What’s FREE (or almost free) at Walgreens 1/10 – 1/16


Walgreens-freeHere is our list of Walgreens deals that are free or nearly free in the weekly ad starting 1/10. If you want to check out the full weekly ad and coupon matchups for the week of 1/10 – 1/16 at Walgreens, go here. If you are shopping later in the week, I strongly advise that you check out our Walgreens Category to see if there’s anything new since we published the weekly ad matchups and this list.

Don’t forget that Walgreens now allows you to cash in points on smaller totals. See the breakdown below. Also, DO NOT redeem points if you plan on earning points on a transaction. If you do that, you will not earn the new points.

1,000 Points = $1
2,000 Points = $2
3,000 Points = $3
5,000 Points = $5
10,000 Points = $10
18,000 Points = $20
30,000 Points = $35
40,000 Points = $50

Also note that Walgreens changed their coupon policy in late May 2014. There are quite a few changes and you can read more about them here.

This List Has Expired







-Align Class Action Settlement = Up to $49.26 FREE MONEY ***NO Receipts Needed***
-HOT Clean & Clear Deals at Amazon (starting at $1)
-HOT RARE New $1/2 Nestle Pure Life Water printable coupons!
-WHOA! Over 400 FREE items at Amazon (after credit towards future purchase!)
-New High-Value $3/1 Neutrogena Acne & $2/1 Clean & Clear Product printable coupons!
-Amazon: AWESOME Gevalia K-Cups 100 ct Deal ($29.63 = less than $0.30/cup!)
-New High-Value $1/1 Mrs. T’s Pierogies printable coupon!
-RARE New $0.55/1 Minute Maid Orange Juice printable coupon!

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  1. 2nd time this Kellog’s link has been posted…doesn;’t work!

  2. Quick question for you, to see if what I was told today is correct………….I tried to do this deal today:

    CeraVe Hydrating Cleaser Bar Soaps will be on sale BOGO 50% off $6.99. There is a $3/1 CeraVe Product in the SS 1/10 newspaper insert. There is a $2/1 CeraVe Skin Care Walgreens January Coupon Booklet. Buy two and use two $3/1 and use one $2/1 Walgreens (will deduct $4). Price at register: $.50, making them $.25 each.
    I was told I could not use the two $3.00 off MQ and one $2.00 off Walgreens coupon, as the $5.00 off each EXCEEDS the price of the 2nd one (as it only rings up for $3.49).

    I was told I could use the two Walgreens coupons but only “1” MQ coupon on both products.
    Was I advised correctly?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Well…it depends how you look at it. I suppose that argument COULD be made if you used the store coupon first, since I think the register changes the price of the item. However, if you use the manufacturer’s coupons first, the cost of the second one is more than $3 before the coupon, so they can’t prevent you from using the second manufacturer’s coupon either. Because you still owe $3.99 for the first item, that means you should be allowed to use the store coupon on it…but the register will take $4 total off at that point for both items, regardless of the fact that the second item would cost less than $0. However, I don’t know how they can make the case not to scan the coupon if you go in that order.

      95% of Walgreens stores won’t care what order you give the coupons, but that would be my way to insist on using the store coupon. (I’d bring it out last after the other coupons are scanned.)

      • Well I’ll give it a try tomorrow, but the MQ beeped saying it was not a match to the product. That is when the manager came up front and noticed I had the store coupon too.
        Maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow.
        Thanks….have a FANTABULOUS evening.

        • Steve Pinski says:

          Ahhh…well if the second coupon beeps that’s going to be a problem. Once they manually enter a coupon, usually they can’t scan any store coupons. I accidentally forgot a store coupon until the very end once after they manually entered a beeper and we had to re-ring the whole transaction from the beginning.