    $2/$6 body wash or bar soap

    Thanks once again for all of your hard work!!!

  3. 25% off deodorant, including dry spray deodorant, 4/24 on app, exp 4/30
    $3 off $15 cashews, mixed nuts, almonds, pistachios, or peanuts, 4/24 on app, exp 5/777
    $2 off any pain reliever or sleep aid, including cvs brand, on app 4/24, exp 5/8
    $4 off $10 razors, blades, or shave cream and gel, on app 4/24, exp 5/14

    and some previously listed.

  4. Michaela Malone-Hansen says:

    I received the 19.99 (this is not a typo this is what my app states, I’m sure its a typo on CVS’s part) off buy 2 greeting cards, get 1 free exp 05/07/26 could not work out what it was meant for, checked with my store manager and we decided I should buy 3 cards, which I did at a total of $19 and see what happend…it deducted the full $19.00 so got all 3 cards FREE!

    • So I’m gathering you purchased 4 cards and got them all for free since its buy 2 get one free and the manager said BUY 3 and then got the $19.99 off?