CVS: SIX FREE Renuzit Cones + $0.93-$1.64 MONEYMAKER!


renuzit after rain revised.jpgWe have an update on a deal Monica posted earlier. In addition to the new B3G3 Renuzit printable coupon, there’s also a $3.30/6 SavingStar cashback offer too! Also, some of you may received a CVS store coupon for $1.50 off a $5 or more purchase of Glade or Renuzit. Check out these awesome scenarios:

At CVS through 1/9:
BUY SIX RENUZIT CONES, on sale $0.79
Get $3.30 cashback from SavingStar for buying six Renuzit Cones
Use one B3G3 Renuzit Cones printable coupon
Price at Register: $2.37, but get $3.30 cashback from SavingStar

Some of you may have received a $1.50/$5 Glade or Renuzit purchase CVS store coupon from the Red Coupon Machine recently. If so, do this…

Get $3.30 cashback from SavingStar for buying six Renuzit Cones
Use the $1.50/$5 Glade or Renuzit CVS store coupon, Red Coupon Machine (for some)
and use one B3G3 Renuzit Cones printable coupon
Price at Register: $1.66, but get $3.30 cashback from SavingStar

Thanks Irene!

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  1. Dingy question here – – on scenario #2, why do you need to purchase “7” of them. Wouldn’t the 6 suffice?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      To get to $5 for the store coupon. Six is only $4.74.

      • Thank you Steve. (can I say DUH!!!). That is not how I read the post. I read it as $1.50 off 5 (not $5.00).
        You have to excuse me “blonde” moment. I’ve been up since 2am (zzzzzzzz)

        Have a FANTABULOUS evening !!!

        • Steve Pinski says:

          Hahahaha no prob. Sometimes we screw stuff up. You know that since you’re on here all the time 😉

  2. New here, this is amazing

  3. I purchased the renuzits this morning but i didnt “add” it to my savingstar list until i got home. Will i still get a rebate?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I am not 100% sure. I think you will be ok, since CVS won’t send the data to SavingStar for a day or two.

  4. Mine is $1.50 off $5. I can buy 6 then right

  5. When I went to CVS yesterday the store manager would not let me use the Manufacture coupon for B3G3. He said the register gave him an error “exceeds allowable quantity.” He even showed me the screen. I told him that didn’t make sense because there were 6 items and the coupon was for six items. So I cancelled the transaction. The store I went to was not my usual store either, guess I will not be going there again. I never was rude at any point, but I did try to explain why the coupon I have should be allowed but he insisted that he could Not take it because the items were already on sale. When I left I thanked him for his patience. I never want to be remembered as an angry couponer. Any advice if that happens again? Seems really bizarre.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I am not sure what you can do here if the register is giving an error, even though the coupon is legit. It seems defensible for them to deny taking the coupon, even though you are doing nothing wrong. The good news is that this should be a freebie almost anywhere with a sale and possibly a freebie even at many store’s regular prices.

  6. Thank you! .78 money maker for me in MA.

  7. it happened to me before. the cashier refused to manually put it in when the error showed up and he said they were on sale. I still purchased it. then went to another store the cashier refunded me the amount of the coupon. it’s really depends on the cashier since they can always manually put it in.

  8. I tried using the coupon at my local CVS and it gave the same, exceeds allowable quantitiy. The cashier called the manager over and the manager said they always have problems with the Renuzit coupons. She simply grabbed a calculator and figured out the cost of 3, and told the cashier to manually deduct that from the total of the 6 that were scanned.

  9. SCORED!$! … TYTY!$! … the coupon gave my cashier (who is the manager) fits and believe it was because it does not automatically calc the 3 @ 0.79 deduction… she had to use calculator to know the $2.37 to deduct (as Shaun said above). I also had the $1.50/$5.00 CVS Q …AND… then the $3.30 SavingStar … WOOOOOT!$!