Tops 1/3 (Nancy) – Paid $20.70 for $73.82 of Merchandise (72% Saved!)


20160103_183630Any Tops fans out there? I know this is a smaller chain than most, but it’s all I have (within a 3o mile radius of my house) and they have a decent coupon policy, generous sales, and lots of Catalinas. I’ll go elsewhere for non-sale items typically because in general, their prices can be a little high. They do double coupons, have a lot of BOGO sales, and every so often, come out with Tops Store Coupons which will stack with manufacturer’s. I take a husband and kid free trip every Sunday right when the sales change and to stock up for the week. Today I walked away with a few yummy freebies and some other great deals!

TWO POST HONEY BUNCHES OF OATS CEREAL SINGLE SERVE – on sale $1 each (regular price $1.19 each)
Used two $0.75/1 Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal printable coupons (preclipped) (doubled to $1.50)

TWO ZONEPERFECT BARS – on sale $1 each (regular price $1.29 each)
Received $0.75 cashback from Ibotta for buying one ZonePerfect Bar
Used two $0.50/1 ZonePerfect Bars printable coupons (preclipped) (doubled to $1)
Price at Register: $0, but received $0.75 cashback from Ibotta

ONE JUICY FRUIT GUM SLIM PACK (15 ct.) – on sale $1 (regular price $1.49)
Used one $0.50/1 Juicy Fruit Slim Pack printable coupon (preclipped) (doubled to $1)

TWO RICOLA BAGS (19 ct.) – on sale $1.50 each (regular price $2.29 each)
Used two $0.75/1 Ricola product printable coupons (got from winning a game on their website) (doubled to $1.50)
– or – Use one $1/2 Ricola Bags coupon, SS 1/3

BANANAS – $0.43 ($0.49/lb.)
Received $0.09 (20%) cashback from SavingStar for loose bananas
Received $0.25 cashback from Checkout51  for Bananas
Price at Register: $0.43, but received $0.09 cashback from SavingStar and $0.25 cashback from Checkout51
NET PRICE: $0.09

ONE KRAFT POPPY SEED DRESSING (24 oz.) – on sale $1.99 (regular price $3.49)
Used one $0.75/1 Kraft Salad Dressing (24 oz.) printable coupon (doubled to $1.50)
NET PRICE: $0.49 *Incorrect coupon used; total adjusted.

TWO COLGATE TOOTHPASTES (4.6 oz.) – clearance $1.29 each (regular price $2.49 each)
Used two $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste (3 oz.+) coupons, SS 1/3 #2 (doubled to $1)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1.58 ($0.79 each)

ONE TURKEY HILL PREMIUM ICE CREAM (48 oz.) – on sale $3.34 (regular price $5.79)
Used one $0.75/1 Turkey Hill Premium Ice Cream coupon (call company to ask for coupons! 800-693-2479) (doubled to $1.50)
NET PRICE: $1.84

ONE JONES DAIRY CANADIAN BACON – on sale $3.49 (regular price $4.49)
Used one $0.75/1 Jones Dairy Canadian Bacon product printable coupon (doubled to $1.50)
NET PRICE: $1.99

FOUR PROGRESSO LOW SODIUM SOUPS (8.5 oz.) – on sale BOGO $2.69
Received $1 cashback from SavingStar for buying four Progresso Soup Cans (any flavor)
Used two $0.50/2 Progresso products coupon, SS 12/06 (doubled to $1)
– or – Use one $1/3 Progresso products printable coupon
Price at Register: $3.38, but received $1 cashback from SavingStar
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $2.38 (or $0.60 each)
*Lower price: $0.99 each at Price Chopper this week!

Used one $0.55/1 Arnold Sliced Bread Product coupon, SS 10/18 R (doubled to $1.10)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $3.39 (or $1.70 each)

TWO ALL LAUNDRY DETERGENT (32 oz.)  – on sale BOGO $6.49
Received $0.50 cashback from SavingStar for buying one All product
Used one $1/1 All product coupon, RP 1/3 #2
Price at Register: $5.49, but received $0.50 cashback from SavingStar
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $4.99 (or $2.50 each)

TWO DISNEY MULTIVITAMINS (60 ct.) – on sale BOGO $7.19
Used one $1/1 Disney Star Wars or Marvel Gummy Vitamin Item coupon, RP 1/3
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $6.19 (or $3.10 each)
*Lower Price: These are BOGO $6.49 at Price Chopper this week!

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $73.82
Net Price Paid for Everything: $20.70
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 72%

-$3/1 Persil Liquid Laundry Detergent printable coupon ***NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*** = $0.24 (or MONEYMAKER) at CVS starting 10/22!
-New $0.75/1 Land O Lakes Butter Tub printable coupon
-Vital Nutrients Class Action Settlement: $30 and No Proof Needed!
-CVS: Print for $0.99 Purex Detergent starting 10/22
-RARE Reset Nivea Printable Coupons ($3/2 Body Wash & $2/2 Shave)
-RESET: Awesome $3/2 Eucerin Body Product printable coupon
-THREE New & Extremely Rare Pepsi printable coupons (HURRY!)
-FREE 14-Day Sample of L'Oreal Revitalift Moisturizer
-FREE $3 Visa Digital Gift Card when you join ShopTracker

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  1. I shop at Tops! Your store is more generous than mine, though. Mine doesn’t double over the item price, so those Honey Bunches coupons only double to $1. I also have problems with dollar doublers because they count the doubled coupon value as a discount, ie a $.75/1 MQ doubled will subtract $1.50 from my order and $.75 from my minimum spend requirement. Aldo have seen sale prices on the blogs, even those within an hour of me, where I get to the store and the price is higher!! Ugh.

    It would be great to see one more bloggers deals. Always looking for ideas, and everyone comes up with something a little different!

    • Yes, more Tops coverage would be amazing!

      I have never seen a cashier adjust the value of my doubled coupons before and the computer didn’t do it on its own either. Is your cashier remembering the value of the item you bought and then adjusting your coupon or is the computer? I would have thought all of their systems do the same thing so it’s equal for everyone across the board.

      Ive also seen the prices differ, but that’s true with any store, not all are the same so I try to go off my local ad or prepare for the worst when I get there and the price is higher.

      Let me know if you find any deals and if we keep showing Tops trips I hope it helps 🙂

      • The computer does it automatically. This is the case at my local Wegman’s as well. No overage! There’s one cashier though that manually hits a button to NOT double coupons, so I don’t get in her line. The one time I did, I only had the $1 and up ones that don’t double anyway but it took FOREVER while she read all the print on each and every one and then hit a couple buttons each time before scanning. I was afraid I’d sound rude if I pointed out that the computer already knows what to do with them.

        Anyway… the Clorox deal is great this week if you had the Savingstar offer activated. Takes 2 transactions and 8 Clorox coupons. Bleach is on sale $2.49 (reg $2.69) and the toilet bowl cleaner is $2.69. 1 transaction do 4 of whichever, get a $2 Catalina. Next transaction, do another 4, get another Catalina, and that puts you over the threshold for the $5 Savingstar rebate. Depending on what you buy, it works out to be super cheap or free, I don’t think I’d use that much bleach for the rest of my life… and that toilet bowl cleaner isn’t good on hard water stains… so if I end up doing that deal it’ll be for donations.

        • For some reason the Tops I go to must use a different system (which is silly) because I’ve never seen it adjust. I’ll take the help while I can!

          Most of the time when the cashiers have anything to say to me, they’re wrong and are like, “you didn’t buy this” when I clearly did so I’m always pulling items out of the bags to prove I’m not trying to be trashy 😛

          Did you do the Clorox deal?

  2. TopsChopper says:

    Thanks for the rare Tops post; I went and did many of the same deals as you. The TOPS here has 16 oz Kraft dressing on sale for $1.99 but the coupon is for 24oz. and they don’t carry that size in this TOPS at all. You should update your post because according to their website, Kraft doesn’t even make the Poppyseed in 24 oz size.

    • Ah, thanks for spotting that! I read the labels and coupons very closely but sometimes my mind assumes it knows what the coupon says and I forget to compare the two – honest mistake and the post has been updated.

      Glad there’s another couponer out there shopping at Tops!